Thoughts I Have Before Going To Sleep

We all say we're going to go bed early,  and somehow, the second we hit the bed to sleep, our brains manage to come alive - more than they do the entire day! A whirlwind of thoughts take over and push us over the edge while we try to drift off to la la land! And it happens almost every night! Because your mind decided it would be fun to be like, “Hey, wanna know what we didn’t think about today?

1. I'm going to something different with my makeup tomorrow (we always stick with the basics)

2. I miss having those doggie cuddles, would someone lend me their dog for the night?

3. Do i need to pee?

4.  I’m going to get a solid eight to ten hours of sleep tonight. 

5. I'm going to be more productive tomorrow and wake up early

6. Might as well check my phone for a bit.. *Scrolls, scrolls, scrolls - refreshes page - scrolls, scrolls* 

7. OMG look at that dog, it's so fluffy. I WANT IT

8. Do i have enough time to watch another episode? Of course i do!

9. Why do i have dreams of celebrities i'm never gonna meet but dammit, they are beautiful and i love them so much

10. Ooh a new fic update!! *1am comes around* i'll read just one more chapter then i will sleep.

11. Nothings going to stop me from getting my beauty sleep, i'll just watch this one YouTube video

12. I wonder if the cat will give me a cuddle before i sleep

13, Is the door locked? What if someone breaks in!? 

14. Does the cat want something? I'll give him a little cuddle.

15. Why is he talking to me? Is he hungry?

16. I'll go to bathroom one last time.

17. Great, i'm not that tired anymore.

18. Why isn't my bed comfy when i actually need to sleep.

19. I need a cuddle buddy

20. My feet are cold! Where are my bed socks!?

21. I'm gonna buy a big house for me and my future dogs.

22. i should take up dancing, it's not that hard is it?

23. I have two left feet so how's that gonna work... Maybe i need a handsome dance partner from Strictly.

24. But i have to be famous for that....

25. Why do i need the approval of a bunch of strangers?

26. I'll listen to a playlist, maybe that will help?

27. When can i listen to a song without thinking of my favourite fictional couples

28. When did it get to 1:50am!?

29. All right, close your eyes. Think of nothing.

30. I hope all the dogs around the world are warm and safe.

31. Why won't my stomach stop making noises, I had food a few hours ago.

32. I guess having a Rich Tea biscuit wouldn't hurt.

33. Should i get a tattoo? a pretty flower or a heart..

34. I hope Eyewitness gets a 2nd season

35. Philip and Lukas are so cute! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. they are too precious for this world

36. Shall I try counting sheep? Does that even work?

37. What about counting unicorns, wouldn’t that be so much prettier?

38. I wish unicorns were real.

39. *Turns on side and cuddles pillow* This is kind of comfy, maybe now I’ll get some shut eye.

40. Where did i put my hearing aids, i can't have another night of looking for them!

41. I wonder if any of my internet friends are awake, time difference sucks.

42. I'm gonna spend half the day drafting blog posts and schedule all of my posts.

43. I'm just have one last look at Tumblr, OMG how cute is that GIF of Tyler Young!?

44. Look at that gif of Philip and Lukas. MY FEELS

45. I need to stop stalking Tyler and James Paxton's instagram but look at little fluffy cutie Oliver. Is it creepy i'd gladly steal that dog?

46. I'd take any dog tbh, dogs are the most precious creatures. Why do people say pugs are ugly, EXCUSE YOU

47. Everyone else in the house is asleep, why can't i fall asleep.

48. Everyone's getting pregnant and there's me, broody for a puppies

49. Why can my sister fall asleep quicker than i can, and wake up early!?

50. I need 24 hours sleep to feel normal again.

51. I'll just look through instagram again. Is she some kind of make up queen or something, I can never get my make up looking that pretty.

52. I'm like the make up industry's version of Plain Jane

53. Ever wonder how well rested people must’ve been before technology

54. At this rate i'm gonna need coffee when i wake up

55. Okay, now i can't stop thinking of storylines for Philkas, maybe Eyewitness should hire me. And then i can just hug Tyler and James whenever i want.

56. I have so many celebrity crushes, is that normal? Oh who cares

57. Can i book myself a spa break? Preferably with the option of petting dogs.

58. How do people even sleep at a decent time and wake up early. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE

59. I can do this, just close my eyes and sleep.

60.Maybe now's the time to question everything...

61. Well that settles it then, i'm not made for early mornings.

62. ooh a blogging brain wave

63. protect all the sweet angelic fictional characters, i should probably consider not getting attached to fictional characters and couple.

64. Have I started my period? I hope not

65. Maybe listening to a soothing playlist may help?

66. Where am I going to be in the next year or two?

67. I'll just jot down some blog post ideas, lets be more blog organised

68. I wonder how many people are reading my blog right now.

69. Am i that relatable blogger or the fangirling blogger... Maybe both?

70. Maybe i should start getting back into writing stories?

71. Lukas Waldenbeck and Philip Shea love each other so much, i want a relationship as beautiful as theirs

72. i should stop fantasizing about fictional relationships and coming up with little stories - i sound like a fanfic writer

73. I love Tumblr for fulfilling my fangirl needs

74. *gets a notification* AWW someone loves me

75. It was a bad idea listening to the Philkas playlist when i should be getting some sleep

76. Joe Jonas is a blessing said my 13 year old self. Aww i miss the Jonas Brothers

77. i'm in love Tyler Young's hair, eyes and smile & James' too. Tyler and James are so sweet

78. I wonder what it's like being a voice of a Disney princess, that sounds like one cool job

79. Or just being a Disney princess sounds fun

80. I'm gonna take care of my skin better, treat myself to some facial cleansing.

81. Should i write a memoir? I'm a bit young aren't I. I guess my blog is a little memoir.

82. While i'm thinking of writing, i'll just draft some posts and that's one less thing tomorrow.

83. I wonder if dogs actually like me, or do they just like everyone?

84. I wonder if i'm actually gonna really accomplish anything in my life.

85. I should stop being so hard on myself. Stupid self doubt

86. I'll watch some videos of puppies to cheer myself up

87. Does anyone actually read my blog except my sister?

88. Ugh, now I’m too stressed to sleep.

89. Is it illegal to have cake for breakfast? I'm gonna need a sugar rush 

90. No, i'll probably forget the cake in morning during my sleep deprived state 
91. I'll read one last fanfic and then i'll get some sleep

92. Wait what was that noise!? I wish this house would stop creaking everytime i make my way to the bathroom

93.*looks in the mirror* UGH My eye bags and dark circles are gonna need some serious coverage

94. Oh great, i've got a spot coming!? Is it a stress spot, or just my oily face being a pain in the ass

95. I'll do a bit of studying and start my homework tomorrow

96. I'll pee one last time, oh great. Now the cat wants me to stroke him

97. I'm a little busy right now, i'll stroke you in a second 

98. OKAY, i won't close the door, you do know it's creepy when you watch me pee

99. Wait, where did he go? I'm so tired i can't even see our white cat

100. Teddy where are you? Okay your in your bed, night night

101. I'll just look at my notifications, aww look at that picture. Like

102. How many hours am i going to get now?

103. 6 1/2  hours!? I really need to sleep now

104. Tomorrow is going to be fun, I'm never going to bed late again. I mean it.

105. Thank God for coffee. Sweet dreams Simone.

Do you guys have similar thoughts before going to bed?

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