Review: TharnType The Series (And Thoughts)


TharnType is a Thai series based on a series of books of the same name. The series started airing in October 2019 and made available for international viewers via LINE TV after each episode. The Series is based on the first 2 books written about TharnType and recently it got announced that there with be a season 2 YAY. Season 2 will be based on the 3rd and final book, that completes Tharn and Type's story.

There's a reason why TharnType has become a phenomenon in the BL world and I'll tell you why further into the post, beware this could be a long one because I have so many thoughts on this series, it's likely I'm going to be rambling.  

Type is a dark, tall and handsome freshman. Although he's a warm boy, he is homophobic because he was molested by a man as a child. His life turns upside down when the new year of college brings along a very interesting person in his life, a gay roommate, Tharn. Tharn is a very handsome music major with fair skin and mixed features. He is also openly gay. With a gay guy and a guy who hates gay men, that have to share a small space together for the rest of the year — what can possibly be the outcome of their story? Hatred? Or maybe love?

On with the review. TharnType The Series, follows two university students: Tharn, a handsome music major and Type, a hotheaded football player, majoring in Sports Science. These two are bought together as university dorm mates. The series has 12 episodes in total and a special prepaid episode on Vimeo, you could binge-watch this in a day or two. I was drawn to this series when I first saw the trailer for it which I felt hinted that the series would be a rollercoaster journey of emotions and if you haven't gathered already, this is a BL series and a beautiful one. TharnType proved that a BL drama can BOTH be cute and realistic without compromising substance. It can be funny and gutwrenching. BL Dramas can be MORE.

 In the main roles, we have Mew Suppasit as Tharn and Gulf Kanawut as Type who's chemistry makes the series so watchable which I will go into later. Let's start off with the main characters who are complex and far from perfect. Tharn and Type couldn't be more different from one another but as the saying goes 'opposites attract'. The story may be nothing new in Thai BL but what makes the series stand out is the story development, the story shape's the protagonists and making them into better, well-rounded people after going through obstacles. In TharnType the side characters exist only to enhance the storyline of the main couple and are seamlessly integrated into it.

The 1st episode was talked about a lot when it aired as there was a controversial scene, moment whatever you might call it in the last 5 minutes of the episode, and whilst I understand some people's views on it, there's a reason THAT happened on Episode 1. Because it wants to assure you that there is more to it and make you watch more episodes to find out more and why.  It's an invitation to broaden your horizons and not about condoning what happened, there are more context and circumstances leading up to the scenes. If anything the series opened, a world to the introduction of two people divided by this seemingly impossible wall of prejudice. The series as a whole and the intention of this story is to present love in its raw, honest form. To show us that love is not always pretty; that often, relationships really start on the ugliest of misunderstandings, that no one is perfect. 

I'm not going to lie, there was a moment where I wasn't sure if I could continue watching the series with hearing homophobic slurs as you can imagine a person reacting in real life like Type did and you can also see another person react like Tharn if treated the same way because even the most patient and tolerant people have their limits. Yet, neither of them did something truly unforgivable, moreover, forgiveness is not an equal exchange or something you receive only when you deserve it. Just look at how Tharn is always ready to forgive Type for his mistreatment of him.

Following on from the 1st episode, you learn more about the characters such as Type learns that Tharn tenderly takes care of him while he is very sick (Episode 2). While it clearly freaks him out, he also seems touched by it and begins to see Tharn in a new light. When episode 3 beings, Type finds himself feeling confused about the boy he is living with. The juxtaposing emotions Type has been harboring begin to spill over. Tharn’s romantic advances continue. While this still antagonizes Type, he becomes more flustered than anything else. 

It’s pretty clear at this point in the narrative that Type’s homophobia isn’t so much about Tharn, there is so much more to it. He’s clearly been suppressing his emotions for most of his life and he just doesn’t know how to deal with them. Although still verbally aggressive, Type is clearly developing feelings for Tharn. He’s stuck between his internalized homophobia and his burning desire for the man who shares his room.

