20 Ways To Instantly Feel More Festive

I know not everyone loves the festive season, the lights, the yummy food, the music and the atmosphere like i do. Christmas has a way of making me feel so much better and somewhat relaxed. I want to embrace every aspect of the festive season and make the most of the build up to Christmas itself. There's no doubt that December can be a stressful month - with gift-buying, party-planning and whatever else you have going on - but Christmas only comes around once a year, so here a few little ways to get yourself feeling festive.

Although i'd really love it to snow this year in time for Christmas, thats just not gonna happen since British weather sucks and Mother Nature decided to give all the snow the most of the US.

1. Buy a giant tin of Celebrations/Quality Street/Miniature Heroes and just keep them next to the sofa, like a blanket. Eat at least 3 every time you sit down.

2. Bake mince pies. (Or y’know, cut out some circles from some pre-rolled pastry if you’re short of time).

3. Admire some Christmas lights. Go for a drive or walk to look at all the Christmas lights up on houses in your local area or city.

4. Watch Christmas movies. On the note of chilling on your sofa, complete the picture with a good old or cheesy Christmas film. It's a brainer, really. There are so many classic and cheesy Christmas films out there, 

5. Watch all the John Lewis Christmas adverts from the past few years, back to back. I mean yeah sure, you’ll probably need a good, hot drink and box of tissues to go with them but whatevs.

6. Force your pets into costumes and take photos until your camera roll has a breakdown and complains about the lack of storage. Then take them out of the costume and reward them with cuddles and kisses for being an absolute brute of a parent.

7. Simply wear a Christmas jumper. The ugly (cuter) the better. And get into the merry feeling

8. Make a Christmas playlist and play it on repeat, Because you can never go wrong with some cheesy Christmas music.

9. Read some festive blog posts or catch up with vlogmas When all other inspiration fails me – I read some blogs or watch a few vlogmas videos.

10. Have a play around with makeup, add all the shimmer, glitter and dark lip to you hearts content.  Perfect your seasonal makeup- go all out with the sparkle

11. Make some festive food and drinks, hot chocolate, mulled wine or mulled cider... Think of all the yummy mince pies and marzipan

12. Decorate your Christmas tree and house with all the tinsel, baubles and lights

13. Buy a festive candle or scent diffuser with so many different seasonal scents.

14. Change your phone or desktop wallpaper to something festive

15. Visit a Christmas Market or Santa's Grotto with your young siblings or cousins

16. Go all out with the festive duvet set, hang the fairy lights around your bedroom 

17. Have a bath using some christmassy bath bombs or bubble bath

18. Watch all your favourite Christmas TV specials, i love Miranda, The Vicar of Dibley

19. Or just have an evening of catching up with a new series with a nice hot chocolate. I've been watching Eyewitness and its so good. Or a night of colouring in your Christmas book ( I STILL NEED TO GET ONE)

20. Embrace It. Christmas is fun. Getting caught up in all of the needless stressing and hustle and bustle makes it so easy to forget that it's the most wonderful time of the year. It's perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones, watching cheesy movies, listening to chessy christmas songs, eating a whole lot of food and simply enjoying and feeling thankful for everything that you have around you - so just embrace it!

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What are your favourite things to do to get you in the festive spirit?

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