Web Series Worth Watching

I've always found watching web series occasionally better than TV in terms of being able to binge watch a whole series in 2 days. Okay, so some of the series I've chosen may not be classed as a web series but it's just what I class them as. We know that over the years web series has been making waves over the last few years in terms of storytelling and content. Most of the web series I have chosen do have an LGBT theme running through and of course lovable characters. And if you ask me, I'd say all these a absolute gems. So lets dive into the lovely world of web series....

Be Proud Of How Far You've Come

I've been contemplating whether write this and lately I've been looking back at how far I've come in terms of mental health and personal growth. And you know what, I've come pretty far. I shouldn't be ashamed to admit and celebrate it, because it can be small things like, you’ve grown in confidence or you've aced a goal on your list. Our world focuses so much on what we lack instead of focusing on whether we kind human beings—be it money, beauty, achievements, or romantic success—that it is pretty common for us to get trapped in the loop of needing to have, be, or do “more” before thinking that we might be good enough and I, for one, do it all the time, i think we all do it.