So in episode 3 where Tharn comes into the bathroom when Type's finished taking a shower. Things physically escalate between the two quickly. The pain on Type’s face shows viewers that he is completely conflicted, but his desire and heart is palpitating. These two things cause the dynamic between the boys to change. Being able to admit to Tharn what happened to him as a child is clearly something he has suppressed for a very long time. His wandering hands, the soft way he responds to some of the kisses, the grip he has on Tharn's shoulders - how he wasn't pushing but more pulling. This is a moment of release for Type.

Come episode 4, things begin to change as Type in front of Tharn, he finally stops hiding behind the mask of pride and bravado and releases his demons out of his system, pouring it all out as if it is starved, and we finally learn the reason behind his homophobia. It’s the sort of vulnerability and honesty he hasn’t allowed himself since he was a child and hurting. What actually triggers it is Tharn’s unconditional acceptance of everything he is, another realization that Tharn isn't anything like what he's associated with his trauma. Tharn is pleading to him to stop hurting himself by self-imposed exile and hunger strike, Type can't understand why Tharn can be so kind to him after every awful thing he said and done to him so, therefore, he attempts to refuse Tharn’s kindness because he doesn’t consider himself to be worthy of it. Tharn never asked him for an explanation of what really happened and yet, he possesses this unshakable, blind trust in Type’s innocence when a post on Facebook makes its way around the campus or simply being in Type's company.

Tharn doesn’t show pity to Type, the emotions in his eyes are something else entirely. The whole time he listens to Type recollecting the details of what happened in his childhood. Tharn looks at him with a combination of heartwrenching love, sympathy, utter horror, and sheer despair. As he gets barged by Type’s tormented words, Type’s pain becomes his pain because it hurts to learn that the person he has such strong feelings for had to go through something so terrible. Tharn gives him the space to let go of his emotional trauma. Tharn even accepts Type’s hate for him and tells him it’s OK to hate him and despite his words about hating Tharn, Type keeps holding on Tharn, losing himself in his embrace, as if his touch had somehow the power to heal and comfort him

Type’s roundabout explanation of why he wants to sleep with Tharn. It’s not that Type feels he owes Tharn, he is actually grateful for how Tharn treats him. He’s always been on the receiving end of Tharn’s kindness and he realizes that, though he lacks the capacity to voice it out loud still wants to give Tharn something he truly wants in return for all his kindness. Of course, he conveniently forgets the part about liking him first because the sex is much easier to process and accept. He is genuinely curious and physically attracted to Tharn. Tharn makes him feel good and helps him overcome his childhood trauma. The most important reason but something that Type might not admit to himself just yet is that he’s deeply affected by the way Tharn loves and accepts him so unconditionally. Deep down, he wants to be treasured, cherished, kissed, held, and loved. It’s important to remember that when he asks Tharn to sleep with him, he is giving him power over himself and absolute trust not to hurt him with it, just like when he told him about his childhood.

There are many beautiful moments in the much talked about scene, Tharn taking Type’s hand and places it right above his heart. It’s as if he’s telling him that that part of him belongs to him. And then he leads his hand lower in a caress, showing him how to touch him and how to be bold because Type’s relative inexperience and shyness stops him from touching Tharn in other places than his back and shoulders. It's a moment Type enjoys. The whole sequence is filmed in a subtle, understated way but explicit enough to make it feel real with the right mix of romance and reality, especially the aftermath which is very authentic. What I loved, even more, is how natural, straightforward, the whole conversation between Tharn and Type is because the whole moment is really one of brutal honesty and banter. It’s Tharn’s turn to bare his soul and share himself with his lover, to show his own weaknesses and bad experiences, and that he isn’t as strong or infallible as Type might think. It’s important to see that trust and honesty goes both ways. 

Despite many people thinking that the build-up is rushed, tt all happened gradually and almost every moment in those 4 hours has been building up towards this; every single scene is integral to the story and is interconnected to all the others. That is how complex and well-thought-out the development of their relationship is.

