Things To Remind Yourself On Bad Mental Health Days

I've been fairly open with my mental health on this blog and as I live and learn about my mental health. I like sharing my experiences and tips with you guys in hope that I can help you when you're having a particularly bad day or if you just need a little reminder that you're not alone! 

For myself and others who have a mental illness, it doesn't have a day off. Sure, there are days that are clearly better than others. For some people who live with a mental illness, there’s this fear of being “too much.” Like you need too much support, too much help or have too many needs. Sometimes this fear stems from being in an unsupportive environment; sometimes it comes from our perception of ourselves, as if reaching out to someone - even for the smallest thing - will make us a burden, will make us too much.

Life Lessons Taught By 'FRIENDS'

Everyone knows the sitcom FRIENDS, unless you've been living under a rock for so many years. Friends is a show about people trying to find their way in life; who couldn't relate to that? Through the trials and tribulations of our six favourite New Yorkers, and beyond all the quirky skits, witty comebacks, and catchy tunes we learned a lot about life and love. 

I always have to flick over to Comedy Central to have a little FRIENDS binge (i still haven't got this on box-set and it breaks my heart a little) and relate to Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Rachel Green and Ross Geller in one way or another. Whenever we need cheering up, something to relate to: FRIENDS is the perfect series to watch.

My Morning Playlist

I think everyone struggles with getting out of bed in the morning, when you're in a nice, warm and comfy bed. But the world is calling you to get up and get ready for the day. I thought, putting a playlist together would make the mornings more exciting and bearable because we all love a little dance and sing song when brushing our teeth, showering, doing our skincare and makeup routine.

Once I've had a coffee and taken my medication for the day, it's time to kick start the day with an catchy, motivational playlist! The playlist features some of my favourite, up beat, sing along tracks to kick start the day and inspire me through the day. I will probably add more songs, as I go along because you can never have too many tracks right? 😜

Things From Disney I Wish Were Real

Who doesn't love a post talking all things Disney, i certainly love reading everything about Disney. Disney films have always had a way of allowing me to run away with my imagination and wishing I was being surrounded by adorable creatures.

It’s hard not to be jealous of Disney characters. they live in magical worlds full of talking animals, dashing princes, and helpful fairies. What A Dream. I thought i would share the things i wish were real from the magical world of Disney.

What My Good Mental Health Days Look Like

Hello, you lovely bunch! It feels like I've had a long hiatus, did you miss me!? I have another mental health post for you. We tend to talk more about the bad days and how they affect us, which overshadows the good, so I thought it would be interesting to share what the good days look like with a mental illness.
 With a mental illness, there is good days and bad days, there are also days where you're just existing and I'm not going to lie, i have felt like that more than once and just keeping quiet. Different people define a 'good day' on their own terms and it can be the littlest of things but the biggest achievement of the day.

The Thing About Having Depression & Anxiety That No One Seems To Understand

I have mental illness, namely anxiety and depression. I fight a near constant battle with it; I have accepted it as part of my life, but it isn’t easy. We're not lazy. We're not being silly. Our mental illness is very real, it can be and is debilitating on a daily basis. So many people struggle with some form of mental illness, just as so many struggle with some form of physical illness. Why do we so often hide and pretend the issue doesn’t exist?

Relatable One Tree Hill Quotes To Get You Through Life

One Tree Hill was so relatable, still is. So many moments, characters and quotes spoke to us on a personal level and in a way guided us through some rough times. It's bought many life lessons during the time it aired.

With the help of the characters, whose lives the series follows, we learn how to overcome our fears and tribulations and how to embrace life as it is with its many obstacles. With the array of relatable situations, it's hard not to find solutions to your problems with the amazing lessons this television program brings about growing up and having to deal with the changes life throws to us. I think that's what makes the show so loved and special to so many people - me included. It's no lie i had the biggest crush on Chad Michael Murray (and still do).