Things We All Did At Christmas As Kids

Ah Christmas, it was a pretty magical as a child right? Even in my early twenties i still love Christmas, the lead up, the atmosphere, just everything christmassy. Heaven. Since i was a 90's baby, our christmas' were pretty fab with just close family (grandparents) , christmas songs on full blast and dancing around. Ahh i miss being a kid. So here is the list of things i did and i'm sure you did too at Christmas growing up.

- Choosing your advent calendar and then regretting not buying the Cadbury's one because we all know which one tasted better. Not the stupid cheap chocolate.

- Browsing through the Argos catalogue for presents that you wanted and the list was probably 10 pages long.

- When your mum (and grandparents) tried to convince you that the Santa in the shopping centre was the real Santa. We were clearly very gullible.

- How the last day at school, before the Christmas holidays was the best day ever. Where you could just spend the rest of the holidays all festive

- Asking your mum 1010 questions about how Santa exactly got in the house when you didn't have a chimney.

- Leaving some milk, a freshly made mince pie and a carrot for Santa and Rudolph.

- Waking up about 588374 times through the night on Christmas eve.

- Spending the mornings watching loads of festive films and still love it as much as the years before

- Waking up early on Christmas Day with excitement seeing what presents you got and the little note from Santa.

- Wearing your Christmas jumper with pride no matter how silly it looked, you thought it was the cutest jumper ever.

- Playing with all your toys on Boxing Day just so the other toys don't feel left out.

- Having a sneak peak at the presents under the tree and shaking them just so you could work out what you've got

- Excitedly decorating your grandparents Christmas tree while blasting out the greatest Christmas songs.

- Making it your misson to find the spare 20p's our grandparents hid in the Christmas pudding

- Giving your 2 pages worth Christmas list to your mum, that included most things you probably wouldn't get.

- Wrapping ourselves in tinsel because we wanted to be a Christmas fairy.

- Counting down how many sleeps it was till Santa came and secretly hoping you could see Rudolph (no? just me then)

- Praying for a white Christmas so you could go outside and make snow angels and snowmen.

- Feeling like a little rebel if we took a sneaky sip of the Christmas alcohol

- Wanting to be the star at the nativity show even if you were shy but you were always picked to be an angel or a wise man. And still rocked it.

- Getting excited when you receive one of your Christmas presents early on Christmas eve from your grandparents, that were either Christmas chocolate or pyjamas

What did you do as a kid at Christmas?

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