Reasons To Love Isaiah Firebrace


Let's talk about Australia's Eurovision entry. First thing first, his voice is heavenly and second, I'm rooting for Australia to win. Isaiah won The X Factor Australia and good on him - he's amazing. I figured nobody is talking about how insanely talented he really is so why don't I do a post of reasons to love this talented, sweet guy.

I discovered this talented dude when his name popped up to represent his native country in Eurovision and they made a fab choice! It's impossible not to fall in love with his sweet nature and beautiful voice. Since then I've been listening to his album 'Isaiah' and his Eurovision single 'Don't Come Easy' on repeat. With a voice like that, you wouldn't think he's 17 years old.

1. He has a pretty cool last name

2. He has killer vocals, can i please be serenaded by this guy

3. He's Indigenous Australian (and representing diversity at Eurovision): I CANNOT WAIT

4. He has beautiful eyes and smile. Just watch videos of him and get lost in those eyes.

5. Also he's pretty much got the best eyebrows known to man. Just look at them

6. He's mesmerising on stage. Every song he sings is so beautiful.

7. He blesses us with tons of Instagram, Tweets, and Snapchat stories. *insert heart eyes emoji here*

8. He's an absolute cutie. Again with those eyes

9. He was on #TeamAdam!

10. His reaction to winning X Factor Australia was the cutest thing ever ON HIS 17TH BIRTHDAY

11. His luscious locks, i mean:

12. He's kind hearted, humble and most of all charming

13. He proof that if at first it doesn't work out, dust yourself off and try again because the hard work and passion will pay off in the end as shown on his musical journey.

14. His acoustic performances are chillingly good, that guy should do an acoustic album!

15. He is Isaiah Firebrace and it's difficult not to fall in love with him.

And of course the BONUS reason: His favourite animal is a dog (could he be any cuter)

Have these reasons convinced you as to why you should love Isaiah Firebrace and check out his music? This is just the beginning for him, having won X Factor Australia 2016 and his music being streamed all over the world! I'm going to need a new album asap, i'm envious of those who've seen him live because he clearly has such an angelic voice, that i could listen to for hours.

You can listen to his music via Spotify and follow him on Twitter 

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