REVIEW: HIStory 3 Trapped

Those who are not familiar with the HIStory series, it is a Taiwanese series that have a selection of new actors for each story. Trapped is a 2019 BL series from Taiwan and is the sixth instalment of the highly popular HIStory franchise. Trapped is different from the previous stories with perhaps a cliched story of a mob boss and a police detective but it's one you can't help but be intrigued by. 

Having watched the previous series 'Crossing The Line' and with that becoming a fast favourite, I decided to watch Trapped without many high expectations. After checking out the trailer, it was obvious this story was going to be different from the previous ones and that's what piqued my interest even more.  History3: Trapped has all the fan-favourite tropes i.e. a mob boss falling in love with a police officer and vice versa, enemies to lovers, a little bit of angst with a happy ending, hurt/comfort, etc. I loved the show for all the romance, for lovable characters, for couples actually communicating properly with one another rather than let it stew and misunderstand each other for a gazillion episodes, and most importantly, a healthy portrayal of gay relationships. No jokes, no punchlines, just plain, simple love. The series is just simply heartwarming and impossible not to fall in love with the characters.