Thoughts We Have During The Festive Season

Wow. I've been doing a rubbish job at Blogmas. huh? I have a legit reason. I've been full of the winter cold and feeling sorry for myself as you do. But I'm feeling much better, just in time for Christmas!
Some lovers of Christmas and some not, we all have random thoughts going through our minds when it comes to the festive season so why not share my thoughts during the magical time of year.

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful" - Norman Vincent Peale

How I Get Into The Festive Spirit

It's no secret how much I love Christmas. Since i was young i've been obsessed with the festive season - singing and dancing along to Christmas music, looking at the Christmas lights with awe and wonder. Soon as Halloween has gone (YAY), the festivities start. The holiday season is, without a doubt, my favourite time of the year. I enjoy embracing the season much to some people's annoyance

The sights, the smells, the magical feeling in the air. While I try and hold myself back from heading into full-blown Christmas mode until the first of December, I’m usually more than ready to go by around mid-October. What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Christmas spirit. I dive right in!

Ten Reasons Why I Love December

It's time for another Blogmas post. It’s finally December and all the joys of this month are in the air. From Christmas to an infinite amount of holiday movies to just resting and relaxing, December is one of my favorite months for so many reasons. I love this time of year, building up to Christmas. the decorations, the music. Everything.

Festive Feels Playlist

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's December 1st - the countdown to Christmas Day begins and what a better kick off Blogmas (I will be blogging every other day) without a festive playlist. I'm sharing my favourite, nostalgic, cosy Christmas songs to help you get into the spirit. I love everything about Christmas, the atmosphere, the build up and most of all the music. Who doesn't love blasting some Mickey Bubbles over the festive period or Christmas tunes for that matter.  There's just something about Winter and December that tickles my excitement.

Together With Me The Series: Thoughts, Favourite Moments and Review

This story takes place before the events of Bad Romance The Series. It is focused on Korn and Knock and how they met and all the obstacles they had to go through before they officially became a couple.

For today's post I'm going to tell you my thoughts, favourite moments and review of Together With Me. Together With Me is over *crying* 
If you've been following me on my social media platforms, you would have seen me talking about a Thai series called Together With Me which has sadly come to an end after 13 episodes but fingers crossed we'll see more of the characters down the line in future series. It has been one of my favourite Thai dramas as of late, and I’ve become pretty emotionally attached to it.

Wonderful & Inspiring Quotes For When You're Feeling Stuck In Life

Quotes have ways of speaking to us on every level and helping us through the difficult moments. I have a few quotes saved on my phone from authors, movies/TV shows, artists and more that inspire me in day to day life, i mean what would it be like if we didn't have the inspiring words of those around us?

I like to collect quotes. If I come across a line in a book that moves me, or a quotation online that really speaks to me, I always write it down. I refer back to these quotes frequently. When I’m feeling lost or stuck in life, or just a little down on myself, it helps to read the comforting words of someone wiser than me. They reassure me about the direction I’m going in life, and help me realise that everything isn’t as bad as it may seem. We all need some motivation, inspiration and drive and sometimes something so simple like quotes can do just that.

Things Someone With A Mental Illness Want To Hear On Their Darkest Days

Every human being with a mental illness is different, their recovery is different, their beginning, middle and end is different. There are moments when the burden seems too heavy a load to carry — particularly when all you want is to take away the pain at whatever cost so the sufferer can feel some relief. In a moment of weakness, or at the onset of an episode, someone with a mental illness may feel isolated, humiliated, and ashamed, and the response of those who are available for support is crucial to seeing the sufferer through to other side.

My mental illness isn't automatically 'cured' - I'm still in recovery and there is no shame in that. My mental illness is extremely exhausting. I may seem lazy to be napping and tired all the time, but it takes so much energy to fight your own mind every hour of every day while doing all the important things.

Thoughts We Have During The Autumn Season

When you think of Autumn, what comes to mind? The crisp air, the colours, the crunchy leaves, the cozy jumpers and cardigans, the gorgeous berry and plum lip colours. Anyone that knows me, knows i love the colder weather. Autumn (and Winter) are my favourite time of year. 

