Signs You're Obsessed With A TV Show (Or a Fictional Character/Couple)

Love what you love and don’t feel ashamed of it. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. I have so many favourite characters, shows and couples i adore, the list is endless. And i probably do know their most iconic quotes off by heart, I see nothing wrong with embracing you inner fangirl.

If you have a love for anything you will face people who are going to make you feel shit about it. As a lover of a few things in my twenty something years of being a human on this earth, I have found that there are a few annoyances you have to accept when you have passions, obsessions, and fangirl moments. A girl can never have too many favourite characters or ships

1. You can quote just about every episode or moment between your OTP on the spot: Everyone knows that one person who always quotes their favourite TV show/character in just about every conversation; it might even be you. You still fangirl over those adorable moments between your OTP, just like the first time you've seen it - you like reliving the excitement

2. The canon story isn’t enough for you. As much as you love it, you must venture into AO3 territory: Sure, you could wait months for your next season and let your obsession die. Or you could read fifty fan fictions back to back that fill in your deepest innermost needs. With the Internet, a story never has to end.

3. Sometimes you say something and think of how it reminds you of the show or one of your favourite characters. You can't be stopped

4. You start setting relationship goals based off the shows favourite couple. Because of this, you probably have high standards and maybe it's a tiny bit unrealistic but who cares

5. If anyone says something nasty about your favourite character or couple, you feel the need to defend them. No One Hurts A Shippers Baby

6. You have an endless list of crushes and most of them are fictional characters, they are too beautiful and you're not ashamed to say how much you love them.

7. You wish you were a fictional character and could live in their world. And just be associated with your favourite characters and their other half.

8.  You think about your OTP more than you'd like to admit because you just love them so much. I’ll just sit here and daydream about my two favourite people in the universe

9. You show people clips of the show. Even when they have never watched it. And tell them all about how precious your favourite character is. I would gladly give my family a big presentation about why they are the cutest.

10. Your heart skips a beat at the mere mention of your favourite show, couple or character. A true sign of love

11. You mouth hurts from smiling, when your two favourite characters kiss for the first time or at all. It's the most beautiful thing ever just seeing them interact. You ship, and you ship hard. You've probably cried more tears over a fictional couple more so than something in reality

12.When you listen to music, sometimes one will remind you of your OTP and you just sit there smiling like a goofball or start crying because it reminds me of a certain scene that they were in or i just screams your ships all over it. Silently fangirling.

13. You spend hours watching edit upon edit of them on Vine, Twitter, or Youtube. Even after you've finished the show, you can't get enough of their beautiful relationship and how the show makes you feel

14. You not so subtly stalk your favourite people on Twitter & Instagram and of course the notifications are on because how else are you gonna stay updated!?

15. If you can, you buy a ton of their merch; because, again, you just can't get enough of your ship and their beautiful faces. They make you feel happy and give you so much unexplainable feels and you just have everything/anything with their faces on them.

16. When someone asks you why you like said obsession, you would gladly let them know all about it but instead you say 'because i do' although you may be thinking 'you don't deserve to hear about this batch of perfection'

17. The show makes you so happy, you completely immerse yourself in the fandom by following fan accounts, liking every fan art on basically every social media. Meeting people who share your love of the same show, couple or character is the best

18.  Not being able to find words to describe your emotions when you see new photos/gifs of them because you're just past that point now, and the only way you can probably describe it is by the heart eyes emoji's

19. You get truly invested in your favourite characters & couples, you certainly smile like a proud mother when they make a decision you approve of OMG YAAAASSSS

20. And no matter what your own your obsession. Gladly embracing all those feels.

Being a fangirl is fun, don't you think, embracing the little craziness along side it. There's no such thing as being too obsessed 😛

Are you a part of any fandom?

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