My 'Me Time' Routine

I thought i would share what my lazy day / me time routine look like on the days i need a bit of me time to recharge my batteries, a break from everyday life. This gives me time to take care of myself and stay at home and just relax. Having some 'me time' is also good for your mental well being, when things get a little crazy it's good to have an option of  2 hours or more of relaxation whether that's in the morning or evening or even on a nice chilled lazy day...

I love a bit of me time because allows us to de-stress, unwind and refresh, and of course be lazy. I do think it is so important to take this time whenever possible. It's essential to switch off and clear your mind so here's a little look into my 'me time' routine.

21 Daily Thoughts, Thanks To My Mental Illness

Despite the stupidity of it, it’s no secret that in this day and age, people are taken at face value. Just from one glance you form an opinion of someone, from their like and dislikes to their most inner thoughts and feelings. And, it’s this default human response to meeting someone that can be troublesome for people with a mental illness. 

Many people are under the impression that if you are depressed you should look visibly depressed, But the truth is, appearance isn’t everything, and you have no idea what is going on in the head of someone with mental illness. While everyone you come across is different, I hope that this post will perhaps help you understand that a smiling face and chatty nature doesn’t reverse the turmoil going on inside a person.

#WomensMarch: Fight For Equality

Thousands of people across the globe, gathered to partake in 'Women's March, and rightfully so. There was a big uproar when it was announced that Donald Trump would become the 45th President of the United States. This March caused chaos but the best and most beautiful kind, everyone around the world uniting to fight for their human rights. I'm aware this post will probably turn into a ramble but i wanted to just lay all my thoughts out on this post and this just happens to be how i feel about it, i'm expecting people to agree with it but just respect my opinion.

Signs You're Obsessed With A TV Show (Or a Fictional Character/Couple)

Love what you love and don’t feel ashamed of it. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. I have so many favourite characters, shows and couples i adore, the list is endless. And i probably do know their most iconic quotes off by heart, I see nothing wrong with embracing you inner fangirl.

15 Things My Mental Health Has Taught Me

Mental Health is an ongoing battle and one we can beat, no matter how long it may take.
 It can be extremely difficult to even accept that you're dealing with a mental illness, let alone try to conquer it. Sometimes I feel like just when I’m starting to see the light, depression (and anxiety) swoops back in and carries me further away. 

It has been a constant battle with myself, and often that battle seems like it has no end. But throughout all of the hardships, near defeats, and moments where I wanted nothing but to give up, my depression and anxiety has taught me some very valuable lessons.

Thoughts I Have Before Going To Sleep

We all say we're going to go bed early,  and somehow, the second we hit the bed to sleep, our brains manage to come alive - more than they do the entire day! A whirlwind of thoughts take over and push us over the edge while we try to drift off to la la land! And it happens almost every night! Because your mind decided it would be fun to be like, “Hey, wanna know what we didn’t think about today?

6 Simple Ways To De-Stress

I don't like feeling stressed. Nobody wants to feel stressed. It messes with your mind and emotions, along with your health and well being. Life is stressful and, it's really important to know how to deal with it. I want to share my favourite simple ways to de-stress and I hope they help you too.

On a particular bad day, i like to get into my comfy clothes, make myself a hot drink, put my favourite playlists on repeat and colour.

Do's & Don'ts | Communicating with Hearing Impaired People

Today’s post is a collaboration with a lovely blogging friend of mine, Stephanie. You can check out her blog here. She’s another deaf blogger like me, based in Melbourne, Australia, and blogs about cruelty-free beauty, food and lifestyle. She also adds a bit of geeky stuff and puns into some of her posts. I love her to pieces.

We wanted to put together a little Do's and Don'ts list when communicating with hearing impaired people, things that people should be a little more aware of. I also wanted to do this post to give you guys a little guideline for in the future you meet other people with hearing impairment. All in all its just common sense.

Thoughts I Have Watching Eyewitness

If you've been following me on Twitter then you may have seen me going on a little ramble about the crime thriller Eyewitness and two adorable guys Philip and Lukas. I happened to binge watch it one day and just fell in love with the love story between Philip and Lukas. And the chemistry between the lead actors Tyler Young and James Paxton.  It's something different on TV, something people need to see, a same sex couple at the front and centre of a show, two LGBT characters portrayed in a realistic light. Tyler Young and James Paxton who play Philip and Lukas respectively put together a beautiful playlist of their on screen pairing Philkas called Does Your Stomach Hurt? - which i've been listening to quite alot

25 Things I Want To Do In 2017

Hello 2017!! Please be good to me, I thought i'll do a list of things i'd like to do in 2017 would be a good post to start of with for the New Year. We all set ourselves some goals for the year and most of us don't stick to them (like me) There's the standard, cliche things I'd like to change but you get the jist of it. 
If I set myself specific targets and amounts, I'll just feel guilty if or when I don't end up meeting them. Instead, I'd rather think about things I'd like to do in 2017. So here is my list of  just the little things that will all contribute to making 2017 a good one.