Each season has its perks, but none quite like the fall. It's time to relish the crisp, cool weather this time of year brings. I love spring with its blooming flowers and new life. I love winter for its snowy days and bright starry nights. And I love autumn for its world of colours. The magical time of year between September and December always gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling inside

"It's a new season, a perfect opportunity to do something new, something bold, something beautiful."

Lessons We Can Learn From Being A Dog Owner

On September 2nd, our family rehomed a 7 1/2 year Lhasa Apso called William and he's an absolute sweetheart (he's also got his own instagram account @williamthelhasa). Before William we had a little pug called Benson who we also rehomed and it's safe to say he saved me, in more ways I can describe. I don't think dogs realize how much they complete someone, and to be honest i couldn't imagine never having a dog.

Dogs are a man's best friend (and a woman's too i'd like to add). Living with a doggy companion is arguably one of the best things ever. Dogs are good for your health, keep you company, and are easily the most adorable member of your household. Turns out that we can add “wise sage” to the list of things that makes up your dog. There's nothing like being a pawrent.

Shows (I Love) To Watch On A Rainy Day

As I'm writing this post, it's currently raining in not so sunny England with my little Lhasa Apso snoring away. Like everyone else, i have a TV series addiction. I have somewhat a set genre of shows I'm comfortable watching and some that are a no go for me.

If i'm being honest I like to broaden my horizons when it comes to TV (and film). A rainy day gives you an opportunity to watch some feel good tv series, there’s nothing quite like sitting down with one of your all time favourite TV shows, laughing along to all the lines you’ve heard time and time before but still find so much comfort in them, it’s one of my go to things to do to unwind and relax.

How My Mental Health Has Empowered Me

I struggle with Depression and Anxiety.
Having both of those mental illnesses is a challenge, you're battling with your mind everyday - some days are good and some are bad. They affect people in different ways. I've dealt with depression since i was young.

 We all know empowerment comes from within. If it wasn't for my tough past, the challenges I had to overcome, and the tools I developed to battle through my depression and anxiety I would not be the super empowered woman I am today.

What I've Been Listening To #6

Hello lovely people, it's been pretty quiet over here huh? Life happens and I've been lacking motivation and ideas for this blog, my little heaven so that's just it. Hopefully regular post every other day will resume in the next coming days, that being said it won't be long till I go back to college to study Access To Humanities and Social Sciences! So I'll post whenever i have free time, i hope you continue to stick around.

Let's get on with that post then shall we, if you've been a follower of The BeautifulxImperfections Journal you know I enjoy making playlists of favourite songs at the moment and blogging about anything and everything that I fancy. There's some old, nostalgic, beloved favourites to new, catchy, powerful songs i've been enjoying (and singing along to) which showcase every song i've been listening to as of late.

50 Ways To Practice Self-Love

Self love is something I'm trying to get better at and I'm only human. Some people just ooze self confidence and spread it everywhere they go. And i think as you get older, you start valuing and appreciating yourself more or at least trying to. Learning to love ourselves can be a pretty hard journey to embark on, it may take a while or it could happen just like that. However, there are ways to practice self-love on a daily basis which can have a major effect on the way we think and feel about ourselves. We must think of ourselves as we would our best friend or a loved one, how we lift them up when they are down, how we tell them they are worthy of the very best, how we compliment them, are kind to them, and.... you get the gist.

50 Thoughts While Watching Beauty and the Beast

When I heard there was going to be a live action version of Beauty and the Beast, I couldn't have been more excited to see it. As you all know, i love everything Disney - you'd find me having a little sing along to the soundtracks on a day to day basis. As a fan of the animated version (and lover of adorable Chip) I wanted to see the film, sadly by the time i was able to go and see it. I missed it. But finally got it on dvd. 

I am a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, so naturally, I saw the new live-action remake as soon as I could. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favourite Disney film alongside The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Aladdin and Mulan (and probably so many others) 
Here's every thought I had while watching the movie. Tale as old as time.

Things I've Learned From Being Raised By A Single Mother

My mum probably deserves a medal, like all single mothers, she did her best. Raising twins all by herself (with the help of my nana and grandad too) can't have been easy. Me and my sister didn't know any different, all we knew was just our mum, nana and grandad - that was our family. Our father figure was our grandad and it couldn't have been anyone better.

