#WomensMarch: Fight For Equality

Thousands of people across the globe, gathered to partake in 'Women's March, and rightfully so. There was a big uproar when it was announced that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. This March caused chaos but the best and most beautiful kind, everyone around the world uniting to fight for their human rights. I'm aware this post will probably turn into a ramble but i wanted to just lay all my thoughts out on this post and this just happens to be how i feel about it, i'm expecting people to agree with it but just respect my opinion.

There are some people who believe that marching isn't a good idea but when you have a man making decisions on women's body and a man who says vile things about women, you have to make a stand for what you believe in. everyone has a right to free speech even if the man in question doesn't like it. He himself is a person who time and time again lets his opinions known so why shouldn't millions of women and men in America and the world march for our rights as humans, showing support of disability rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, Muslim rights, and racial justice. And to be part of the resistance to defeat the Trump administration's bigotry and oppression.

In reality we're not moving forward, or more so Donald Trump's republican beliefs are not in the best interest of fellow American women, religions, LGBT etc. And to be honest it's scary for the rest of the world as well as the United States. Thanks to his sexist, racist, misogynist, bigotry remarks, Trump not only alienated a large proportion of the American population, he well and truly angered them, he outraged millions of citizens across the globe because the fact that a man with such a narrow, vulgar mind could be one of the world's most powerful leaders, terrified for not only themselves but for other American citizens. Women are powerful and lets be honest the future is in fact FEMALE, we as human beings are powerful and that's what the March showed. Donald Trump is a vile human being, who's so wrapped in not making America great for everyone, only those he finds suited, people who are white and privileged, gun crazy, believing women are meant to something less than who they are, who they dream to be, fight to be. 

These women marched the streets of some of the largest cities in the world proudly throughout the day to show that the government do not own them, they are the owners of their bodies, they are just as worthy as men and they aren't afraid to speak out in order to shape a fair and just future. Women came out in their thousands with fire in their bellies to campaign for equal treatment and to show that, yes Trump is president, but they will not allow his position to decrease the value of women in society or increase the already large gap between them and their male counterparts in society. Women weren't alone as many men came out in force to support their female friends, family. Thousands of men of all ages, races and sexualities joined thousands of women of all ages, races and sexualities, proving once again that, when we unite, wonderful things happen. They weren't only marching for themselves, the right to be equal and accepted but also for their children, mothers, the people that fought for our freedom of speech, fought for our right to be heard.

Oh, these crowds did not just march, they also danced to girl power anthems (including BeyoncĂ©’s 'Run The World (Girls)'), sang, cheered, chanted epic phrases such as "My body, my choice," "Love not hate, makes America great" and waved signs. As one of the signs said Diversity is what makes America great, in fact it's what makes every country great.

To me and I'm sure for some others, there isn't a more empowering sight than a group of people campaigning peacefully together in order to create an accepting, inclusive, fair and female future for us all. The strength demonstrated by these wo(men) on Saturday at these marches was unlike anything else I have ever witnessed. To see people with such drive and fire within them fills ME with that same fire and makes me indescribably proud to be alive at a time that when people feel passionately about something, they are prepared to fight until they get the results they want. This protest wasn't just about Trump, although I am sure he would like to think it was. This was about showing the unity of women and the support they have from men who, actually Donald, don't all hold the same sexist beliefs as you. This was about getting our voices heard to prove we are valuable, we are wise and we are a force that cannot be dismissed or written off into the side-lines. We make up half of the world's population and, when you oppress one of us, you oppress us all. This wasn't just a March for women but for all human rights, for people of religion, people of different nationality's, people of colour, LGBT and more.

These marches were peaceful, in Washington for example, zero arrests were made, because it isn't about using aggression and violence to be heard. We have learnt from the greatest and, sadly, the hard way, that ultimate power comes from peace and, in all situations, being loving is always the best option. We do not want to fight hatred with hatred. We do not want to defend ourselves against a hateful man by embodying all the things he stands for. We want to show that we are above his values and the only way for him to get us on side is for him to follow our lead. WE are the people he is leading and, whether he likes it or not, he has to listen to us. Despite what anybody thinks, this is NOT just an American issue. Yes, Donald Trump is the President of the US and the next 4 years are going to be hard for everyone. When you have other leaders like Putin and a woman called Marine Le Pen who's far right views are damaging not just for their respective countries but the world.

Just like, when any other country anywhere in the world is enduring hardships, we support them. We must stick by all who are suffering and give a voice to the voiceless. Even if people do have a voice, we have a duty as human beings to join their fights and help them be heard. It is incredibly naive to assume that Trump's presidency will have no impact on us in other countries, such as the UK, France and Spain, where marches were also held on Saturday alongside America. Anything done by a world leader will have effect for all in some way and, regardless of whether or not it will cause suffering for us, if you see anybody else being oppressed, you do what you can to help, because we are all human beings experiencing the life thing together. 

If there is one thing these marches should / have made crystal clear, it’s that you are not alone. I don't know about any of you, but I spend a lot of time feeling frustrated and that nobody else holds all the same beliefs as me. I spend so much time aggravated that there are so many people living in pain yet no one seems to care. But people do care. These protests showed that. Nobody, no matter what you want to say, is alone. We have your back. We all want what is best for you. We are all prepared to use our voices to fight tooth and nail. We are a democracy and, if you want to tear us down then you'll have one hell of a job in doing so. Let us unite now and fight with our hearts and minds. Let us make every day a march for the sake of our human rights and for the futures of our children.

I want equality, i want to see people being happy, not being afraid to be who they are. Not to be afraid of having a voice to change the world, the change in how people see things. We will not let him effect the perception we have of ourselves. We are strong, determined, wonderful women and men, who deserve to live in a world in which we all feel safe. I want women's voices to be heard and I want men to stand by them as they are. May we feel more motivated than ever to create a perfect world. Who says we cannot live in a world where everyone feels loved and accepted? Why does that only have to be a figure of our imaginations? If we want something, there is nothing to tell us that we cannot get it. If we want a perfect world, we have to make one. Or at least try our best, to make the world a safe place.

What are your thoughts on the March?

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