The Best Things About Autumn

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
-Albert Camus

 This post is pretty late in uploading and i wanted it to be just right, since starting back at college on a new course which takes up most of my time - after a long day I just want to sit down and relax. So without further addoo, here it is.
We are now into the beginning of October and it won't long till it's Christmas (Woo Hoo) aside from Winter, Autumn is my favourite season as I just love the cosy jumpers, hot drinks, dark plum, burgundy lips. So it’s no surprise to anyone that follows me on social media that I am completely and utterly obsessed with Autumn. As soon as the end of August passes, I am in full Autumn mode, despite getting ill through most of the season. 

I like to think autumn is the grunge, badass sister of spring, who is the pretty pastel princess of the family…although they are similar in many ways, there’s something about autumn that is refreshing after being a sweaty mess in summer. Autumn also represents the start of the new academic year and new goals. I love Autumn. I love the crispness of it. The humidity of summer fading away and the air is cool, energetic, buzzing. 

Cosy Days
Autumn is when the world starts to tuck in for the long winter haul, the jumpers and dark lips come out and as the temperatures become cooler, we spend more time indoors curled under a blanket with a hot drink and a good movie, tv series or book. For this introvert, it is a welcome change. It’s time for layering, and wearing soft scarves and gloves, and wrapping yourself up in blankets 

The overall beauty and aesthetic of Autumn. 
Everything is SO pretty. The way the leaves fall and blanket the ground is beautiful. It makes everything so much more colorful and lively (while somehow actually dying). The earth is amazing and shows it’s true colors and beauty in the Autumn and we should all love and embrace it.the leaves changing colors from green to wonderful shades of red, orange, and yellow.

That moment is so beautiful and lovely to witness. Also, there’s something about leaves changing colors that makes places feel and look so homely and warm. Crisp Autumn mornings are absolutely everything. So cool and lovely! When the leaves start to fall, they’re fun to play with and kick around.

Bonfire Night
Sparklers, fireworks, bonfires, welly boots, festival rides and good company. We often go out with friends or family for bonfire night to a local display. I love everything about it. It’s usually freezing cold, but everyone huddles around the fire and tries to keep warm. I love the smell of bonfire night and I love watching all the pretty colours light up the sky.

Cosy Nights In
Blankets, onesies, doggie cuddles and hot water bottles which snuggled in bed. Something I like doing as the weather gets colder…With the colder weather it gives you an excuse to stay in. put on your pyjamas and fluffy socks and pop on a film or binge watch a series, who says you can't be a couch potato in the evenings during the colder months. 

Dark Lips
Is it really autumn if you’re not wearing plum or berry toned lipsticks? It’s the season of the vamp lipstick and I love it! Plum, berry, burgundy lipsticks all day everyday. Instantly making you look somehow more majestic, grunge and chic than before. Buying a new lipstick just because it looks perfect for the season  even if we have another shade similar.

All the hot beverages
Hot chocolate, coffee, tea who knows maybe this time i'll have my first pumpkin spiced latte. PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE (BOTH HOT AND COLD) IS ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. The sweetness, spice and yummy cinnamon 😍
What says a nice soul hug with a yummy hot drink on a cold day. Hot tea or coffee just tastes a hundred times better when the leaves are changing color and the air is getting cooler.

Going for Autumn walks
Taking lots of pictures of the beautiful autumnal scenery and seeing your beloved pooch's face light up over the sight of leaves. Stomping on dead leaves and kicking plies of leaves gave me such joy as a child. Kicking up the fallen leaves and stepping on crunchy ones is seriously fun/

Comfort food.
It's time for yummy stew and dumplings! What's not to love about all the deliciousness.

All the layers. Its getting nice and brisk outside. It's time to whip out the comfy clothes, the jumpers, thick scarves, cardigans. I love layering up. Autumn fashion is full of jumpers and boots and I am here for it.

Significantly less sweating
You’ll be able to walk from one place to another with little to no sweat involved. YIPEE

Which you probably don’t need but are going to buy anyway. That pen is shiny enough to get your life together for you. All the pretty notebooks, pens and planners.

At some point this Autumn, you must or will bake something. Maybe cinnamon rolls, brownies, carrot cake or cookies, any delicious goods. YUM

Cosy mornings and evenings indoors
You can enjoy your morning coffee or an evening hot chocolate under a cosy blanket without having to make up an excuse to not be outdoors since it’s not the most appealing thing to do at that time. We'd all rather stay snug in the comfort of our own home.

An extra hour in bed.
Seriously, what’s not to love about that? The clocks go back an hour when it gets to autumn, and I love a lie-in, so I’m usually found enjoying that extra hour being toasty warm in the morning. I'm definitely the kind of girl that loves her sleep

Pretty Sunsets
During the Autumn it's like the sun is always smiling when it sets and it's gorgeous. But maybe this is how all sunsets are we just always miss them during other times of the year. Lets just say, nature is a beautiful thing. With the world turning into burgundy-yellow-brown colours I think sunsets look stunning.

Movie marathons
Watching my favourite movies and tv shows all day long is finally seen as normal again and I don´t feel guilty about missing out on sunshine. Duvet days, here I come! Then there’s all those boxsets you can crack on with and let’s not forget the joy of watching a film on a rainy, wintery Sunday afternoon.

The Sense Of New Beginnings
Autumn, well September to be more precise, means a fresh start and new chapter. Meaning you can set new goals, aspirations and pick up new stationary, of course. Starting school, university, work etc. I still attach the feeling of optimism and excitement to this time of year

The Smell Of Rain In The Autumnal Air
i don't like walking in the rain as much as the next person but the smell of rain in the air during autumn time is lovely, and hearing the rain against the window panes is comforting

Relaxing baths
Who doesn't love a warm, relaxing bath after a long day with all the bubbles and yummy smells. I love bath time, i would have a bath every day if I could and listening to my favourite songs, getting lost in the bubbles

Christmas is just around the corner!
I never grew out of getting excited for Christmas (in fact, I get excited just like a child does). I listen to classic Christmas songs for about four months straight, wear Christmas sweaters, drink the festive drinks, and shop for presents and decorations way before December. I get excited for Christmas rather than Halloween but in the Autumn it is more acceptable for me to go around listening to Christmas music. YAY

Is Autumn your favourite season? What do you think are the best things in Autumn?

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