Episode 5, Type is struggling with Tharn's feelings for him, but more so his own feelings towards Tharn. Tharn ignoring him bothers him. He doesn't know why, but he goes to great lengths for Tharn to notice him and break his anger.
 No matter how much he tries, he just can’t hide his feelings for Tharn anymore and there are even times when he doesn’t even bother to conceal them. It’s clear that it isn’t only Tharn who is good at knowing the person he likes. It all started so subtly, so innocently with him noticing that Sprite is Tharn’s favourite drink, and now Type can even discern the different ways he smiles! That’s a completely different level of obsession and devotion which has nothing whatsoever to do with being casual lovers.  Somewhere along the way, he started falling in love with his roommate. And everything about him gives it away, be it his questions, answers, reactions, body languages, the way he behaves,…Type, who is usually quite taciturn and blunt, becomes so radiant and adorably shy around Tharn, especially after Tharn tells him that his real smile belongs only to him.

Tharn daring to kiss Type in public and his first attempt to bare his feelings when the latter is so determined to keep what they have strictly in the bedroom/in the dorm. I think this was the start of Type's heart wavering towards Tharn. The way he didn't push him away and instead kissed him back felt like this was Type entertaining the thought of actually being with Tharn until he got scared and pushed him away. Type kissed him because he was tired of Tharn being mad at him and perhaps his last resort at making amends (since the Sprite didn't work) was to give Tharn what he wanted: a kiss. And the progression here is how Type is so bothered about Tharn suddenly leaving for home and giving him the silent treatment when before he wouldn't care. Now Tharn's sudden absence affects him to the point he goes through such lengths to make amends. 

In Thai culture the feet are considered the dirtiest part of the body so for Tharn to kiss Type's ankle is an act of complete surrender. Which I found fascinating.  This was his act of devotion towards Type and declaration of exclusivity. 

Episode 6, we see more changes in Tharn and Type's relationship and where we as viewers go through the many emotions. When Tharn agreed to be “only” Type’s casual lover, I half-expected him to treat Type coldly during sex, being emotionless in order to give Type what he’s asking for but Tharn being Tharn he can't be cold.  Mew is brilliant portraying Tharn’s anguish and vulnerability in this episode.

 Episode 6 is one of my favourites, because Tharn and Type have a bit of a breakthrough: Tharn had to restrict himself to hold up his end of the deal that they're just 'sex friends'. He had to stop himself getting deeper, restricting himself to only kissing Type's neck, not his lips. So this felt different from all of their scenes because of how clinical Tharn was. This was Tharn trying - and failing - to be emotionally distant, by not kissing Type on the lips.

The makeup kiss was Type choosing Tharn. If EP4 was Type giving in to what his body wanted, then this is Type giving in to what his heart wanted and he couldn't deny it any longer, the way brash and rough Type gently kisses Tharn's forehead, the way he's the one who initiates the kiss and the desperate way Tharn kisses back and grips every part of Type he can reach as if he's scared this is a dream.

 The idea of a life without Tharn and a world without Tharn’s love sends him rushing back to him, back to his arms and bed where he curls up against his side, holding onto him for dear life and desperately begging for Tharn’s forgiveness. He is so panicked that it’s too late and that Tharn has finally given up on him and decided he isn’t worth it after all the rejections and pain he caused him. 

It’s the possibility of losing Tharn which ultimately makes Type accept what he’s already known in his heart for some time now - that he is deeply, unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with Tharn. He completely lets go of all that stubborn pride and bravado, which almost cost him Tharn’s love, and all the words and emotions that used to be so impossible to voice come pouring out - all the regret, need and longing, fear, and confusion, desperation, and affection. He can’t hold them back, he can’t contain this all-encompassing, reason-defying love he feels for Tharn anymore.

What Type feels for Tharn goes beyond physical pleasure and cannot be defined by sex, gender, or sexual orientation, just as Tharn cannot be defined by these labels. Large hands, smiling eyes, large embrace, aching tenderness, the unconditional ability to love and accept everything about his beloved, these characteristics make the wholesome, perfectly imperfect human being that is Tharn. There are millions of men and women out there Type could be with, BUT Tharn is the only one. He is singular and irreplaceable. The love he has for him is such that at this point Type can’t imagine himself being with anyone else but Tharn. To Type, Tharn represents safety, love, and home. There are many little moments and details, each more poignant and symbolic than the next, and, together they create this underlying theme of Tharn and Type bridging the distance between them.

