Be Proud Of How Far You've Come

I've been contemplating whether write this and lately I've been looking back at how far I've come in terms of mental health and personal growth. And you know what, I've come pretty far. I shouldn't be ashamed to admit and celebrate it, because it can be small things like, you’ve grown in confidence or you've aced a goal on your list. Our world focuses so much on what we lack instead of focusing on whether we kind human beings—be it money, beauty, achievements, or romantic success—that it is pretty common for us to get trapped in the loop of needing to have, be, or do “more” before thinking that we might be good enough and I, for one, do it all the time, i think we all do it.

There's no shame in doing better for your mental well being, or doing better for yourself because we all should celebrate our achievements however big or small. Life doesn’t always go as planned and that’s okay. You’re only human and you don’t have to have it all figured out yet. You’re not a bad person if you don’t get what you wanted or tried for. You’re learning, and that’s a good thing.

It may have taken me a bit more time before thinking about going to university or finding my dream career or just discovering more about myself. I’m sure that just like me, most of you can easily criticise the way you look, what you’re not good enough at and who is better than you, because a lot of us struggle with loving ourselves. Well that’s crazy because we’re all great people in some shape or form. We just struggle to realise it or just taking our time to understand ourselves.

I’m not saying that I’m the most confident, self-loving person ever, but I’d like to think I’m on a journey to loving who I am. I’m going to make it my mission to more frequently think about why I’m great, what I’m good at, what is beautiful about me and why I deserve self-love just as much as anyone else, each and everyone's journey to their individual destination is different to who we cross paths with, who we share a story or gift with. Believing in what you create, or who you are as a person, what you have to offer and what you bring to your space. It could be anything, but believe in what it is that you bring to your metaphorical table. No one can do it like you can, because they are not you. I think that it's all in self belief and being proud of your struggles and challenges that come your way.

As soon as you start taking control of your own path, your dreams and aspirations. What someone else is doing, is not what I am doing, and so what good will come from comparing my personal journey to someone else’s? They’re not the same and never will be. You know your dreams better than anyone – so believe in them and believe in yourself. The grass is never greener. Don't be ashamed of the hardships, instead why not embrace the good, bad and ugly. And be proud of how far you've come. Everyone is at different stages in their lives, just like me and just like you.

Be the dreamer, the warrior, the majestic wonderful person you are and create you own path. Have faith in how far you can go. I'm going to continue to be brave, to be strong and most importantly be the best version of myself because I have a lot to be proud of.

“If you believe in yourself, you can be unstoppable.” 

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