Struggles We Have To Deal With On Our Periods

Being a girl is hard. Really hard! And the hardest part is the “Period” Periods are just awful, everything hurts, your grouchy, your craving all kinds of food and feeling very emotional while it feels like there is a sword fight going on in your uterus.
Every single month, girls experience that lovely gift from mother nature: periods. For five to seven days usually, your uterus fights back for not being pregnant. For some periods are easy, for others not so much.

Cramps, painful back, clammy skin, headaches, dodgy stomachs and bloating, all of the symptoms of that time of the month where everything makes you cry. It’s painful and tiring, with your body and hormones fighting against your attempt going about your life successfully, as someone who suffers from disgustingly painful periods - i never look forward to my period and to be honest who does? 

1. you HATE being told “the pain can’t be that bad!” BECAUSE YES IT CAN.

2. When your period comes all of a sudden with no warning. Always comes like a thief in the night. Why do periods have to be so unpredictable, for crying out loud
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3. It often feels like you’re losing the war going on in your uterus and lower back. THE PAIN
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4. You have to choose your outfits based on how well they can hide a potential leak or bloating. UGH. Which is usually for me, a comfy pair of leggings, fluffy socks and a jumper to give me all the comfort i'm craving
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5. The cramps come and you’re just like. THEY ARE THE WORST
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6. We all have those extra load of granny pants aka our period underwear/feeling bloated underwearImage result for i need my granny pants gif

7. Feeling overly emotional, everything makes you sad. And happy. And existential. I want to just cry for no reason, or scream and yell at you

8. Craving absolutely anything and Eating anything. I Need Comfort Food
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9. You have an intense fear of standing up after sitting for a long time because who honestly KNOWS what could go wrong? Except a uterus volcanic explosion could happen at any point and you need to be on guard.
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10. Everything feels sensitive: your boobs feel sensitive AF which btw isn't a nice feeling!

11. doing all this math in your head to figure out how long you can leave your tampon in/ sanitary towel on and still survive.
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12. Constant tiredness. Don't want to get out of bed...
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13. Literally just wanting to do nothing the entire time, don't want to be a functioning person in society today... Is that so wrong?
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14. You can't get comfortable. every position sucks, constant rolling around and shuffling trying to find that position that stops the pain for at least 10 seconds.. Why Is It So Hard To Get Comfy
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15. Getting your period during the holidays or your birthday. Can this day get any worse? Pores: HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE (thank god for concealer!)
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Despite all the agony we face, we manage to survive. Some cope by using hot water bottles, some stuff themselves with chocolate because it brings on the endorphin's and have endless cups of tea. I know society is all hush hush about periods but why should we not talk about it?
Its part of life for many people (sadly), it's natural. A menstruation taboo that just won't go away
A tax been placed on sanitary products. Why don't we consider them essential items for women?

What do you do to cope with your period struggle?

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