hello to you lovely people, welcome to my blog. feel free to have a little nose around..

Hi, I'm Simone. I'm hearing impaired in both ears which i can get quite self conscious about but proudly embrace, i also suffer from depression and anxiety, have done since i was 15 (fresh out of high school) Sometimes on the blog i will talk about mental health including tips to overcome those dark days. 
If i'm not blogging, i'm usually on tumblr fangirling over fictional couples and my favourite people

 I started this blog around March/April 2015 after finally biting the bullet. The BeautifulxImperfections Journal is my little happy space for life musings and fangirling. I like to blog about things that make me happy, the things that make me smile and include tips along the way,

i strongly believe you need to love & accept yourself and just embrace your flaws & imperfections before anything else. Life is too short to be at war with yourself. Everything will fall into place.

Student by day, Fangirling Blogger by night

i hope you enjoy your stay at the beautifulximperfections journal, and feel free to follow me on my social media platforms i'm always on it.

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