Wonderful & Inspiring Quotes For When You're Feeling Stuck In Life

Quotes have ways of speaking to us on every level and helping us through the difficult moments. I have a few quotes saved on my phone from authors, movies/TV shows, artists and more that inspire me in day to day life, i mean what would it be like if we didn't have the inspiring words of those around us?

I like to collect quotes. If I come across a line in a book that moves me, or a quotation online that really speaks to me, I always write it down. I refer back to these quotes frequently. When I’m feeling lost or stuck in life, or just a little down on myself, it helps to read the comforting words of someone wiser than me. They reassure me about the direction I’m going in life, and help me realise that everything isn’t as bad as it may seem. We all need some motivation, inspiration and drive and sometimes something so simple like quotes can do just that.

Things Someone With A Mental Illness Want To Hear On Their Darkest Days

Every human being with a mental illness is different, their recovery is different, their beginning, middle and end is different. There are moments when the burden seems too heavy a load to carry — particularly when all you want is to take away the pain at whatever cost so the sufferer can feel some relief. In a moment of weakness, or at the onset of an episode, someone with a mental illness may feel isolated, humiliated, and ashamed, and the response of those who are available for support is crucial to seeing the sufferer through to other side.

My mental illness isn't automatically 'cured' - I'm still in recovery and there is no shame in that. My mental illness is extremely exhausting. I may seem lazy to be napping and tired all the time, but it takes so much energy to fight your own mind every hour of every day while doing all the important things.