Together With Me The Series: Thoughts, Favourite Moments and Review

This story takes place before the events of Bad Romance The Series. It is focused on Korn and Knock and how they met and all the obstacles they had to go through before they officially became a couple.

For today's post I'm going to tell you my thoughts, favourite moments and review of Together With Me. Together With Me is over *crying* 
If you've been following me on my social media platforms, you would have seen me talking about a Thai series called Together With Me which has sadly come to an end after 13 episodes but fingers crossed we'll see more of the characters down the line in future series. It has been one of my favourite Thai dramas as of late, and I’ve become pretty emotionally attached to it.

It takes place before "Bad Romance" the series, and shows Korn and Knock's journey to becoming a couple. I did watch Bad Romance but this is a show that you can definitely watch and enjoy without having to watch Bad Romance. Together With Me is a 'second' and prequel series, a more mature and better series. The story is believable and makes complete sense and you can enjoy watching everyone's story unfold not just the main characters.


When we got the clip of the teaser trailer i think it was safe to say i was super excited to see the series as i loved Max and Tul in Bad Romance, if I'm being honest Korn and Knock stole the show from the main characters Yihwa and Cho - Yihwa is another one of my favourite characters. The badass queen we all need as a best friend! And this time around it was focusing on Korn and Knock's love story. The teaser trailer alone was pretty sexy.

Together With Me featured a few relationships alongside Korn and Knock being the main story, a teacher (Kavitra)  and a university student (Phubet) and another same sex story with, of course another university student (Farm) and a doctor (Bright). I was hooked on the storytelling and the characters whom i immediately felt an attachment to, TWM have a beautiful cast and characters you will grow to love, which you'll see as the series goes on and a few crushes later 😋

Together With Me had me smiling, crying, laughing, swooning and most of all fangirling. Tul and Max's chemistry is amazing, every little moment, every little word and every little scene shared, the chemistry thrived. Not only do they have a good rapport on screen but also off screen they have a lovely bromance, they are pretty much each others 'other half'. Seeing how much love Tul and Max have for each other is beautiful.

The series has shown the audience one of the most essential aspects of a romantic relationship that other Thai BL series didn’t even dare to give us. Intimacy. Passion. Burning desire.
The intimate moments between Korn and Knock were exquisite. They were natural and believable. The kissing scenes were not just for fan service despite how beautiful they were. They weren’t thrown randomly in every episode. These moments were on point and remained relevant to the story. I applaud Max and Tul for their commitment to their roles.

What made this series special and stand out from the rest of  the BL series is that it was never afraid. It was daring and fearless. If you’re going to love, love all the way. And Together With Me has gone all the way and delivered. No holding back. No second guessing. No hesitation.

First I really loved their acting. I felt like their acting in Bad Romance was not forced to say but also forced. I mean it was their first time acting together. The acting wasn't overly forced but it wasn't completely natural either, But since they were already comfortable with each other it made TWM so much better. The way Tul looked at Max was just wonderful. One of my most favourite scenes with them is that one where they are in Korn's bed after they kissed and Knock was like although you’ve liked me longer from now on I’ll like you even longer. It was just so sweet. If i'm being honest there wasn't a scene between those two I didn't like. 

Their friends was such a solid gang like woah. Yihwa. Can I just start to say how much I LOVE her??? Like who wouldn’t. She is just pure goals?? I love how much she cherished Korn and Knock. How much she supported them. How much she protected them. And reminded them that they need to be themselves and not care about the outside world. Also Yihwa looked so pretty in every episode, that you couldn't help but have a crush on her. 

What I will say is that the way the writing explores how the characters interact and solve problems throughout the show is what makes this series so amazing. The story starts with the two main characters, Korn and Knock, and how they go through struggles both environmentally, socially, and emotionally to finally come together as a couple.


Also a main character, Yihwa, is Korn's best friend and is a strong supporter of Korn and Knock's relationship. The 3 main characters are joined by Fai, Farm, and Phu who are all neighbours in the same dorm. The drama does a great job of focusing on Korn and Knock, but also focuses on the side stories of the other characters. This is done extremely well as the writers tackle issues such as homophobia, family ties, ageism, monogamy, vanity, and promiscuity. Each of these issues are divided evenly (and sometimes shared) with most of the cast, with the exception of Yihwa's character being written in the story for more of emotional support and as an ally. Their comedic moments together made me want to join their clique.

Musically, the timing of the background effects is good. Some are over-the-top but understandable. I love the soundtracks though. Hearing them makes me appreciate Thai pop music more. This is coming from an international fan and viewer of the series. Every song was beautifully placed in every scene and moment.The OST for this has is so sweet and perfect for the setting of it. Each song tided well with the series and most of the songs being featured throughout the series, I've been listening to (hoping to heal my withdrawals from the series) which you can listen to here

This drama is for sure an easy re-watch for me. I have fallen head over heals for Korn & Knock (and Yihwa) and I honestly want to see more of them! Their chemistry is just so amazing and I really hope this series gains a big following so we can get another well-deserved and much needed follow up season!


