What My Good Mental Health Days Look Like

Hello, you lovely bunch! It feels like I've had a long hiatus, did you miss me!? I have another mental health post for you. We tend to talk more about the bad days and how they affect us, which overshadows the good, so I thought it would be interesting to share what the good days look like with a mental illness.
 With a mental illness, there is good days and bad days, there are also days where you're just existing and I'm not going to lie, i have felt like that more than once and just keeping quiet. Different people define a 'good day' on their own terms and it can be the littlest of things but the biggest achievement of the day.

Living with a mental illness means a lot of things. It means that how you feel when you wake up in the morning may have nothing to do with how you felt the day before, or it may have everything to do with it. It means that sometimes all the lights shut off for no reason, and it takes a little bit of time to start turning them back on again. It also means that you learn how great it can be to just be okay. Okay is great. Okay is amazing. Okay is recovering.

1. A good day is , I can get out of bed and function in a world I perceive to be my enemy.

2. A good day is when my mind is a battlefield, and I march onward anyway.

3. A good day is me not questioning or over analysing every action or words said by myself or others.

4. A good day is when I don’t obsess about everything someone says. I don’t believe that the world hates me.

5. A good day is going up to a stranger, to stroke their dog.

6. A good day is when i feel disgusting but I maintain my self-care anyway.

7. A good day is when my best doesn’t look like much, but I’m proud of myself anyway.

8. A good day is waking up in the morning without feeling overly tired and making it through the whole day without feeling exhausted

9. A good day is a day I manage to walk down the street without thinking I am in danger and being able to act freely without the fear of judgement or social difficulties

10. A good day is when instead of being brave, I hide and I forgive myself anyway.

11. A good day is when I can breathe normally, without feeling the invisible weight on my chest or shoulders. When I can just step out and do things on my own without feeling disoriented.

12. A good day is when I feel like it’s OK to have generalised anxiety disorder (as well as social anxiety) and depression 

13. Being able to be independent and not requiring constant reassurance or validation, either from the person I’m with or via text message, if I’m alone.

14. The good days are days during which I can be patient with myself and remind myself that I’m sick — that I can take things at my own pace

15. A good day is when I can make it through a day of classes without contemplating leaving because my mind is too much for me to handle.

16. A good day is a day when I have the strength and confidence to stand up for others.

17. A good day is when I’m different from everyone else but I choose to love and be kind to myself anyway.

18. A good day is when I listen to music out loud, drafting blog posts and getting excited about the day ahead.

19. A good day is socialising with family and friends without wanting the ground to swallow me up

20. A good day is being genuinely happy without faking a smile and having to pretend I'm okay.

What do your good mental health days look like?

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