What I've Been Listening To #6

Hello lovely people, it's been pretty quiet over here huh? Life happens and I've been lacking motivation and ideas for this blog, my little heaven so that's just it. Hopefully regular post every other day will resume in the next coming days, that being said it won't be long till I go back to college to study Access To Humanities and Social Sciences! So I'll post whenever i have free time, i hope you continue to stick around.

Let's get on with that post then shall we, if you've been a follower of The BeautifulxImperfections Journal you know I enjoy making playlists of favourite songs at the moment and blogging about anything and everything that I fancy. There's some old, nostalgic, beloved favourites to new, catchy, powerful songs i've been enjoying (and singing along to) which showcase every song i've been listening to as of late.
You can view my other Spotify playlists here

What have you been listening to?

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