Off To University At 23

Hello! After a long blog hiatus, I'm somewhat slowly getting back into blogging again. It's the most cliche thing to apologise for something that's not entirely my fault as I've lacked inspiration and life getting in the way. And after many years of hard work and lots of tears later...


This was a sentence I never thought I'd type. I had always thought about going to university, being perhaps the first person to go to university in my family and when it didn't happen a the time I wanted it to, I kind of just thought 'ok maybe this isn't going to happen'

Let's be honest here, from the moment we're born our life is already shaped out by our parents, our mothers and/or fathers and it's natural to do that I know. The moment we hit 11 or 12 we become high school students, finding a place where we fit in or struggling to fit in and at the same time we automatically give ourselves a clock, a stopwatch that we unconsciously give our life.
I didn't know what I wanted to do after high school and that scared me a little because I had envisioned that I'd have my life together by the time I hit 20 and what a load of rubbish that was. 

And now I'm sitting in my London dorm writing this post! I'm a Creative Writing and Journalism student, finally! Currently, I'm missing home a little bit and it's natural, I know to miss the home comforts. And then stepping into the unknown - I've been in London a week now and it's a big change to go from Norfolk to London (mainly because some Londoners lack manners?) I've been experiencing London a little bit already and I'm falling in love with the place as I explore it. Something I still can't get my head around, as if it's finally happened - I'm getting closer to my dream career as a writer or magazine journalist, it's been a dream of mine since I was young to see my name on a book and just creating art with words and beautiful stories, I feel by writing for fun you are able to escape reality and express how the perfect storyline in your own light would be. 

It's obvious I'm not your typical student at 23, I'm not into going out partying - this girl is happy just being in her pyjamas by 9:00pm watching funny youtube videos or an episode or two. Going to university and having more independence is going to be a different experience for everybody, University isn’t just about learning. It’s an enriching period in life; which grants you your first true taste of independence and freedom, as well as the opportunity to broaden your horizons and meet a bunch of new people from different backgrounds. Lessons start this week and I'm feeling all kinds of emotions: excitement and nerves but bring it on!

I'm excited for the adventures, lessons, and growth that come my way in my 3 years of university. I can't wait to explore writing in many forms and sticking the middle finger to those who thought the girl with a hearing loss and mental illness wouldn't be able to make it to university and getting closer to her dreams of being a writer. From the little girl who sat in her room writing short stories and expressing herself through words to the young woman going after her dreams as a writer! 

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