My Anxiety Playlist

There's certain times during the day where my anxiety becomes a little too much, and feel as if this world is caving in and I can’t escape from it. Listening to music does me wonders whether it's to cheer me up or calm me down.

This playlist is to let me know that everything will be okay, take deep breaths and stay calm. It’s full of songs and themes that I find really relaxing and can just close my eyes to. Sit back, relax and listen to my chilled, determined taste in music! Anxiety can make some days a struggle, but there’s always a better day ahead. I am a fighter and this playlist reminds me how strong i am, as someone living with a mental illness certain songs touch me and help me realise i weren’t alone.

You can have a listen to the playlist below. I hope you find it helpful too.

Do you have an anxiety or self love playlist? What songs are on your playlist.

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