Things From Disney I Wish Were Real

Who doesn't love a post talking all things Disney, i certainly love reading everything about Disney. Disney films have always had a way of allowing me to run away with my imagination and wishing I was being surrounded by adorable creatures.

It’s hard not to be jealous of Disney characters. they live in magical worlds full of talking animals, dashing princes, and helpful fairies. What A Dream. I thought i would share the things i wish were real from the magical world of Disney.

Magic Lamps, Magic Mirrors & Magic Carpets
I for sure, couldn't sit through watching Aladdin without going on about how cool it would be to have a magic carpet to take you places and admire the view from up high or a magic lamp with your own Genie. That would be pretty fun and mischievous! Also a mirror that will show you what it is you want to see. A good magic mirror would be put to good use, giving me guidance and of course telling me the things i wish to know as well as truths.

Dug's Collar
 We often stare at our dogs or kitties (or our pets in general) and wonder what on earth is going through their weird/clever minds. Don’t you wish that a collar existed that could translate their exact reasoning into human language? (As a bonus, your dog or cat could finally tell you what his or her real name is in dog/cat language.)

In the world of Disney there seems to be a castle in every region, it's not really a Disney movie without the castles is it? and I feel like it needs to be a thing. If they all come with a gorgeous firework display as well, life would be so much more magical!

Animal Sidekicks
How cool would it be to have a cute companion to cheer you up and be your partner in crime? It's always been my favorite part of the movies: Flounder, Chip, Pascal, Maximus, Cri-Kee and Abu. These sidekicks are just too cute.

Princess Crowns
Picking one princess crown is a difficult decision, but ultimately Rapunzel’s tiara is a favourite. I love the swirling details and pops of colour. That being said i wish i was Rapunzel exploring the lanterns because, that alone is just so beautiful. If only wearing a crown was more acceptable on a daily basis. Disney crowns (and gowns) are the prettiest things ever.

I'm talking grand castles, guys in tuxedos, girls all glammed up twirling in dresses fit for a princess, and (hopefully) a yummy feast table with lots and lots of cake. I don't know about you guys but when i was young I always had a secret wish to go to one of the balls like you see in the movies, all dressed up in sparkles, pretty colours and glitter.

Animals That Talk
I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one when it comes to this. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by animals that talk and being able to communicate with them. It wouldn't be complete without having awesome adventures and talks with them would it?

Can you imagine life under the sea, pretty shells, sea animals. Oh yes please! If they're as lovely as Ariel, then I wish for them to be real! Growing up, i definitely wanted to be a mermaid although i couldn't swim - and i'm not really any better at swimming now.

Prince Charming (s)
First thing first, i'm not saying we need men or anyone saving us because women are perfectly independent and strong like many Disney princesses. but the princes in the movies are seemly perfect, flawless and handsome. But i'd want the adventures first and if the prince comes along then that's good too.

Fairy Godmothers & Genies
So i don't have god parents or even a genie for that matter but i'd like to think they'd help me with certain troubles & increasing confidence, basically a guardian angel of some sorts. Having some magic, i would like to think would make the world a better place for those who need it.

What would you like to see brought to life from the world of Disney?

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