Thoughts I Have Watching Eyewitness

If you've been following me on Twitter then you may have seen me going on a little ramble about the crime thriller Eyewitness and two adorable guys Philip and Lukas. I happened to binge watch it one day and just fell in love with the love story between Philip and Lukas. And the chemistry between the lead actors Tyler Young and James Paxton.  It's something different on TV, something people need to see, a same sex couple at the front and centre of a show, two LGBT characters portrayed in a realistic light. Tyler Young and James Paxton who play Philip and Lukas respectively put together a beautiful playlist of their on screen pairing Philkas called Does Your Stomach Hurt? - which i've been listening to quite alot

I recently did a Why You Should Watch Eyewitness & a Times Where Eyewitness' Philkas Gave Me All The Feels post which you should definitely check out. It’s dark, mysterious, intriguing and suspenseful. It’s full of love, intimacy, family, trust, and even humour. It’s everything you ever wanted in a TV show, all in one. When i gave the first episode a watch, i was hooked on the storytelling and the characters whom i immediately felt an attachment to

So i thought i would put together my list of random thoughts i have when watching the insanely addictive series. These are in no set order of episodes. It may be a little spoilery, i had to get my thoughts out somehow.

1. i love how Helen's listening to this education tape, it definitely adds some intrigue
2. Awe the brunette one is so cute. Okay, they are both so cute
3. I wonder how they met?
4. I'm loving the chemistry already.
5. I'm calling it now, Philip's only hanging out with Lukas because he likes him (not motor cross)
6. I love these two together already. Their smiles give me life
7. they're so cute together, I'm dying from the feels right now
8. okay, so Lukas didn't know Philip likes him?
10. the way Lukas looks at Philip, my heart hurts
11. so Lukas does like Philip too then
12. I'm deep in this Philkas sink hole
13. LUKAS omg he hit my Philip 😟 i feel so horrible for them both
14. this make out scene was a gift from the gods and I'm so proud of Philip standing up for himself
15. That kiss is so sweet and tender
16. Something bad is probably gonna happen?
17. Someone protect Philip and Lukas at all costs
18. I'm not one to actually like thrillers but i love Eyewitness
19. Philip is so precious okay

20. oh so Philip's a foster kid...
21. I love Gabe Caldwell already
22. ooh Helen is Philip foster mum
23. this is gonna be interesting.
24. oh dear, how are they gonna keep this up?
25. You can see the sexual tension from a mile away
26. I'm all for agony but not too much please.
27. Tyler Young and James Paxton should get an award for best chemistry or something
28. Am i on TeamPhilip or TeamLukas? I can be on both right?
29. For the love of god, can someone please hug those two!
30. Helen, i like you but please don't be mean to my Philip
31. Why aren't people talking about this show!?
32. The scenery is lovely, if only there wasn't any murders.
33. Those motor cross stunts are terrifying!!
34. Tony is adorable
35. I love Mama Shea. Philip's relationship with his mum.
36. Tyler's eyes, smile, hair. oh and that jaw line
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38. I'm looking at you Bo, why are you making me hate you
39. OMG poor Lukas, some one please hug him
40. I like Gabe and Philips relationship.
41. "Philip, you ever felt that pain before?" Philip nods... AWWE Philip's in love with Lukas
42. Is it weird that Gabe is my fictional dad crush?
43.. Wait, what happened in Buffalo!? Every second you get a shock. This show seriously
44. Did Helen kill anyone? Was she addicted to prescription drugs?
45. OMG The killer is on the bus!! PHILIP GET OFF THE BUS
46. WTH He's a FBI agent!? More like FBI creep
47. Philip and Lukas are precious, please protect them
48. Lukas being so wrapped in his internalised homophobia, breaks my heart.
49. "if my mom was still alive, maybe I'd tell her about you too" LUKAS WALDENBECK LOVES PHILIP SHEA
50. OMG PHILKAS' FIRST PUBLIC KISS "You kissed me, Outside, In Public" - "I didn't. Rick Anderton did"
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51. Philip don't cry, stop making my baby Shea cry
52. I like the little parallel of Lukas and Helen's PTSD
53. OMG Gabe called Philip 'son'
54. Philip, my baby. He's so sweet, why wouldn't anyone like him
55. Can i just wrap Philip Shea in a blanket and cradle him please
56. I will say it again... RYAN KANE IS SO CREEPY
57. How does Helen not know that he's acting like a creep.... He's calling all the shots here and she doesn't even know!?
  58. Lukas is so trapped by the limits he feels the world has put on him i feel so bad 💔
59. Lukas, i love you so much but please stop being an idiot
60. Is Ryan suffering from PTSD!?
. 61. Philip isn't a bad guy! Damn you Bo Waldenbeck
62. We all need a Gabe Caldwell
63. I love Philip 'angel' Shea so much
64. "I'm gay. Okay. That's just it. I'm gay" Philip I'm so proud of you!!

