My 'Me Time' Routine

I thought i would share what my lazy day / me time routine look like on the days i need a bit of me time to recharge my batteries, a break from everyday life. This gives me time to take care of myself and stay at home and just relax. Having some 'me time' is also good for your mental well being, when things get a little crazy it's good to have an option of  2 hours or more of relaxation whether that's in the morning or evening or even on a nice chilled lazy day...

I love a bit of me time because allows us to de-stress, unwind and refresh, and of course be lazy. I do think it is so important to take this time whenever possible. It's essential to switch off and clear your mind so here's a little look into my 'me time' routine.

Have A Nice Long Soak. This is one that always works wonders for me, having a nice hot bath with my favourite scented bath soaks or a bath bomb (I NEED TO GET MORE) Having a bath in the evening helps me relax and also gives me an excuse to play with the bubbles longer, we all do it so don't go fibbing...

I prefer to wash my hair in the morning to help wake myself up using Herbal Essence Naked Volume Shampoo & Herbal Essence Bee Strong Conditioner, and/or have my baths in the morning depending on how i'm feeling in the morning - if i'm feeling groggy then a bath is a must. After an evening or morning soak, i like to get into my comfy clothes which is usually just some fresh pajama bottoms and a shirt, which then follows on to my skin care.

Taking Care Of My Skin. Okay, so i may not be the best young woman at keeping my skin healthy but i do try to take care of it a bit more, using face creams or hand creams. Maybe that should be one of my resolutions: look after my skin better. I know after a long day of wearing makeup, even the basics. There is nothing better than wiping off every trace of makeup and just spend a bit of time on your skin - giving it a bit of love. Once I get that face all clean and fresh. I use Garnier Micellar water and my Simple skincare or whatever i have on my dressing table or on the shelf

Another thing i like to do, especially in the morning and something to perk myself up a bit more is, doing my makeup. I love the feeling of putting my makeup on as well as taking it off. If I'm feeling extra daring, i will attempt at making my eye shadow look pretty (but that only happens probably 4-5 times a month) I usually go with my basic makeup look and just add a nice lip shade, to not only complete it but to give myself a little boost and to finish it off, I add a little spray of my Ariana Grande perfume 'Ari' of course, I'm obsessed with the smell (it makes me feel cute and feminine) Every girl deserves to feel pretty whether that's adding their favourite lipstick or perfume, like me. 😊

When I'm all cleaned up and refreshed, i like to make myself a hot drink which in the morning is usually, a cup of coffee and in the evening a nice cup of tea, it's relaxation in a cup if you ask me! After I've watched a few YouTube videos or my TV shows and even having a little chinwag with some blogging and Internet friends, this would be the time where I'll start catching up with some blog reading or drafting/typing up some blog posts of my own. Or i will put on a playlist or a favourite album and listen to that, while doing some relaxation colouring for a few hours, either one helps me to switch off and escape my own mind for a while, they tend to really help me forget my own worries and foes of the day or week.

Having cuddles with my fur baby before he sadly passed was the ultimate destresser, i think it's been confirmed my future will involve me being a crazy dog lady, if that's a thing. Having kitty cuddles is a good destresser too but only on his terms. 😛

After a crazy day, bed time soon rolls around and that usually involves me reading more blog posts, chatting with other Internet friends and browsing through Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest etc. The night usually ends after I've finished having a listen to a calming playlist but once I'm relaxed it's off to dreamland for a much deserved sleep, ready to take on the next day and just to do it all over again!

I hope you enjoyed a little insight of my 'me time' routine. What does your 'me time' look like?

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