Things To Do This Christmas

I love Christmas time so so much, as soon as November rolls around, I’m practically dancing that Christmas is around the corner. I love how cosy this time of year is and all the festivities (and of course all the food!) I love the whole build up to Christmas, it makes everything so exciting even when it gets to the big day, its over in a flash.

 But here is my list of things you can do for this years festive season.

1. Make the ultimate Christmas playlist

2. Have a duvet day watching Christmas films

3. Decorate the house as festive as you like

4. Bake festive treats: cookies, cakes

5. See a Christmas play

6. Write a list of everything you are grateful for

7. Read a festive-themed novel or two, A Christmas Carol is my favourite (and the only one I've read)

8. Relax and unwind with a Christmas colouring book.

9. Write a festive short story and or a blog post

10. Take a relaxing bubble bath with a festive bath bomb or festive scented bubble bath, and candles.

11. Visit London and see all the Christmas lights/shop windows (oh how i wish i lived closer to London)

12. Rock some festive pyjamas

13. Plan a Christmas/New Year get together

14. Have some me-time and catch up on vlogmas videos or blogmas posts

15. Go for a drive or walk and look at Christmas lights

16. Go to a Christmas Market (one i still need to experience)

17. Start a new Christmas Tradition

18. Dress your pets in cute festive costumes (i did this last year with my dog and omg it was the cutest thing ever)

19. Make your own Christmas cards and add some lovely, thoughtful messages

20. Buy several tubs of quality street and roses. All the festive chocolate

Image result for christmas pug gif

Lets enjoy this adorable gif , okay.

What is your favourite thing to do in the lead up to Christmas?

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