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65. Helen and Gabe are so cute
66. "because you know i like you" you two are killing me right now
67. I don't know how I'm watching Eyewitness, without dying from the Philkas feels
68. "Because i like you, idiot"
69. I love Philip, Gabe and Helen as a family.
70. How Lukas looks at the photograph of his mother, makes me teary every time. SOMEONE GIVE HIM A HUG
71. Lukas remembers that his mum smelt good, Lukas you are killing me here.
72. "it must be nice - what? - having a mom" 😢😢😢😢
73. Bo, you are such an idiot like how can you not see how much Lukas is hurting!!??
74. Who calls their kid every horrible name and belittles them
76. Lukas got Philip a Polaroid. OMG
77.  "At first i thought is was some kind of Star Wars space ship" You goon... Look at how adorable they are.
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78. Philip's smile and giggle
79. "You like taking pictures, right?" - "Yeah i do" FEELS FEELS FEELS FEELS FEELS
80. I'm calling it now, most of the pictures are gonna be of the two of them together or of Lukas.
81. They're so cute and happy, so pure.
82. Mama Shea deserves to be happy and healthy
83. I love this mother and son relationship so much, Philip just loves his mum so much
84. "When i get better, maybe we can move here" AWW
85. This is so cute, a little meet the mother scene. Lukas looks so cute and awkward.
87. "Liking Philip out here, the way i do. It's hard" All he needed was a motherly figure to tell him that was gonna be okay.
88. Philip and Lukas looking at each other is like watching a beautiful firework display.
89. For the 100th time. Let Lukas and Philip be happy
90. You can do this Mama Shea, Philip believes in you.
91. This series gets even crazier and i love it
92. Stop hurting my boys, please

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93. Uh Oh. Philip wanted to tell Lukas that he told Helen.
94. Gabe and Helen are such adorable spouses
95. "Stop stalking me" OMG Lukas you are hurting him
96. Just listen to Philip. Why do they think he's a city kid, he's lying...
97. Can someone give Gabe a hug too
98. Aww, that video of Philip and Lukas is so cute, they're so happy when they're together!!
99. Philip loves Lukas so much, Lukas please let yourself be happy.
100. They act so much like a couple in that video.
101. Philip pausing the video on Lukas' smile THAT'S WHEN LUKAS IS HAPPY WITH PHILIP. I'm crying
102. What kind of person lurks around people's houses? Oh wait. Creepy FBI Agents called Ryan Kane
103. The most awkward dinner party goes to, Gabe, Philip, Helen, Lukas and Bo,\
104. Why was i hoping that Philip and Lukas would be playing footsie's under the table
105. I kinda want to strangle Lukas, telling them it was Philip's fault he stole from his dad...
106. Philip's voice cracking "Yeah sure, whatever Lukas says" my heart hurts
107. OH MY GOD he's calling social services, someone please stop him!!
108. Like he feels like no one wants him, my poor baby "i just can't live here anymore"
109. Lukas WTH. I just want to hug Philip and give Lukas a good talking too.
110. Why do you have to be an ass Lukas. (i love you but dammit)
111. Philip, you're breaking my heart.
112. Lukas took Philip home. Oh My God, that hair and cheek stroke.
113. "i just want it to end" PHILIP 💔😢

