50 Thoughts While Watching Beauty and the Beast

When I heard there was going to be a live action version of Beauty and the Beast, I couldn't have been more excited to see it. As you all know, i love everything Disney - you'd find me having a little sing along to the soundtracks on a day to day basis. As a fan of the animated version (and lover of adorable Chip) I wanted to see the film, sadly by the time i was able to go and see it. I missed it. But finally got it on dvd. 

I am a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, so naturally, I saw the new live-action remake as soon as I could. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite Disney film alongside The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Aladdin and Mulan (and probably so many others) 
Here's every thought I had while watching the movie. Tale as old as time.

2. oh i love Dan Stevens. It'll take me some time to get over him in Downton Abbey times
3. Yay finally we can see how the Prince was transformed into the Beast
4. That rose is actually pretty, don’t be an asshole you have a giant castle with a million rooms.
5. The enchantress erased the villagers' memories - THAT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE!
6. I've seen the movie so many times. Why am i so shocked.
7. Childhood me is so excited right now.
8. Twenty two year old me is too
9. Enter strong, feminist Belle
10. I find it hard to over look Emma as Hermione 

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11. It's no lie she makes it her own. Who doesn't love Emma Watson
12. This song takes me back to childhood. (Bonjour....) Ahh those were the days
13. Belle's a horse whisperer... and a donkey whisperer
14. Luke Evans is so handsome and Gaston is so ugh
15. Hello Beast... He looks cute. Why do i think that?
16. I'd love to have my own Chip, Mrs Potts, Cogsworth and Lumiere.
17. Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts, couldn't be anyone better other than the lovely Angela Lansbury.
18. BE OUR GUEST BE OUR GUEST. I can't stop smiling

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19. Whoa, when a petal falls the whole castle starts to crumble? Sad and dramatic
20. These wolves sure are scary.
21. Thank you Disney for finally giving some background information on these characters!
23. “New… and a bit alarming” yeah, don’t panic but you’re falling in love with a buffalo (same though). IT'S DAN STEVENS EYES

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24. in the original Gaston was just a douche but in this he’s evil.
25. Oh my goodness, it's time for THE scene. Oh that beautiful yellow dress, the dancing, the lights. It's so magical. TALE AS OLD AS TIME. I'm crying.
26. It's so magical. The magical-ness of all the castle things is amazing. Everything in that castle is magical. Can I have the castle?
27. Chip was way cuter as a cartoon tea cup
28. “Can anyone be happy if they’re not free?”
29. HE LET HER GO. That tugged my heartstrings. HE LOVES HER

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31. Oh my God. This song. All the tears
32. "He's not a monster Gaston, YOU ARE" YOU GO BELLE
33. Watching inanimate objects wipe out a whole provincial village is SO satisfying
34. “Grandmother? ATTACK!” YES QUEEN.
35. Beast is so sad he lost Belle he won’t even defend himself, I’m a mess.
36. *Gunshots*  I can’t watch! OH MY GOD STOP SHOOTING HIM.
37. Everyone is basically dying. I DON'T LIKE THIS.

38. "At least I got to see you... one last time."
39. Omg I can’t cope, the last petal is falling and the Beast’s eyes are closing… I CAN'T STOP CRYING
40. THE ENCHANTRESS It’s Agathe from the village I KNEW IT
41. I know it ends well but 
42. OMG THE MAGIC. This transformation scene is so beautiful... I LOVE THE VISUALS OF THIS WHOLE FILM
43. Oh look, it’s Matthew from Downton Abbey. Beautiful Dan Stevens.
44. my tears are now happy tears. 
45. i want that dog, so cute and fluffy
47. I love Belle's dress.
48. "How do you feel about growing a beard" PRINCE ADAM GROWLED
50. That was a cinematic masterpiece. Thank you Disney. I'm so happy Alan Menken was part of it too.

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I’m not going to lie; I lost count of how many times my eyes welled up. The nostalgia of the music and seeing it all come to life in a different way was almost too much. I cannot wait to watch this film again. How magnificent is the C.G.I and effects on Lumiere, Chip, Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth! The magical feel just like the original. 

What were your thoughts on this wonderful live action? What Disney film would you like to see recreated as a live action?

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