A Playlist Of Songs That Relate To My Mental Health

Waking up every morning and facing the world with a mental illness is and can be daunting. Depression can make everyday tasks seem challenging, getting out of bed and out the door is a big accomplishment no matter how big or small it is.  

While it seems like we have a hard time talking about mental illnesses in real life because it is difficult - someone in the world is battling their inner demons everyday and sometimes it goes unnoticed., music has always been a way to express what is hard to say out loud. Maybe before you realised what you were experiencing had a name, a certain song let you know that at the very last, you weren’t alone.

So here is a playlist of songs that i relate to in my mental health journey and when everything feels wrong, and the music just happens to describe exactly how i'm feeling or how my mental illness makes me feel. The songs featured either push me to fight harder and stay strong, the others just tell me exactly how i feel

I've always found making a playlist for every mood is therapeutic, From mood boosting, to stress relief, to having a positive way to let out anger, music can bring out our emotions in ways that words can’t. You can view all my Spotify playlists here

What songs speak to you? Do you have a mental health playlist, what songs are on there? If you have thoughts on the music or songs you would have added, I’d love the suggestions!

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