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114. I like Sita and Kamilah's sibling relationship, when things get tough you can always count on your family
115. Hey it's Helen's Tony. Tony Micheals is just lovely
116. Omg did Sita just jump!?
117. "There's just one bad one but he's gone" Really Bo!?
118. Lukas' face when hears Philip is leaving. He loves him!!
119. OMG he's watching that video of them, HE'S FINALLY SEEN THE VIDEO
120. Omg he's throwing away his motorcross scholarship for Philip! He's walking out
121. Why aren't Helen and Gabe fighting for Philip, poor Philip - he's given up 😧
122. Is that Lukas' bike!? OMG OMG
123. "Philip wasn't lying, i was there. In the cabin" YES LUKAS
124. Lukas wants it to be enough for Philip to stay. They way they look at each other, i just love dying from the feels.
125. Omg Lukas is going to the cabin with Helen! Is he gonna reveal his relationship with Philip!?
126. Okay, maybe not... I say this every time but i want to hug Lukas (and Philip)
127. I live for these Philkas interactions
128. That Philkas HUG. Just give me load of Philkas hugs please bc they're just too precious
129. "Why did you give the gun to Helen?" - "I guess, 'cause they were gonna take you away" YOU TWO 😂
130. James and Tyler are just perfect for Lukas and Philip.

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131. These Philkas kisses are so sweet.
132. OH MY GOD Philkas are holding hands, look at how adorable they are. My Boys
133. Wait. Is it weird I'm calling them 'my boys' because James is like a year older than me and Tyler is 3-4 older than me. Nope that's not weird.. Okay it's a little weird
134. I love Philkas being affectionate, how can you not love these two
135. Philkas holding (playing with each other hands) hands is the best thing ever
136. "Well you better not leave Tivoli" Lukas is like, i need you here with me, don't ever leave. I love you Philip Shea!!
137. AWW Philip containing his excitement. What a puppy. OMG I'm crying
138. Philip looks so pleasantly surprised.. BLESS
140. They're so happy, let them always be happy. I'd gladly watch them be sickeningly sweet for seasons...

141. their banter is giving me all the feels
142. When is Ryan going away? He's a an a-hole
143. Are we meant to feel sorry for Ryan bc i can't? Like he's messed up for sure but why kill people? I don't get it...
144. Okay, now he's getting rid of the evidence!?
145. Bo scares me... Why does he have to be so cruel to Lukas?!
146. James is just perfect as Lukas.
147. Lukas deserves to be happy, loved and comfortable in himself
148. Lukas is so scared of his dad, like he's used to it and not being loved? and falling in love?
149. The way he just cowers from his dad. I'm crying, LUKAS 💔
150. What is Bo's problem - how do you expect your kid to confide in you when all you do is treat him like a piece of crap.
151. Lukas just supporting Philip over he's fear of water, he doesn't pressure him.
152. Philip looking at Lukas is the cutest thing
153. PHILKAS = Loving and supportive boyfriends.
154. Philip Shea with a dog is my favourite thing
155. This scene just screams Tyler being in heaven petting dogs.
157. Oh crap. You could've said anything but Lukas and a motorbike.