The way Type recognizes his shortcomings and apologizing when he notices he hurt Tharn, Tharn being brave enough to admit he was close to leaving him, to Type expressing fear at the thought of Tharn breaking things off. We also have Type freely accepting compliments from Tharn ("How am I sexy?") and even flirtatiously and playfully encouraging Tharn to have his way with him. Sex is no longer a transaction for him but something to be enjoyed with his, now boyfriend.

Type either always recoiled from Tharn's kisses to rejecting them but now we have him initiate these moments of affection. From the way he runs his hand through Tharn's hair to reaching out for a kiss, it's so great to see Type who hid behind this wall of anger, finally, be vulnerable enough to show Tharn that he's cherished and that he wouldn't be changing his mind about them. There is no doubt that Tharn appreciates Type as a person inside and out, but being told by Tharn that he finds him physically attractive is really important for Type, and even more so for the future. 

If we leave out the gender, we will have a much broader viewpoint.

Episode 7, their story is far from over and so much more to come. You feel that together they can face anything in the future. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy or that they won’t hurt each other in the process, but eventually, their love will prevail.
 Tharn’s and Type’s issues and misunderstandings have all been internal so far, coming from their own character traits, flaws, notions, and prejudices. It means so much because the biggest, most difficult obstacle you have to overcome is yourself; seeing past your own ego, selfishness, embarrassment, and fears, admitting to your mistakes, knowing how to say sorry, and knowing how to give love instead of only receiving it. 

We see them go back home to see their families and you can imagine they can't handle being apart for too long as they are always calling each other and looking all loved up. It’s a nice change in the dynamic of their relationship because, until their reconciliation, Type was always the passive one, satisfied with always being on the receiving end and Tharn doing all the wooing. 
However, since that night he’s started giving back and being courageous because the one making the first move is always in danger of being refused or denied but with Tharn, Type feels brave since he knows that his beau will appreciate everything he does, showing that he feels safe in Tharn’s love and affection. Type might still be shy to say words like “I miss you” or “I love you” out loud to Tharn, but he has his own way to express those sentiments and his love which we see in their reunion scene in this episode after being away from each other for too long.

What is different about Episode 7 of TharnType is some focus on supporting characters. It offers perspective on how Tharn and Type interact outside their personal/exclusive circle. Type went back home, bonded with his parents, and mingled with a childhood friend, who reveals himself as gay. The side stories loom in the background for upcoming episodes.  

 Tt’s so satisfying to watch Type how he finds about Tharn’s birthday on his own, without Tharn ever mentioning it to him. It’s a nice follow-up with that previous scene because it feels like Type is taking away and healing the pain he had caused Tharn in the past. 

Episode 8 we finally meet P'San who is talked about quite frequently amongst Tharn's family.  
As viewers, we don't know what his angle is, it's easy to dislike the character. Type's character development continues as we see him experiencing some jealousy. Believe me when I say that P'San isn't as bad as he looks. P'San's presence not only makes Type jealous but also insecure.
He sincerely cares for Tharn. His character is only here to make Type say that Tharn belongs to him out loud. It's good.

It would be unrealistic if Type didn’t struggle the way he does - not only is it his first serious relationship but also a relationship with a man, which is something he previously thought to be impossible. Frankly, it’s inevitable that he messes up many times. Even people who’ve been married for so many years do that, much less a 20-year-old boy who learns to be loved and love in return for the first time in his life. Everything is new for him - all these complicated, messy emotions and situations he’s to deal with, particularly the way they expose his own flaws, must be overwhelming him. 

On the other hand, there is Tharn, well-adjusted and functional with his supportive and accepting family, emotionally and sexually experienced, but first impressions can be often deceiving and even he has his sorrows and dark secrets; some hidden pain brewing right under the surface, waiting to make itself known.  I love that in this episode we see more of Tharn's issues.

