Times Where Eyewitness' Philkas Gave Me All The Feels

I've probably said this already but I'll say it again. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP SLEEPING ON EYEWITNESS. Okay i feel better after getting that off my chest. I never thought I'd be so invested with another on screen pairing but Philkas are just too adorable not to watch discovering themselves and love. As the season 1 finale airs (Sunday 10pm USA Network) fans of Eyewitness (including me) are scared about future of the show’s one true pairing — OTP if you will. Philkas. That’s Phillip and Lukas. Two very different boys fall in love and its beautiful.

This show is just insanely addictive and Philkas may help with that. there is intensity around the corner for different characters. The series follows a pair of teenage boys after they witness a triple homicide — and the mystery that inevitably unfolds following Philip and Lukas, who escape from the killer and try to go on with life while dealing with how they feel –  but that quickly changes when the man behind the killings, finds out what they’ve seen. You are on the edge of your seat. You find yourself screaming at the computer or TV, despite fully knowing that they cannot hear you.

From hiding secrets and anxiety, the relationship that grows between the pair, portrayed by Tyler Young and  James Paxton, is a common story that will be familiar with many.  Fact is, Philip and Lukas were ‘hooking up’ at the cabin and Lukas , unlike Philip is still in the closet. It’s not easy being open about your sexuality in a small rural town — especially when knows that that the town and his father, won’t accept him which just breaks your heart. But either way, you can't help but root for these two to be happy and together. Lukas and Philip show signs of struggle with their relationship from the get-go, but the growth the two experience over the span of the show is amazing, and the chemistry between Tyler Young and James Paxton is heavenly, fab acting and the sheer emotion behind their portrayals of their characters, and the rest of the world needs to catch on. RIGHT NOW

It’s hard to not be invested in the passionate and evolving  relationship that is Philip and Lukas. So on to the main reason for this post: why I'm rooting/ the rest of the Eyewitness fandom for a Philkas happy ending, including my favourite moments. The relationship is emotional to watch but so worth it, i could talk about how much i love Eyewitness but that's for another day.

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1. They appreciate one another’s company -  What seemed like a strictly physical attraction between the two quickly involved into an emotional investment shared between these two, who just seem to want to soak up every stolen moment they share.

2. Their Chemistry - From their beginnings in that cabin it was obvious, their chemistry is electric. Thank you Eyewitness for casting Tyler and James!! Their realistic LGBT representation and how both James and Tyler embrace Philkas' relationship is so beautiful to watch. Although I do feel that the sex scene was a bit rushed, that doesn't mean I love it any less. It was a prime example of how they take care of each other, of how they can say so much while physically saying absolutely nothing. Lukas was injured, so Philip helped him every step of the way, and was so incredibly gentle. He had the softest touch, and was constantly asking Lukas if this was okay, if he wanted this. It was such a beautiful scene, Tyler (Philip) and James (Lukas) played it flawlessly. You can see just by this scene alone how dedicated they are to these characters, and this life changing relationship they have with each other.

3. Philip knows exactly what Lukas wants to hear - Sure, he could have easily played his favourite song or even their playlist, but Philip knew that if there’s anything that Lukas loves, it’s being on that treasured but deadly dirt bike and hearing his voice.

4. They’re always honest with each other -  no matter how much it might sting, i guess they're good for each other more ways than one. For the most part, Philip was always patient with Lukas on his coming out journey. He never forced him or blew up at him or took it personally, which I really admire. But it just gets to a point with Philip where he's like, dude, are kidding me? Rose is fine with it, and i know you're dad will be too, you're the only one stuck up on this. Get over it. Which is exactly what Lukas needs to hear. No matter what, Philip is never afraid to be 100% real with Lukas. And of course he was right, and it all amounted to Lukas being the happiest version of himself. A boy who feels free to be who he is, and kiss his boyfriend in front of whoever

5. The little ways Lukas shows he cares - Lukas was willing to let Philip ride his bike and no one touches the bike but Lukas. He confessed to Helen (Philip’s guardian/town sheriff) that Philip was telling the truth so he wouldn’t leave him, even after his father told him he would lose athletic sponsors. The list goes on. He may not always say how much he adores him, but he shows exemplary signs of love.