Being raised my a single parent teaches you a lot. It makes you want to be better, live up to high expectations and push yourself a little more. 
Mothers help you shape yourself into the person that you want to be. They forgive you for your past and your mistakes because chances are, they have done the same things. It's true what they say: the apple never falls far from the tree. I'm probably more like my mum more than I'd like to admit of course. Strong minded, passionate, loving and sensitive.

A Playlist Of Songs That Relate To My Mental Health

Waking up every morning and facing the world with a mental illness is and can be daunting. Depression can make everyday tasks seem challenging, getting out of bed and out the door is a big accomplishment no matter how big or small it is.  

While it seems like we have a hard time talking about mental illnesses in real life because it is difficult - someone in the world is battling their inner demons everyday and sometimes it goes unnoticed., music has always been a way to express what is hard to say out loud. Maybe before you realised what you were experiencing had a name, a certain song let you know that at the very last, you weren’t alone.

22 Things I've Learned In 22 Years

As of July 11th I've been on this crazy earth 22 years. I'm only 22 and i still have so much to learn. I have so many things i want to do such as: travel, study, write a book. I'm not quite feeling 22, it seems only yesterday was 19. Some of these lessons took longer to learn than others, and some I am still grasping. And there are still so many lessons to learn. There is no rule book for life. But for now, here are 22 things I have learnt in 22 years.

Important Lessons Learned From Blogging

I've been blogging for about 3 years now and i love it. It's something I consider a hobby and something that can open doors. While good bloggers can make blogging look easy, the reality is that showing up at your computer on a regular basis with fresh ideas is hard work, you lack motivation and of course life gets in the way. The BeautifulxImperfections Journal is my little creative heaven, it's my little baby (I'm aware of how cheesy it may sound) i'm proud of my blog, I'm proud of myself for taking the leap and creating it.

My Disney Playlist

I'm always listening to anything Disney. And anyone that doesn't like Disney, i simply don't have time for that kind of nonsense. Nothing makes a Disney movie (or tv series) any better without good music and whether you admit it or not everyone has a soft spot for anything/everything Disney related. No one can deny that Disney is pretty on point creating catching songs that you sing to over and over again.

It's OK To Take Mental Health Days

You know the sort of day I’m talking about. The sort of day where it feels like anything, anything in the world must be better than living your life. The sort of day where there is constant bad butterflies in your belly, where you’re either crying hysterically but can’t actually pinpoint why or you’re staring in silence at the wall or window, because you can’t quite bring yourself to do anything else.

Why Rupi Kaur's Quotes Are My Favourite Thing Right Now

Lately I've been obsessively looking at Rupi Kaur's 'Milk and Honey' quotes and saving them to my phone for safe keeping as well as inspiration. So for those who aren't familiar with Rupi Kaur: She is a famous poet on Instagram, popular for her feminist short poems. They're empowering, beautiful and relatable works of art. She's the feminist we all need, who utilises such struggles in order to advocate towards women and young girls recognising their own strengths, while projecting the notion of equality for all and in fact everyone should be a feminist because after all we are all equal human beings who deserve respect and love no matter what ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or profession. She delivers a woman-positive message in a completely unapologetic and empowering manner.

Things Being A Twin Has Taught Me

Hello to you lovely bunch! Did you miss me? No!? RUDE. Anyhoo, sorry for the lengthy hiatus - i had exams which had to be my main focus and something that couldn't be avoided. But I'm back with a new post about things being a twin has taught me.

I get asked what it's like having a twin and it's a difficult question to answer. I have no idea what it’s like to not have a twin. From the moment we were born, me and my sister have been side by side and inseparable. We are different in terms of personality, aspirations and tribulations. Being a twin certainly has its perks, but it also comes with a unique set of challenges. Whether you were half of a set of twins that did everything together, or you preferred your independence, growing up with an identical twin likely set you apart from your boring, singleton friends in a number of ways.

Inspiring Quotes You Need To Hear

Ever since i was young, i lacked self belief and to be honest i think i still do. For some people self esteem comes easy, for others not so much, my low self esteem has always been roadblock in unleashing my true potential. I mean, I've had days where i think i can take on the world, nothing can stop me and then the low self esteem comes creeping in like an unwanted visitor and then add a mental illness into the mix, it's a nightmare. Anxiety and Depression, My Unwanted Intruders. When you have a mental illness, you go through so many obstacles and some fleeting moments. Mental health is no walk in the park, its ugly and exhausting emotionally, mentally and physically.