This is the first time, Tharn projects and reveals his own securities. Just like Type, he has his own trauma, his own skeleton in the closet - an immense fear of abandonment, born from the fact that all his previous relationships failed, including his first love. The word “break-up” alone is the most traumatic and painful word of them all and the unsuspecting Type uses exactly that very word and unwittingly drives a dagger through Tharn’s heart. 

Obviously, Type has got to struggle somehow, this is his first relationship after all. Realising that he has hurt Tharn once again with his selfishness, Type tries so hard to make amends and bridge the distance which has grown between them once again because of his thoughtless words. Type may throw around punches and insults, but Tharn, who’s always been bottling all the pain and hurt inside, opts for a silent treatment which hits Type right to his heart. He can’t bear Tharn’s indifference, which hurts him more than his anger ever could, and his dignified silence scares him. What if he’s hurt him one too many times and finally done something unforgivable? What if Tharn finally realizes he just isn’t worth the bother and really breaks up with him? What if he’s going to lose him forever? 

He’s trying so hard to save their relationship and put into words everything he feels, how sorry he is for being reckless and hurting Tharn, desperate to avoid another misunderstanding between them. One of the many things I love about Tharn and Type is that their arguments always come from a very relatable and real place and get resolved through sincerity and communication. And Type’s gone a long way in that regard - slowly becoming this loving and caring and gentle person from the trainwreck that he was before. Type is basically employing every way he knows about to make Tharn forgive him. He buys him food and actually waits for him with dinner. If that weren’t enough, he even got the button of Tharn's shirt fixed.

All these things are so inherently domestic that it makes Tharn and Type appear even more 'married' than usual. And when everything fails, even though his heartfelt apology about how much he cares about Tharn and includes him calling Tharn his boyfriend makes Tharn visibly soften, Type brings out the big guns: Snuggles and Puppy Dog Eyes! He's learning as he goes, how to be tender and loving, how to treat his partner right, the physical intimacy- and that’s one of the reasons they are going to be OK, overcoming all obstacles thrown their way and living towards their happily ever after.

It might have taken Type some time and he has struggled and messed up along the way, but Tharn has become so dear to Type and he loves him as much as Tharn loves him.
When Tharn reassures Type that he likes him, only him, his words mirror what he said to Type after they slept together in episode 4. It’s really such a nice touch because it shows how steadfast Tharn’s love for Type has been, that his feelings hadn't changed, only grown stronger. However, what has changed from that time, is Type’s reaction because this time he wants, actually, needs to hear Tharn’s love confession and accepts it completely.

Episode 9 Tharn, and Type are complete opposites. They shouldn’t work together - they are so different and have so many odds stacked against them with Type’s childhood trauma and temper and Tharn’s abandonment issues - but somehow they do and are perfect, making each other better and happy. That’s why they represent the epitome of enduring love for me. They are like two magnets that attract. When water meets fire, it creates a violent reaction, in their case, it’s magical, gorgeous firework, and so maybe it’s apt that their chemistry is sizzling. 

Type’s temper has always been a character flaw, but with Tharn’s help, he’s managed to control it and slowly turn it into an asset. It’s a part of that neverending fierceness that is inherent to Type and that will never entirely extinguish and Tharn wouldn’t wish for it to wane, he wouldn’t wish for Type to change or be anything else other than he is, because it’s one of the many things which draw him to Type, his fire,  fierce nature of his soul - it’s what allowed Type to survive and overcome what had happened to him in his past. From Tharn, it’s this complete acceptance of everything Type is. Tharn uses his ability to calm and comfort Type, taming him with his gentle heart. They are truly two parts of one whole.

Type has already grown so much, no longer being that thoughtless boy who lashed out at everything, disregarding everyone else’s feelings and not being able to see past his own pain and needs. All for the love of Tharn. He’s been gradually giving more and more of himself, thinking more about Tharn’s feelings and respecting them, self-admittedly for Tharn’s sake, wanting to treat Tharn right and be a good boyfriend he deserves because it's what Tharn deserves. Type has become so attached and dependant on Tharn for love and comfort that even in his anger or fear he instinctively seeks his touch to alleviate his worries, clutching onto him for support and comfort, gaining calm and strength from him, making sure that he doesn’t disappear.