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158. Aww Philip. Gabe wants him to stay with them. My favourite father/son relationship.
159. Philip's happy and I'm having feels of happy Philkas.
160. If that doesn't scream creep, what does.
161. Who searches about motorcross in Tivoli to plan on harming someone
162. Protect Lukas Waldenbeck and Philip Shea at all costs
163. "It's nice they're friends again" Yep, friends that kiss each other alot
164. This is my new favourite scene. Why do i say this every episode.
165. "I lie to everyone else, not to you" Oh My God YOU TWO
166. YES Lukas broke up with Rose! He's finally accepting how he feels about Philip.
167. Philip Shea's smile is the most beautiful thing ever. Are you sure Tyler Young isn't a Disney prince?
168. They are totally the couple that take so many cute couple pics together.
169.That neck kiss and how Lukas looks at Philip like he's the most beautiful thing ever (which he is)
170. Lukas Waldenbeck loves Philip Shea more than motorcross, bearing in mind he walked out of a scholarship for Philip.
171. "Cause I don't want a girlfriend" Yes LUKAS Yes
172. Philip has to be the happiest person hearing this right now.
173. Philip made them a playlist JFC they're so so cute
175. That head kiss! I love Philkas so much
177. Lukas caressing Philip is so beautiful, not because he wants to. It also calms Lukas down, having Philip next to him - Philip comforts Lukas

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179. OMG Helen Knows About Philkas
180. That picture is too cute! I love these couple selfies
181. Was Lukas listening to their playlist... Okay, i need to stop with these head cannons
182. He calms himself down using the sink water falling into the pot. I NEED TO HUG HIM
183.Give me all the cute Philkas banter, they're too much.
184. Who knew Philkas Eskimo kisses could give you so many feels
185. Is Gabe going to find out about Buffalo?
186. Aww having Philip near calms Lukas... I'm okay
187. Ooh now Gabe knows.
188. Can we talk about how much James and Tyler love Philkas.
189. That little Philkas cuddle. so many feels
190. No, No Lukas!! He just shot off his bike
191. I can't stop crying, Why do i always cry at this
192. PHILIP just conquered his fear of water to save Lukas!!!
193. Kamilah, your suppose to look after them
194. Its raining from my eyes, Philip holding Lukas - checking for a heartbeat. MY HEART

195. Please let Lukas be okay!! OMG there's so much blood
196. I need to stop talking to them, they can't hear me.
197. Philip, don't you blame yourself... I'm 😭😭
198. Let me hug Philip and Lukas
199. I love Helen and Gabe so much
200. Gabe protecting Philip (ie, the fandom)

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201. Bo, You A-Hole. Your not exactly father of year. Why do you make me so mad. It's not Philips fault
202. Father of the year goes to Gabe Caldwell tbh
204. That hug! Let Philip and Rose be best friends please,
205. Okay, i feel for Bo here,
206. YAY a Mama Shea and Philip scene
207. What's Bo doing at Helen and Gabe's?
208. That pure relief in Philip's face.
209. OMG Philip's voice cracking when he apologises to Helen. I'm crying
210. "I think i know what he'd like to hear" Philip, You Cutie
211. OMG Gabe basically saved Helen... Parallel!!
213. He said I LOVE YOU. Dammit, why can't Lukas be conscious for this
214. The forehead kiss!! AWWW
215. UH OH Bo saw it.... It's not that much of a big deal
216. Why is Helen telling Ryan things! Stop!! I low key want to strangle Helen right now.
217. LUKAS WOKE UP "Where's Philip" MY HEART
218. He woke up and his first thought was PHILIP
219. Give James Paxton and Tyler Young an award for making me cry
220. I can't deal with Philkas crying
221. "Why did you have to kiss me" you are breaking my heart!

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222. Lukas don't cry
223. "No Lukas, because the only person who is not cool with this is you" OUCH but Lukas you needed to hear it
224. Philip caressing Lukas' arm FEELS FEELS
225. James totally added 'savage' into that scene 😂
226. I love James and Tyler so much, they deserve so much
227. "I've had dreams like that before" - "About dirt bikes?" CUTE
228. "No, about riding off with you" - "like in the movies" PHILKAS HEART EYES
230. Helen save the boys!
231. OMG is Ryan gonna kidnap them!?