Things My Hearing Impairment Has Taught Me

This week is Deaf Awareness Week and I'm going to be straight with you - I didn't realise till I saw it trending on Twitter, Monday morning. Being hearing impaired is something that I've had mixed feelings about, only because of certain comments i received from small minded bullies at school and over the years I've grown some understanding of my hearing impairment and just embraced it as who i am.

Reasons To Love Isaiah Firebrace


Let's talk about Australia's Eurovision entry. First thing first, his voice is heavenly and second, I'm rooting for Australia to win. Isaiah won The X Factor Australia and good on him - he's amazing. I figured nobody is talking about how insanely talented he really is so why don't I do a post of reasons to love this talented, sweet guy.

I discovered this talented dude when his name popped up to represent his native country in Eurovision and they made a fab choice! It's impossible not to fall in love with his sweet nature and beautiful voice. Since then I've been listening to his album 'Isaiah' and his Eurovision single 'Don't Come Easy' on repeat. With a voice like that, you wouldn't think he's 17 years old.

Me, Myself & My Mental Illness

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We need to raise awareness and it's repeatedly being said, i know but it's true isn't it. 1 in 4 are affected by mental illness' every year. It's scary. When we say we have a mental illness, people are quick to judge and run the other way. My brain is overloaded with pressure and expectations created by society and those with lack of understanding.

What I've Been Listening To #5

It's been some time since I've done this fun 'What I've Been Listening To' series. As you all know, i like listening to music whenever I can, getting ready for the day, on transport etc. I like finding something new and old to listen to after a long day and this little playlist happens to feature the songs I'm listening to at the moment and loving.

Things To Remind Yourself On Bad Mental Health Days

I've been fairly open with my mental health on this blog and as I live and learn about my mental health. I like sharing my experiences and tips with you guys in hope that I can help you when you're having a particularly bad day or if you just need a little reminder that you're not alone! 

For myself and others who have a mental illness, it doesn't have a day off. Sure, there are days that are clearly better than others. For some people who live with a mental illness, there’s this fear of being “too much.” Like you need too much support, too much help or have too many needs. Sometimes this fear stems from being in an unsupportive environment; sometimes it comes from our perception of ourselves, as if reaching out to someone - even for the smallest thing - will make us a burden, will make us too much.

Life Lessons Taught By 'FRIENDS'

Everyone knows the sitcom FRIENDS, unless you've been living under a rock for so many years. Friends is a show about people trying to find their way in life; who couldn't relate to that? Through the trials and tribulations of our six favourite New Yorkers, and beyond all the quirky skits, witty comebacks, and catchy tunes we learned a lot about life and love. 

I always have to flick over to Comedy Central to have a little FRIENDS binge (i still haven't got this on box-set and it breaks my heart a little) and relate to Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Rachel Green and Ross Geller in one way or another. Whenever we need cheering up, something to relate to: FRIENDS is the perfect series to watch.

My Morning Playlist

I think everyone struggles with getting out of bed in the morning, when you're in a nice, warm and comfy bed. But the world is calling you to get up and get ready for the day. I thought, putting a playlist together would make the mornings more exciting and bearable because we all love a little dance and sing song when brushing our teeth, showering, doing our skincare and makeup routine.

Once I've had a coffee and taken my medication for the day, it's time to kick start the day with an catchy, motivational playlist! The playlist features some of my favourite, up beat, sing along tracks to kick start the day and inspire me through the day. I will probably add more songs, as I go along because you can never have too many tracks right? 😜

Things From Disney I Wish Were Real

Who doesn't love a post talking all things Disney, i certainly love reading everything about Disney. Disney films have always had a way of allowing me to run away with my imagination and wishing I was being surrounded by adorable creatures.

It’s hard not to be jealous of Disney characters. they live in magical worlds full of talking animals, dashing princes, and helpful fairies. What A Dream. I thought i would share the things i wish were real from the magical world of Disney.

What My Good Mental Health Days Look Like

Hello, you lovely bunch! It feels like I've had a long hiatus, did you miss me!? I have another mental health post for you. We tend to talk more about the bad days and how they affect us, which overshadows the good, so I thought it would be interesting to share what the good days look like with a mental illness.
 With a mental illness, there is good days and bad days, there are also days where you're just existing and I'm not going to lie, i have felt like that more than once and just keeping quiet. Different people define a 'good day' on their own terms and it can be the littlest of things but the biggest achievement of the day.

