Handbag Essentials

I don't know about you guys, but i'm known to pack the kitchen sink by my family. Although they are just the essentials along with some bits and bobs. The bag i'm currently using and still obsessed with is a Floozie Tote bag by Frost French which i got in the sale at Debenhams, roughly March/April time last year. Sadly i don't think is available now.

I like seeing what is in people's handbags. I like watching the 'What's In My Handbag' videos on YouTube, because I am a Nosey Nora, aren't we all? So what is in my Mary Poppins bag? And what are my essentials?

Phone: I don't think anyone is surprised by my phone being a handbag essential because its always somewhat nearby. I have all the usual apps, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. I cannot resist a good ol' browse through social media while i'm out and about.

Reading Glasses: Well, i just carry these because they do help me see when i'm reading something, or on a computer and also because i'm a little short sighted. I got my lovely reading glasses from Specsavers in purple frames which of course is my favourite colour.

Makeup Bag: Through out the day, i might need to touch up on my makeup which is usually reapplying concealer and powder. As well as carrying those in my bag, you'll also find a waterproof eyeliner, compact mirror, lipstick (and lip balm), mascara and hair bubbles. A girl can never have too many lipsticks in her bag right? I've been loving dark lipsticks lately, the one i keep picking up is Rimmel London: Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink

Purse: I feel a little lost without my purse, it's got all my needed cards, bus pass and of course some lose change and receipts. But I mean it has my money in and I can't really do anything without that haha. I also carry my hearing aid batteries in my purse because they do end up at the bottom of the bag and i'll have a little panic in when i can't find them so that way in my purse they are secure.

 Deodorant: For the obvious reasons I won't leave without a roll - on deodorant... I don't want to smell, no one does really. Especially when you're on the go, rushing to get the bus or classes, wherever you need to go it's handy to store on in your bag

Body Mist/Perfume: I always carry perfume with me again because I obviously want to smell nice. I always use it in the morning but the smell obviously tends to ware off in the day so I like it on hand to spritz some more. My current favourite is Ari by Ariana Grande, i'm obsessed with the smell

Headphones: Always a must if you are travelling anywhere, cause you know, it'd be awful if you had to participate in actual human conversation. Also why have a conversation when you can just mouth lyrics to your current favourite song.

(Portable) Phone Charger: I carry a phone charger the obvious reason that I always constantly use my phone when I'm out. Sometimes i would sneak into someplace where i can charge it back up. It's handy to have a portable charger in your bag if you prone to always be on your phone browsing through social media and looking at cute pictures of puppies.

Diary/Notebook & Pen: I find it handy having a notepad and pen in my bag, so when i have some blog inspiration i can just jot it down and of course a diary so i can store all my appointments and deadlines. And look like i'm somewhat organised.

Snack & Chewing Gum: Obviously i get a little peckish during the day so i just throw in a little something for me to snack on also with some mints or gum to freshen my breath. I feel a little lost if i don't have anything minty in my bag. I'd also carry a bottle of water if i have a very long day.

Hand cream or Hand sanitizer: I like to have clean hands as well as smooth hands, so you will probably find these in my bag.

So that's whats in my bag, along with some tissues, lip balm, paracetamol and some more pens because who knows when you need another pen. What is your handbag essential?

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