San’s speech affects Type immensely, particularly his heartbreaking admission how much he loved Tharn, but he never got the chance. That particular confession hits Type hard because it makes him fully realize how rare and special is the love he shares with Tharn. Not only to love someone but also to be loved in return. The whole thing is actually a piece of heartfelt advice for Type, in which San’s telling him that he got his chance at love and he should cherish and fight for. 

Type’s growth didn’t happen over the course of one episode, it’s been a gradual process, involving all those many steps forward and some necessary steps back because mistakes always teach you the hardest and most valuable lessons. So much happens in this episode that adds to Type's character development, Type watching his boyfriend performing and being enchanted by it.

Lhong's face in the last five or so minutes, ooh things are going to get more intense. From cutesy to ominous real quick! The drastic expression change is well-executed! "Typhoon Lhong" is coming.

It's you. My most cherished instrument. 

Episode 10 & 11,
Lhong is up to no good to put it lightly. Tar and Tharn see each other after so long, bearing in mind Tharn never received closure after this break-up. These two episodes of TharnType are like a twin crescendo of rage, jealousy, and doubt – wreaking havoc into our couple’s relatively peaceful bond.

Tharn and Type loved up moments won’t long last ’till Lhong has interrupt in many things. You find out the main reason for all of Tharn’s breakups scene in the past and I think you can pretty much guess it at this point. I won’t complain too much because Lhong has a big role as TharnType’s turning point in their relationship. Even though I really hate the way Lhong destroyed Tar (Tharn’s ex) life. It’s really unforgivable.

Type knowing Tharn was hiding something from him and was unsure about it yet he trusted him with everything and held his thumb while sleeping as if seeking comfort and solace in him

One could definitely find the parallels between Type and Lhong. Both of them have suffered trauma in their childhood and both are going to extreme lengths for love, doing what they deem right in order to protect the person they love, the very same person. 

However, Lhong’s “love” is selfish, obsessive, and unhealthily possessive. He wants Tharn to be his but has never had the courage to reveal to him his feelings, hindered by fear of rejection. While Type was able to overcome his flaws and acted on his love for Tharn. He isn’t fighting for Tharn because Tharn is his, but because they belong together. 

These episodes are emotional rollercoasters. And Lhong sends shivers down my spine. I want to confess before explain how painful was TharnType breakup scene. I cried a lot. Too many tears and my heart hurt like hell. Seeing Tharn ball his eyes out, and also how Type held his tears gave me pain. A lot of pain.  After the planned encounter between Type and Tharn’s ex, Tar, the audience face up the very painful breakup from TharnType. It wasn’t an ordinary breakup. Let’s say no one expects or yearns the breakup in their relationship. It really showed in TharnType. The two lovebirds didn’t want to break up. They love each other so much.

The sudden change in Type’s aura from being aggressive to a somewhat mellowed-down version of himself is another acting highlight.
This episode really showcases Mew and Gulf's acting skills, the “breakup scene” with both holding in their emotions so well before we finally get the floodgate of Tharn’s breakdown at the end after Type leaves him “for his own good”.  The intensity of the scene when Type decided to leave him. This would mark a turning point in the actors’ performances. 

A snippet of my reaction at the end of EP 11.

Episode 12, the anticipated finale which fans had to wait 2 weeks for. The villain's downfall and the confrontation are so satisfying, I was a little disappointed that there was no justice served for Tar's character because he suffered something so cruel with the character Lhong, getting away with his part in it.  But you have to applaud Kaownah with the theatrics of Lhong's wicked character, his shady gestures, and the obsessive behaviour when it came to Tharn. He managed to make the audience feel furious and even fooled by his innocence.

For the longest time, we all saw Lhong as that perfect friend; funny and sweet with a persistent interest in knowing Tharn's relationships: is he getting back with an ex or does he like someone. He didn't want anyone to have Tharn, sure he's a mixed-up character but so is Type and the difference between them is one feels empathy, the other doesn't. 

