My Disney Playlist

I'm always listening to anything Disney. And anyone that doesn't like Disney, i simply don't have time for that kind of nonsense. Nothing makes a Disney movie (or tv series) any better without good music and whether you admit it or not everyone has a soft spot for anything/everything Disney related. No one can deny that Disney is pretty on point creating catching songs that you sing to over and over again.

I thought i would share with you my Disney Playlist and maybe you find some inspiration to create your own playlist filled with magical, upbeat and nostalgic songs from Disney. This playlist will have more songs added to it down the line because who can resist a good Disney sing song!?

When exposed to the magic of Disney from a young age, it's impossible to fall in love with the music and if anything Disney exposed our imagination and joy just by the music and animation. There's something just so magical about Disney and that's something we Disney fans love about it.

What are your favourite Disney songs? 

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