My Passion For Writing

Hello! I'd like to apologise for my absence on the blog, i do have a legit reason. I was at a work placement with Eastern Daily Press, a local newspaper! It was so much fun, i got to help with articles, write a few too. I'm glad I said yes to doing this placement, it definitely help play a part in what career i could see myself doing and enjoying.

Ever since i was young, i have always been a little creative butterfly as my mum would say. When you’re a child, you have all kinds of ideas of what you want to be when you grow up, from a vet, a unicorn, a dancer, a doctor, a singer etc.
When I got to my early teens, i started to think what creative jobs i would like to do and one that stood out the most was writing. I've always loved how words have effect on people, how relatable a story can be. Writing isn't the only thing i find relatable, its also movies and TV shows. 

My point is I've always liked creativity. I find writing unique and pretty awesome. I guess my joy of writing is what inspired me to start a blog, something to put my name on, a place to let my creativity out. I may not be the best a writing but i enjoy it - as they say 'passion comes perfection' 
Movies are magic. Novels are as well. The things we can now see and experience in theatres are like no other that have come before. In movies and novels, we can create any world, any scenario, any situation, and either see it come to life through the reader’s own mind’s eye or on that big or small screen. And it all starts with us. To believe in ourselves and our passion

Movies and novels can change lives. They can make someone laugh when they need to laugh, cry when they need to cry, cheer when they need to cheer, etc. They have gotten people, states, countries, and the whole world through rough times — allowing the necessary escapism, entertainment, and providing a platform to understand and comprehend what’s happened.

Writing speaks more volumes than some. It changes lives by telling a story, a story that's yet to be heard, to be told. Movies and novels have brought forth the necessary awareness of political and social issues, leading to changes in policy or the way we think as a society. They have made us accept those that we previously feared or didn’t understand by providing a human face to what may have previously felt taboo or different.

Look back and imagine what movies and novels changed your life, even in the most minuscule of ways. Perhaps a movie or novel gave you confidence when you had none, provided courage when you needed it most, or allowed you to identify with someone else — even if you knew it was a fictional character — that was going through the same or similar struggle that you were. 

Writing is a form of expression. Therapy centres on expressing and communicating your inner struggles. Writing is my therapy. I dream of writing my own novel, i dream of that novel changing someones life. I want whatever i create to be perfect, to matter. But good enough can have a huge impact on someone’s life. Perfection is just an idea in my head. It has nothing to do with reality.

i think wanting your writing to be perfect is a sign that you care, and that’s good, because it means you will put out amazing work, something to be proud of even when you feel like it’s crap. I'm open to where writing takes me. Where the creativity takes me - I feel i create the best material when it's dark/when I'm suppose to be sleeping... I always seem to be drawn to being a screenwriter, an author or an editor. And of course i was drawn to blogging.

My experience at the EDP was perfect, i worked with a lovely group of people. Getting up early was a bit of a struggle but it was worth it. It was really sweet seeing my family getting excited, seeing some of the articles i did and of course buying a physical copy. And just being embarrassingly sweet about it all.
 Being a writer, just creating something wonderful is something I'd love to do. As long as I’m creating content I’m passionate about, that is okay. And if it helps at least one person then that's even better. Whether that's with my blog or something else.

Working with the EDP made me realise how much i love writing and creating. It would be a dream if this becomes a full time thing, creating art. Having my work out there, having a book that makes an impact. Writing is hard but its so worth while when you put your passions down to paper. We should also not forget the lack of inspiration and focus disease, or if I may, the virus known to every human being as ‘writers-block.’

There are of course, the beautiful scars that I get to share every once in a while; pieces of writing that to me, express exactly how I feel and share sentiments that I find so hard to deliver when in conversation. No one becomes a writer over night, it takes work, it takes inspiration. Lets face it being an amazing blogger doesn't happen over night either. As long as we have passion in what we put out there, you can't go wrong

I wanted to do a different kind of post, just having a little talk about my passion for writing. Thank you for taking the time to read this post after my little hiatus. I'm also curious about what you'd like to see on the blog, so let me know in the comments or just send me a tweet!

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