6 Simple Ways To De-Stress

I don't like feeling stressed. Nobody wants to feel stressed. It messes with your mind and emotions, along with your health and well being. Life is stressful and, it's really important to know how to deal with it. I want to share my favourite simple ways to de-stress and I hope they help you too.

On a particular bad day, i like to get into my comfy clothes, make myself a hot drink, put my favourite playlists on repeat and colour.

There's magic in music. It's a powerful way of tuning out from the world and getting lost in the lyrics and vibes that make you feel something. De-stressing to a go-to playlist of your current favourite songs works wonders. I have several different playlists on my Spotify, and I'm constantly updating the one I use to de-stress so that it has music that makes me feel good - nothing that gets me down. Make sure you don't have any songs that make you think of stressful situations in your life. Instead, include songs that focus on happiness,strength and freedom.

Colouring has always been something that is therapeutic for many people, including me. Just getting lost in your own imagination of colours. Coloring books are useful if you want to get your creative juices flowing and tap into your inner Zen. The intense focus creativity requires gives us a break from the over stimulation the world throws at us. Adult coloring books of every kind — from geometric shapes and mandalas, to flowers and gardens, they’re beautiful, quirky designs. 

Bubble Bath + Pampering
I'm trying to be better at pampering myself with some relaxing oils, lotions and face masks. A hot bath, especially in the colder month, is so beyond relaxing. Finding just 30mins in your day or night to run a bath, throw in a scented bath bomb and relax will make a difference to your mood and mind. Which also reminds me i need to get more bath bombs haha. 

 If you've had a stressful day, there's nothing better than getting in the shower or bath and washing the day right off. I'm planning that this year will be the year, i focus on looking after my skin and treat myself to a deserving face mask every now then

TV or Movie Marathon
I find reality TV to be an escape from your own reality and the problems that are causing you stress. You can really get lost in someone elses life and just be consumed with their world, whether through watching one episode of a show or the whole season. Finding a show that has characters that inspire and motivate you is most helpful. I've always been one to get lost into a show or a fictional character but everyone does right?

Lately i've been binge watching Eyewitness (probably over 5 times with all 10 episodes) which is a nail biting crime thriller and has a realistic portrayal of a LGBT couple (the two actors do a wonderful job and the chemistry is the first scene and characters, strong and positive women. Highlighting different subjects like drug abuse, foster homes, mental illnesses and many others. Lucas’s and Philip’s hidden romantic relationship throughout the show sheds light on the internal struggle and truthful fear of being closeted in a close-minded town, Their developing relationship is a main storyline of the show, and the viewers are able to watch Lukas decide what is more important: his reputation at school, or his love for Philip. I had to talk about my favourite gem right now, sorry. Did it convince you to give it a watch?

Anyhoo I like to watch anything romantic, funny and of course a bit of drama and lets not forget lovely Disney and just getting lost in that fictional world. Another one i like to watch is a sitcom, something like Miranda, Vicar of Dibley, Not Going Out, Friends and Frasier. Or watching my reality favourites Catfish and Tattoo Fixers.

Blanket + Tea
Sometimes you just need to feel some type of comfort to send the stress away. I find comfort in a fluffy blanket and comfy pyjamas, sitting with a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. I know some people like drinking coffee and as much as i like it, its not calming. So i always go with a nice cup of tea with milk and RELAX

Baking can be be such a relaxing thing to do. To open a recipe book or just come up with a random recipe, pull out the ingredients and make something amazing that yourself and the people around you can enjoy (AND of lick the cake mix afterwards! No? Just me then). It involves focusing on achieving something fun that you know is going to be worth the time, you get to take in the incredible scents of your efforts baking away in the oven, and then you have something wonderful to munch on afterwards. How could it not make you happy?

Do you have any de - stress remedies?

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