The obstacles and their own insecurities which they overcame have strengthened their relationship to a point where it can withstand anything. If Lhong had interfered sooner, I think Type would have been unprepared to face him. Type is extremely protective of Tharn and will do anything for Tharn, I think that’s the part Tharn fell in love with. A part, even Type didn’t know existed in him.
Type was willing to let Tharn go, he was even willing to die for Tharn just so Tharn could have a happy life without someone sabotaging his life at every turn. When Type loves, he loves deeply with no boundaries. When he pushed Tharn away it was like pushing his heart away

Of course, the series isn't complete without a happy ending, Type say's I love you for the first time, it comes full circle, at the beginning of the episode he was doing whatever he could to protect Tharn and their relationship which meant breaking both their hearts for a short while. my fave part in episode 12 was how soft Type was after the confrontation. and how willing he was to make it up to Tharn and you just see how much the two of them loved each other. Tharn and Type are happy again, besotted with each other. It was so cute watching Tharn serenade Type with 'Hold Me Tight'.

Special Episode
As mentioned there is a special episode available pay per view on Vimeo, so I will review that a little bit. The special episode is titled Our Final Love which serves as episode 13. Although you have to pay to watch it, it's totally worth the money and watching Type's growth into a sweet, loving and protective boyfriend is one of the highlights. There are so many sweet moments in the special, for example, the love scene is beautifully shot, you feel the emotions of the characters -  how passionate and intimate it was. It is like Tharn is holding Type like he is the most precious person for him in the world, with so much love and tenderness and Type trusts Tharn the most in the world. They love each other completely.

If you look at the first shot from episode 1 and the last shot of the special episode, Type has gone through immense growth, I feel so proud.  He doesn't hesitate loving Tharn so openly. It's fulfilling to see how things have come full circle with TharnType the series, not just in terms of their story but the visual journey illustrated.  
Type is so irrevocably‚ completely and utterly in love with Tharn and I find it so beautiful. From being someone who was afraid of his demons‚ and super homophobic to falling in love with an angel, like Tharn and sacrificing everything for him? I love the development so much.

This beautiful collision of MewGulf made TharnType such a great blend of two things: sensuality and sincerity.
Both actors Mew and Gulf are able to pull off the emotionally heavy scenes without any problems, flawlessly embodying their characters’ trauma beautifully. For example, Type having to deal with and overcome his past childhood trauma and memories of it and Tharn having to fight and overcome the clear discrimination of his roommate. The character development is probably the most noticeable where the characters improve themselves for the better, working on their flaws. They learn to value and appreciate each other. I think the first episode packs a lot of emotions.

You will without a doubt fall in love with the chemistry and love of the on-screen couple Tharn and Type. The way they look at each other, the way they kiss, their love scenes, it’s all so intimate, loving and real that perhaps many fans have difficulty distinguishing the onscreen characters from the real actors and many end up falling down the glorious rabbit hole of “shipping” 

The actors themselves have not shied away from being “shipped” together, they embraced it, one of the most loveable things about the MewGulf relationship is the clear & uncompromised mutual respect they show for each other always, The two are often seen together holding hands, hugging & engaging in all kinds of affectionate behaviour, the chemistry was just of the roof and so natural. It was like they belonged together.

It’s Type’s character that evolves the most throughout the show. Type is angsty, aggressive, and hateful. However, he begins to change when Tharn comes into his life, who definitely serves as the catalyst for Type’s growth. When we first meet Tharn and Type they have a good relationship as dormmates so much so that in the opening scene Type talks about how handsome his roommate is - then the reveal of Tharn's sexuality which does not make Type happy to put it lightly. 

As the story progresses, we see layers and dimensions of their personalities being revealed through their interactions. We understand them, root for them, get annoyed and angry with them, and of course, fall in love with them. I do have to add that I felt Type’s homophobia due to his childhood assault was a realistic portrayal of real-life behaviour. People often become prejudiced due to specific interactions and hold that negativity and stereotype throughout their life. To go through that kind of abuse that Type did at such a young age, a trauma he buried and never really received any therapy for I think, gave him severe misplaced anger issues. 
What I liked was that nobody in the show condoned Type’s behavior, in fact, they kept correcting him on it. Besides Tharn, several scenes were shown where Techno advises Type on how baseless and bad his behavior was. 