I would be lying if Korn & Knock’s intimacy scenes weren’t another one of  my favourites, particularly because of how sensual and beautiful they were, not to mention sexy. The intimacy scenes were placed at the right moments throughout the series as the romance grew. Again it worked because of the chemistry Tul and Max have and that shined through those scenes even just by making eye contact. From episode 1 onwards you can see feelings evolving and its beautiful.

I also like the scene when Knock is injured but he still takes care of Korn when he is beaten and bruised, and Knock cleans up and dresses his wounds. It's a very nice to see that he really cares about Korn. Maybe not as a lover yet, but as a very close friend who has been with him since he was young. I love that Korn and Knock do care for each other so much. Korn can remember that Knock is allergic to shrimp. this little thing is very heartwarming. From this scene alone, their eyes speak volumes!

There are a lot of scenes between these two that I loved, but my favourite was definitely when Korn says to Knock that they can’t be friends anymore because he loves Knock and he can’t deal with how things are between them so he decides cutting ties off with Knock would be better for him and move on, as sad as it was, I think it was the moment Knock realized he really needs to confront his feelings for Korn once and for all.


i think from this scene where Knock grabs Korn's hand (thinking its his gf), shows Knock has a natural pull towards Korn. It's easy to be around him, he doesn't need to try so hard - it's just natural and that's why i love it. It's too cute. Yihwa is pretty much me in this scene.
When Korn gave Knock a bath when he had broken his leg, that moment just felt so domestic between them and i could feel how much Korn wanted to take care of knock in every aspect. I just loved them finding their way to each other.

Thanks to Yihwa, this scene happened - I loved Yihwa bringing them together and telling them not to care about what other people think and just be themselves. She gives the boys encouragement and support. She isn’t judging them. I think that little talk is what they both needed to hear. To know that not everyone is going to hate them or be disgusted and judge them. It shows what a great friend she is and how protective she is of them both. Yihwa is their number one supporter and i just freaking love her. Knock wiping away Korn's tears was beautiful, it demonstrates the confidence they have around each other

There's a recurring pattern with the favourite moments isn't there? I loved this scene alot and the episode itself was feels galore. They chose to be happy and look how beautiful they are. Would you look at the foreshadowing. They are madly in love and look so happy. They are so precious. The moment they realize they should be together, everything is right in the world and all that took for them to finally realize it, was worth it. They look very happy and do not regret the decision they made: be together

I loved this scene particularly because of how derpy Knock looked jumping into the river to swim to Korn and hoping to be reunited/forgiven. I thought it was pretty cute. I'm sucker for moments between these two. They let everything out at this point all their feelings. Everything
You can see that it gives a different atmosphere, especially in Knock's position because at first he didn't have feelings for Korn yet so he let Korn lead the kiss. However, in the last episode that changed in the most sweet way, when Korn pushes him onto the bed and then they kiss. It's very sweet and intimate. Knock really kisses Korn back without hesitation nor doubt. For me it's very beautiful, you can see the love they have for each together just by looking at that scene.



As you probably gathered from the list of favourite moments, i have so many! 😋 From the sweet kisses, to their happy ending. There's no one else i could've pictured as Korn and Knock because Max and Tul are perfect, they complemented their characters well. There is so much more to be told from Korn and Knock's love story such as their wedding and married life. The show had a good mix of romance, comedy and dramatic scenes that keeps you on the edge of your seat for every episode.

I am quite peculiar with stories when it comes to watching and staying with a TV series all the way. Knowing that this series is a prequel of the story of Knock and Korn in Bad Romance made me curious. Most of all, as I started to watch and knowing that they they are a childhood friends was a lovely touch, it made me more interested to follow until the end.

This is a perfect story for an LGBT themed series. The emotions: anger, frustrations, jealousy, worries, happiness, curiosities, emptiness etc were amazing, I loved everything about the series and i really want more series with Korn, Knock and Yihwa. They have good chemistry not only in the series but also in reality. The series as a whole was brave in general in the sense that it breaks out from the typical formula of BL series. I don’t think we should still categorize it as BL because it’s not about boys’ love anymore but rather it’s a legitimate gay series.

Here's a little look at Korn and Knock in Bad Romance.
So, yes i thoroughly enjoyed the series and fell in love with the characters including the ones you'd love to hate. This is just one series i will keep going back to, to fill my fangirl needs.  The dynamic between Korn. Yihwa and Knock is just one of my favourites, if not the reason i love the series. Together With Me may not have been the first Thai series i've come across, those being Sotus The Series and Waterboyy The Series but it's my most treasured. I also want to show my appreciation to Yui Wara (aka Lazy Subber), who did a fab job subbing in helping non thai speakers like myself, enjoy a wonderful Thai series. I have my fingers very much crossed for another series.

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Will you be watching Together With Me? Have you watched Together With Me? If so what are your thoughts.

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