Ten Reasons Why I Love December

It's time for another Blogmas post. It’s finally December and all the joys of this month are in the air. From Christmas to an infinite amount of holiday movies to just resting and relaxing, December is one of my favorite months for so many reasons. I love this time of year, building up to Christmas. the decorations, the music. Everything.

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Family. Food. Giving presents. All around festive cheer. Can there be anything better in December? Oh, yes, actually... CHRISTMAS

Decorating the house (or your dorm room/apartment) sets the mood for Christmas and is an easy way to get us into the holiday spirit. The lights, tinsel, reindeer, ornaments. OH THE WONDERFUL, PRETTY DECORATIONS

I think I always start blaring out the Christmas tunes a little too early, or at least humming them, but I don’t care. It's socially acceptable to blast out Christmas music. I love Christmas music! I find it always puts me in a really jolly mood and you can sing along without a care in the world. I love how everyone seems to know all the same Christmas songs too so you can always sing a long with friends and family.

Advent Calendars
Who is in their twenties and doesn’t have an advent calendar? No matter how old you are, who doesn't love opening the little doors to yummy chocolate? This is definitely first of my favourite things as it starts right at the beginning of December and is basically a yummy countdown to the best day ever, Christmas.

Eating All The Food
Say hello to turkey and all the trimmings, all the food and more chocolate than the human stomach should be able to handle and a sneaky chocolate before the big dinner. We can all eat as much as we want and not feel guilty for one second as the excuse is always, It’s Christmas! I feel its the one time of the year where we can all sit and stuff our faces merrily drinking and not be judged at all, and it’s all thanks to Christmas. 

 I love December because you can get cozy on the couch with your cup of hot chocolate and blanket and watch holiday movies all day without a worry in the world. From Love Actually, The Holiday to Elf and The Christmas Carol, it's a perfect way to get festive.

Christmas Lights
I always think that Christmas lights make everything feel more festive and also because i get very excited when I see Christmas lights, they always look so pretty.

Short Days/Long Nights
For those of you who love sleep (like myself) will probably love this time of the year, where the days are short and the nights are long. I love night-time, so when I wake up on the weekend and it’s still dark outside I can easily stay in bed for another couple of hours. It isn’t so good when you have to get up for college in the dark though.

Seasonal drinks. 
I know we all have our favorite drink of choice during the holidays. Whether its hot chocolate, a peppermint mocha, or a nice yummy coffee or tea these are the things that get us excited for Christmas. As soon as Starbucks changes their white cups to red, we all know Christmas is right around the corner.

Christmas Jumpers
Do I need to say more? Cosy, festive and cute. From gingerbread, stockings to trees and festive animals! Whatever it is, it'll be sure to tell the world how much you love Christmas!
I LOVE a good Christmas jumper at this time of year, You are guaranteed to get an amazing design on the front. Bridget Jones may have been embarrassed by her ugly sweaters, but only true Christmas enthusiasts know that such articles of clothing are the height of the holiday season.

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Why do you love December?

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