An Open Letter To Depression & Anxiety

Dear Depression and Anxiety.

I hate that you entered my life so suddenly but also so gradually ever since I was young that I didn't even recognise you. I sometimes just sit in my room, over playing certain moments before i was diagnosed and wonder was there a time i didn't have a mental illness. Feeling sad about the things that were anxiously made up in my mind, but can’t seem to shake the thought of something being seriously wrong. Having no motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

Daily Reminders We All Need

We all have those days where we go through periods of self hatred, we struggle to see a light at the end of the tunnel and everything seems bleak so i decided to put together a few daily reminders that we all need. And sure, life isn't a bed of roses, we have some rocky patches and some happy moments but while all the craziness called life is happening, we tend to forget that we are not a machine, we're all human beings. We're programmed to feel emotions, to breathe and just take a step back.

So here are some of the daily reminders i try to bear in mind, i hope you find some of them helpful.

Sharing My Opinions Online

Lets talk about social media and sharing our opinions online, shall we? Social media is a blessing as much as a curse and while i say this because we see some people be hateful to others using what ever social media platform they have. While having grown with the internet, i don't see an issue with voicing our opinions - free speech and all. One of the reasons i started this blog is to talk about my thoughts and opinions without having to worry too much about what people think, i could talk freely but that does come with some hesitance.

What I Want You To Know About Depression and Anxiety

This wasn't a post I planned on doing but soon as I opened the laptop, words came flooding out so here it is. Everyone in the world has a story. My depression and anxiety just happens to be involved in my story. Being someone in their early twenties is hard. Being a woman in our society is hard. Add depression along with anxiety to the mix and it's almost too much for one person to handle. 
I didn't ask to suffer from a mental illness, i didn't ask people to silently judge how i am coping. I'm simply asking for you to be empathetic of our feelings and our space instead of pressuring us to 'get on with it.'

Handbag Essentials

I don't know about you guys, but i'm known to pack the kitchen sink by my family. Although they are just the essentials along with some bits and bobs. The bag i'm currently using and still obsessed with is a Floozie Tote bag by Frost French which i got in the sale at Debenhams, roughly March/April time last year. Sadly i don't think is available now.

I like seeing what is in people's handbags. I like watching the 'What's In My Handbag' videos on YouTube, because I am a Nosey Nora, aren't we all? So what is in my Mary Poppins bag? And what are my essentials?

Ways To Celebrate Self Love On Valentines Day

Some people love Valentines Day, other people not so much. Valentines Day is a perfect day just like any other to celebrate self love.  It’s such a crucial part of having a happy, fulfilling life, and it’s an act most of us don’t work at nearly enough. From showing more compassion and not being so hard on yourself, to taking the time to do something for yourself just because it makes you happy, self-love keeps us going and brings out our best selves.

My Passion For Writing

Hello! I'd like to apologise for my absence on the blog, i do have a legit reason. I was at a work placement with Eastern Daily Press, a local newspaper! It was so much fun, i got to help with articles, write a few too. I'm glad I said yes to doing this placement, it definitely help play a part in what career i could see myself doing and enjoying.

Ever since i was young, i have always been a little creative butterfly as my mum would say. When you’re a child, you have all kinds of ideas of what you want to be when you grow up, from a vet, a unicorn, a dancer, a doctor, a singer etc.

Struggles We Have To Deal With On Our Periods

Being a girl is hard. Really hard! And the hardest part is the “Period” Periods are just awful, everything hurts, your grouchy, your craving all kinds of food and feeling very emotional while it feels like there is a sword fight going on in your uterus.
Every single month, girls experience that lovely gift from mother nature: periods. For five to seven days usually, your uterus fights back for not being pregnant. For some periods are easy, for others not so much.