Inspiring Quotes You Need To Hear

Ever since i was young, i lacked self belief and to be honest i think i still do. For some people self esteem comes easy, for others not so much, my low self esteem has always been roadblock in unleashing my true potential. I mean, I've had days where i think i can take on the world, nothing can stop me and then the low self esteem comes creeping in like an unwanted visitor and then add a mental illness into the mix, it's a nightmare. Anxiety and Depression, My Unwanted Intruders. When you have a mental illness, you go through so many obstacles and some fleeting moments. Mental health is no walk in the park, its ugly and exhausting emotionally, mentally and physically.

Things My Hearing Impairment Has Taught Me

This week is Deaf Awareness Week and I'm going to be straight with you - I didn't realise till I saw it trending on Twitter, Monday morning. Being hearing impaired is something that I've had mixed feelings about, only because of certain comments i received from small minded bullies at school and over the years I've grown some understanding of my hearing impairment and just embraced it as who i am.

Reasons To Love Isaiah Firebrace


Let's talk about Australia's Eurovision entry. First thing first, his voice is heavenly and second, I'm rooting for Australia to win. Isaiah won The X Factor Australia and good on him - he's amazing. I figured nobody is talking about how insanely talented he really is so why don't I do a post of reasons to love this talented, sweet guy.

I discovered this talented dude when his name popped up to represent his native country in Eurovision and they made a fab choice! It's impossible not to fall in love with his sweet nature and beautiful voice. Since then I've been listening to his album 'Isaiah' and his Eurovision single 'Don't Come Easy' on repeat. With a voice like that, you wouldn't think he's 17 years old.

Me, Myself & My Mental Illness

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We need to raise awareness and it's repeatedly being said, i know but it's true isn't it. 1 in 4 are affected by mental illness' every year. It's scary. When we say we have a mental illness, people are quick to judge and run the other way. My brain is overloaded with pressure and expectations created by society and those with lack of understanding.

What I've Been Listening To #5

It's been some time since I've done this fun 'What I've Been Listening To' series. As you all know, i like listening to music whenever I can, getting ready for the day, on transport etc. I like finding something new and old to listen to after a long day and this little playlist happens to feature the songs I'm listening to at the moment and loving.