What 2016 Has Taught Me

Sorry for my little absence over the Christmas period, I've lacked a little inspiration in posts & had no internet (i don't know how i survived.). I was probably gone for a couple days haha. I hope you all have had a magical Christmas.

2016 has proven to be the year where some things have just sucked, around the world and in life. With just over a week to go until New Years Eve, it's always good to be reflective of the year that has been and gone. I can't believe how quick 2016 has gone. So what has 2016 taught me?

1. Your beloved dog can seem like the most perfect thing in your life while your struggling and it hurts like hell when you have to say your final goodbye.

2. The adult world is freaking hard and difficult to get your head around.

3. It's okay to breakdown and admit that your mental health is affecting you, it doesn't make you any less human.

4. Don’t let others tell you what to do: it’s hard to not care about what others think or the advice they give you, but don’t let the people around you influence you in any way. Be your own person, make your own choices.

5. 2016 has been a rubbish year for the world and humanity, but there has also been great acts of kindness. The world is a peculiar place.

6. You can always find a new favourite fictional couple that gives you all the feels at anytime (in my guess Philkas - don't judge me just watch Eyewitness!)

7. Self-confidence is important: No one else will believe in you until you believe in yourself. Sounds cliche, I know. But it’s true. Self-confidence is so important for every single thing you do in life,

8. It's okay to take time to yourself, your mental well being is more important. Put yourself first. We’re constantly stressed out, with so many things happening in our lives. This tends to affect us mentally and emotionally.

9. Keep growing and maturing into the person you want to be and this can include your blog. your creative outlet.. Embrace everything. Do what makes you completely happy. Don't be so hard on yourself, you are doing the best you can.

10. Ignore (most) opinions. You can probably fit the amount of opinions you would actually ask for on one hand. So where are these other opinions coming from? Who knows. Only you fully understand your story. Only you have your best interests at heart. Ignore everyone else, the negativity on social media etc. In most cases these out of the blue opinions are incorrect, invaluable and in the ‘I don’t care’ pile.

11. It's OK to have anxiety. Have you ever been told not to be anxious? Or been told to calm down, don't worry, or smile? Me too, and you know what, that is not OK. I am allowed to feel anxious. I am allowed to be worried, stressed, and even sad. Just because someone else doesn't understand, doesn't make it wrong. We all have different coping mechanisms, don't belittle someone based on something your don't understand. Educate yourself on mental health before making judgments.

Thanks for reading my post. What has 2016 taught you?

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