The Thing About Having Depression & Anxiety That No One Seems To Understand

I have mental illness, namely anxiety and depression. I fight a near constant battle with it; I have accepted it as part of my life, but it isn’t easy. We're not lazy. We're not being silly. Our mental illness is very real, it can be and is debilitating on a daily basis. So many people struggle with some form of mental illness, just as so many struggle with some form of physical illness. Why do we so often hide and pretend the issue doesn’t exist?

Relatable One Tree Hill Quotes To Get You Through Life

One Tree Hill was so relatable, still is. So many moments, characters and quotes spoke to us on a personal level and in a way guided us through some rough times. It's bought many life lessons during the time it aired.

With the help of the characters, whose lives the series follows, we learn how to overcome our fears and tribulations and how to embrace life as it is with its many obstacles. With the array of relatable situations, it's hard not to find solutions to your problems with the amazing lessons this television program brings about growing up and having to deal with the changes life throws to us. I think that's what makes the show so loved and special to so many people - me included. It's no lie i had the biggest crush on Chad Michael Murray (and still do).

A Letter To My Mum

Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mum. First off mum, i want to say I'm sorry for all the heartache I've caused you over the years and thank you for just being there and supporting me during my dark times but i know you will say 'thats what mothers do' and yes that's true but again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You single handedly raised twin girls, who clearly did your nut in from time to time and that's a credit to all single mothers! You took on the father role too. I hope you know that you are my greatest role model, my biggest inspiration, and most of all, my absolute best friend along with Nicole of course.

22 Reasons To Love James Paxton & Tyler Young

For today's post, I'm collaborating with a few Philkas (Philip and Lukas from Eyewitness who are a couple) fans Nealey, Lu and McKenna. Tyler Young and James Paxton are currently most known as being the stars of the incredibly iconic TV show, "Eyewitness". Though the show wasn't a smash hit (due to USA Network's terrible promotion), I could go on a rant about the lack of support they give the show, actors, everyone involved. So we're actively searching for a new home for our beloved Eyewitness since USA Network made the decision to not renew it for a season 2. 

Their Oscar-worthy performances earned them both a notably large fanbase. One way or another they made you cry with their emotional moments. We all know they're both the human embodiments of absolute sunshine, Basically, they are your next celebrity crush. Get ready to fall in love with them (if you haven’t already).

Things Disney Taught Me

 Growing up, watching Disney movies on repeat, we don't pay much attention to the lessons they teach us. Until you're in your teens or 20's and all the sudden it makes sense. 
The lessons that we can learn through Disney movies really are ones that we can take throughout our lives. They may seem silly at first as kids, watching the movies and hearing the songs, but when you really think about the meanings behind each story and song you’re bound to leave with at least one new moral. Watching Disney movies is so much fun as a young adult because we can catch the little puns that we didn't notice before and appreciating all the lessons along the way.

Things Life Has Taught Me & What I'm Still Learning

We're always learning something new as we go on this little journey called life. We're discovering new things about ourselves, what makes us tick, who we are as people. There are already a few things i've learnt, one way or another and some i'm learning.

As we grow up, we as people change, our ambitions change.

Inspiring #InternationalWomensDay Quotes

The 8th March is the day International Women's Day is celebrated. It's important in celebrating female liberties, power, strength and equality. Every single one of us should be feminists, loving and supportive of each other regardless of gender, religion, or sexuality. We are strong, fierce, creative, passionate, smart, intelligent beings and together, we are unstoppable. 

Empowered - make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

25 Reasons Why I'm Excited To See Beauty And The Beast

Ok, so what was your reaction when you first heard about a live action movie of Beauty and the Beast? Excitement? Tears of joy? I don't think there could have been a better casting, they totally sell the movie. I found myself watching the trailer of Beauty and the Beast repeatedly. the trailer alone makes me feel so excited to see it. Everything about the trailer swept us up into that beautiful world of magic, gorgeous imagery, and lessons in kindness and tolerance.  