This show is important for a lot of reasons. It demonstrates what can happen to a person when they are forced to repress who they are, as well as the experiences they endure. Yet, it is also important because it shows that love really is stronger than hate. Without the unrelenting love & patience of Tharn, Type would never have evolved the way he did. 

How these 2 men deal and resolve their traumas is a strong part of the series and definitely keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Other topics shown in the series are cyberbullying, discrimination based on sexual orientation, the handling of child molestation by the press, and how it can often have a negative effect on the victim and many other topics as well including the hidden villain. Type's character represents growth and how Tharn represents consistency. This series shows us that life often makes us go through bad things. But Type is proof that we can choose to evolve to something good. And Tharn is evidence that we can remain good till the end. You grow to love Type because of the growth he goes through. Tharn and Type almost become your little babies as you follow their story.  Type's development is realistic, it didn't dissolve as soon as he started dating Tharn; it took its own time organically, Tharn was only a catalyst to his development and, so were his interactions with Tar & Khom & his own desire to change.

As Cesar Cruz, a poet said: 'Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.
TharnType the series has managed to become that: to be shocking, controversial, uplifting and empowering, hilarious, and heartbreaking. I thought the comic relief was brilliant. For a show that revolves around homophobia, angst, and even, a psychopath villain and past trauma, abuse, and blackmail,  the side characters, Techno & Champ provide the perfect comic relief & balanced light moments.

At the beginning of every episode, there is a disclaimer that states that there is a merit, the series is for mature audiences only, if something offends you don't watch it. Perhaps TharnType’s greatest triumph was that much of the outburst over the script writing caused viewers to discuss the pertinent social issues they may have overlooked, pause and reflect on their own personal conceptions and maybe learn something about their own views concerning the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

Every time the story builds up to intense conflict and complexity itself brings either Type or Tharn to a new side of them out. Type is being so careful with his dirty mouth, accept the fact he is attracted to Tharn in a way he never expected, and also the way he handles the conflict with Tharn or people around him without arguing. Type is being more considerate towards everything when it comes to Tharn. TharnType is a heartwarming story of personal growth, acceptance, perseverance, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. 

I love how Tharn and Type balanced out each other's strengths and weaknesses. is a bold, radical tale of how love will always triumph over hate. It is refreshing, fearless, and necessary. There is a reason why I keep coming back to this show time and time again. One of my favorite things about this series' is the direction: the small, quiet details that often go unnoticed.
It addresses important issues in the best way that perhaps  BL series are afraid of doing‚ has the best character development‚ beautiful cinematography‚ hilarious and loveable side characters and just everything that’d make you fall in love with a show. 
The series works because of the well-connected sequences, each episode has it's own reason and quality to get excited about. I honestly don't think any other actors other than MewGulf could portray Tharn and Type

From the moment you hear the opening song, you can’t help but hum along to it. The music fits in with the series so well whether it’s the emotional moments or the happy moments there’s a song that fits into that specific moment. I love that we get the chance to hear Mew’s beautiful voice in the acoustic version of ‘Hold Me Tight’. It’s hard not to get lost in the music and listen to the soundtrack after watching the series. The right songs and instrumentals were used to fit the mood of the scenes.

This series is also funny, sweet, adorable, and successfully plays on all our emotions. At the end of the day, TharnType is a heartwarming story of personal growth, acceptance, perseverance, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.  I can't wait to see where Season 2 takes us as it follows Tharn and Type, their love story 7 years later.

TharnType set the standards way too high in the Thai BL series & I feel like there won't be another series that will compare to it. It's a series I keep going back to. I think the drama is really worth the hype and I’m so glad that it turned Mew & Gulf into big stars and giving them the credit they deserve. I honestly think it wouldn’t have been the same without these two. MewGulf was made to be our TharnType.

Have you seen the series, if so what are your thoughts? If you watch the series, please watch it via the official links, subtitles are already included. 

Love, Simone

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