232. Oh Thank God, they got away.
233. Someone protect Philkas
234. Aww Gabe... No one hurt his boy (and Lukas)
235. NO, Ryan stay away from Mama Shea
236. Philkas on the run would be romantic, if they didn't have a killer after them.
238. Ryan, stay away from the boys!
239. HE JUST KILLED MAMA SHEA. OMG. This is gonna wreck Philip. This is hurting my heart,
240. Why Anne, I'm relieved it's not Gabe or Helen but OH MY GOD.
241. Philip and Lukas kinda argue like an old married couple. IT'S CUTE
242. "The batteries are dead" *Philip throws the remote* - "Now it's broken for sure" i can't stop giggling.
243. "Sugary Deliciousness" - "Wow, you make it look so appetising like that" He ate out of his hand. Stop being so cute!
244. I love Philkas so much, I just want to hug them forever and coo over their relationship.

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245. AWW Philip helps Lukas remember things about his mom. OMG
246. Why do all the Philkas kisses make me feel things.
247. Oh My God, we're getting a Philkas love scene. I wasn't expecting this but this is so beautiful.
248. This scene is so beautiful
249. James and Tyler are so beautiful
250. Philip taking care of Lukas. I'm crying
251. This is consent at it's finest
252. This song fits the scene so well
253. I wasn't expecting it to be so pure and beautiful.
254. They love each other so much. Someone look at me, how Lukas and Philip look at each other
255. Philip and Lukas are so precious
256. No, Philip. Don't Go... It's A TRAP
257. "Yeah, like I'm not going with you" LUKAS you babe
258. BO, it's not a big deal that Lukas is gay. He loves Philip and Philip makes him happy.
259. sing song: Future in laws....
260. *screams* oh great now Ryan's kidnapped them
261. OMG Helen, they're tied up in the trunk!
262. My heart is beating so fast. Eyewitness is so intense
263. Philip is Helen's kid/son/boy 😁😁
264. Lukas! Oh My God
265. Don't hurt Philip. His face, OMG
266. I feel sorry for Ryan's mental state but he made his life like this.
267. But i love this ending, it's the satisfying one we needed.
268. That's what he wanted. OH MY GOD. To die
269. YES Philip is okay, I love the scene with Helen and Philip holding hands. walking towards Gabe. I love that little family
270. "I love you so much Lukas" OMG BO. That's what he needed to hear.
271. All Philip has left of his mom, is their picture. Poor babe
272. I'm so glad he has Helen and Gabe. They are doing so much better,
273, This is the first time Philip's gone out in a month. My Baby and with Lukas.
274. They are so happy, OH MY GOD. They kissed in front of Helen and Gabe. My Heart

275. That hug and those smiles.
276. OMG AWW Lukas dreams of Philip and it's so cute! ALL THE WAY TO RED HOOK BABY
278. Dammit they are so precious
279. OMG they literally ran off into the sunset #iconic
280. I need a season 2. I need more Philkas, I need more Helen and Gabe 
281. i may or may not have thought of the kind of pet names Philip and Lukas have for each other
282. If there isn't a season 2 i will sue.
283. Can Tyler Young and James Paxton stay on my screen forever please
284. Eyewitness deserves to be appreciated. Philkas deserve to be appreciated.
285. Excuse me, while i go and watch it again. And cry over Tyler and James' beauty

Okay, that was my very long list of thoughts when i watch Eyewitness. If you haven't already just go and watch it. I love the cast so much and they deserve a season 2. I want a season 2, because they write as many stories for Helen & Gabe and Philip & Lukas. I have so many little ideas on what I'd like to see for them. It's worth a season 2, and more people should be watching Eyewitness.

Thank you for reading my post, it was so much fun to write - i hope you liked the little gif spam as well
and thank you James and Tyler for being absolute sweethearts ♡

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