6. Their cute banter - Their jokes just tug on my heartstrings each time and how gentle they are with each other. The Polaroid scene, those scenes where they just did something so sweet. It's so cute to watch, i love watching them. It wasn't much but the scene when they were in the motel, and Lukas was trying to lessen the tension but joking around and telling a story about his mom made me all bubbly, it was so cute. Lukas could tell that Philip was on edge and instead of contributing to the stress he helped Philip calm down and be in the moment.

7. Lukas’ first words when he wakes up from a coma - Not “where am I” or “what happened” but “where’s Philip.” Even when in a coma, the boy who hides all his feelings, first words were for the boy he didn’t want anyone to know had anything to do with him. Goes to show Philip is all Lukas thinks about and that just hits you right in the feels

8. When they talked about their dreams - I loved how subtle but beautiful that scene was. It shows how they really feel about each other as well as how comfortable they are around each other to open up even just a little bit. 

9. When Lukas doesn’t question Philip - There was no “why don’t you swim?” After just telling Philip that the water is only a few feet deep, he dropped the conversation and sat next to him. There was no demanding of answers there was just comforting. And I think that was something Philip admired.

10. They pretty much save each other - as cheesy as it may sound, they did. In the cabin Lukas saved Philip from being killed and Philip jumped into the water (something he'd scared of) to save Lukas after being shot... 

11. They know exactly how to comfort one another - Sometimes its just simply about the “its alright” and “we’ll be okay” from the one you care about to actually make you believe it. The sweet touches of caressing each others arms. I think it shows their deep rooted connection with each other and those sweet touches help both Philip & Lukas calm down. And they do just that

12. The Philkas hugs - If there’s anything we’ve noticed with this couple, is that their hugs are truly something we need to see even more of. That in its self gives you all kinds of feels something simple but beautiful. I'd gladly watch these two hug & look lovingly at each other

13. They open up to each other - they tell each other things they probably haven't told other people, they talk about their future ie riding off together on dirt bikes and that was the most precious thing so far. They let themselves be open with each other and i guess you can say that's how they are together, open and free. Without saying anything, you can see how much they adore each other.

14. The way they look at each other - i guess it goes under the 'Their Chemistry' category but i wanted to give it it's own. Both Philip and Lukas' face lights up when ever they see each other, they make each other happy and feel accepted, Philip Shea and Lukas Waldenbeck deserve to smile like that especially after all they've been through. They look at each other like they're the most beautiful person to ever walk the planet (Lets face it, we all know Philkas are that adorable cheesy couple)

15. Accepting themselves and how they feel about one another - Throughout this whole shitty situation and Lukas dealing with horrible anxiety/PTSD, Philip supported him. even when Lukas was violently closeted, Philip didn't push him and was okay with Lukas getting there on his own; of course, he was never 100% positive he would but he had the most faith. because of Philip, Lukas goes from being this kid who refuses to acknowledge who he is to someone who is so happy with himself, someone who knows he's still loved and accepted for who he is, someone who feels comfortable kissing his boyfriend in public, in front of loved ones. We go from "I'm not gay, like you! nobody even knows we talk, got it?" to them kissing in public and going to parties together as a couple, that's love. Lukas accepts that he loves Philip, Philip helped him being comfortable and accepting of who he is even if people around him would talk...

Obviously Philip has always accepted himself for who he is and never felt the need to explain himself to anybody, but I think his love is really shown in the way that he doesn't expect the same of Lukas. He tells Lukas the honest truth, but never forces him into anything. They are twin pillars, keeping each other up no matter what.


Eyewitness is compelling, thought-provoking, and socially relevant. While the crime is at the forefront of the story, audiences have quickly taken to the developing relationship between Philip and Lukas—better known on social media as #Philkas. The relationship isn't pushed to the side. They’re well-written characters, who audiences have built an emotional connection with. For many, they represent inclusion and diversity in primary roles.
All in all Eyewitness made me happy, Eyewitness made me sad, Eyewitness gave me all the feels. The cast have done an amazing job breathing life into these characters.

I thought i would end the post, with a little thank you to Tyler Young and James Paxton for playing these characters so beautifully and you've made these characters (and Philkas' relationship) who they are. Thank you for always being so kind hearted and appreciative to the fans - I love you

I hope this isn't the last time we see Lukas, Philip, Helen, Gabe and many more. Eyewitness deserves a 2nd season, it's different and fresh, I have so much love for the characters and i want to see more of them.

Thank you to my lovely Philkas fangirling buddy Nealey for helping me with this post!

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