It's been over 25 years since the release of the classic animated film, one people fell in love with. Oh the nostalgia. So i for one and my twin sister are looking forward to see this.

My Anxiety Playlist

There's certain times during the day where my anxiety becomes a little too much, and feel as if this world is caving in and I can’t escape from it. Listening to music does me wonders whether it's to cheer me up or calm me down.

This playlist is to let me know that everything will be okay, take deep breaths and stay calm. It’s full of songs and themes that I find really relaxing and can just close my eyes to. Sit back, relax and listen to my chilled, determined taste in music! Anxiety can make some days a struggle, but there’s always a better day ahead. I am a fighter and this playlist reminds me how strong i am, as someone living with a mental illness certain songs touch me and help me realise i weren’t alone.

Remembering Benson: One Year On

Today marks a year since Benson. my beautiful pug sadly passed away. 28th February was the day we brought him home back in 2014, we didn't know much about him including how old he was (we thought he is most likely 7 or older) so we decided that the day we bought him home would be his birthday. 

Benson was my little baby, he was a mummy's boy, he even had a jumper that proved it. A part of me disappeared with him that day, he was my best friend, my little therapist and my cuddle buddy. The couple of years we had him were special because he helped me with my mental health and in all honesty I've never felt so lost and lonely, he gave me something to look forward to, someone to wake up to, someone who counted on me. I'm sure other animal lovers will agree with me when i say losing a pet feels like losing your best friend, a big part of you has gone - that's what it felt like for me, it was like I'm by myself, people will leave me at some point but why did it have to be my fur baby?

An Open Letter To Depression & Anxiety

Dear Depression and Anxiety.

I hate that you entered my life so suddenly but also so gradually ever since I was young that I didn't even recognise you. I sometimes just sit in my room, over playing certain moments before i was diagnosed and wonder was there a time i didn't have a mental illness. Feeling sad about the things that were anxiously made up in my mind, but can’t seem to shake the thought of something being seriously wrong. Having no motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

Daily Reminders We All Need

We all have those days where we go through periods of self hatred, we struggle to see a light at the end of the tunnel and everything seems bleak so i decided to put together a few daily reminders that we all need. And sure, life isn't a bed of roses, we have some rocky patches and some happy moments but while all the craziness called life is happening, we tend to forget that we are not a machine, we're all human beings. We're programmed to feel emotions, to breathe and just take a step back.

So here are some of the daily reminders i try to bear in mind, i hope you find some of them helpful.

Sharing My Opinions Online

Lets talk about social media and sharing our opinions online, shall we? Social media is a blessing as much as a curse and while i say this because we see some people be hateful to others using what ever social media platform they have. While having grown with the internet, i don't see an issue with voicing our opinions - free speech and all. One of the reasons i started this blog is to talk about my thoughts and opinions without having to worry too much about what people think, i could talk freely but that does come with some hesitance.

What I Want You To Know About Depression and Anxiety

This wasn't a post I planned on doing but soon as I opened the laptop, words came flooding out so here it is. Everyone in the world has a story. My depression and anxiety just happens to be involved in my story. Being someone in their early twenties is hard. Being a woman in our society is hard. Add depression along with anxiety to the mix and it's almost too much for one person to handle. 
I didn't ask to suffer from a mental illness, i didn't ask people to silently judge how i am coping. I'm simply asking for you to be empathetic of our feelings and our space instead of pressuring us to 'get on with it.'

Handbag Essentials

I don't know about you guys, but i'm known to pack the kitchen sink by my family. Although they are just the essentials along with some bits and bobs. The bag i'm currently using and still obsessed with is a Floozie Tote bag by Frost French which i got in the sale at Debenhams, roughly March/April time last year. Sadly i don't think is available now.

I like seeing what is in people's handbags. I like watching the 'What's In My Handbag' videos on YouTube, because I am a Nosey Nora, aren't we all? So what is in my Mary Poppins bag? And what are my essentials?

Ways To Celebrate Self Love On Valentines Day

Some people love Valentines Day, other people not so much. Valentines Day is a perfect day just like any other to celebrate self love.  It’s such a crucial part of having a happy, fulfilling life, and it’s an act most of us don’t work at nearly enough. From showing more compassion and not being so hard on yourself, to taking the time to do something for yourself just because it makes you happy, self-love keeps us going and brings out our best selves.