Mental Health: Why You Need To Educate Yourself

With 2017 just round the corner, and 2016 being the most shattering, gloomy year for many people. For personal reasons and many others. I think 2017 really needs to be the year of educating society on mental health, being more understand of people's mental illness, we all face a battle of some sort with mental illness, me included and I've always thought 'when will the ache end' or 'i don't know how much longer i can do this' - mental health is draining, both psychically and emotionally.

What 2016 Has Taught Me

Sorry for my little absence over the Christmas period, I've lacked a little inspiration in posts & had no internet (i don't know how i survived.). I was probably gone for a couple days haha. I hope you all have had a magical Christmas.

2016 has proven to be the year where some things have just sucked, around the world and in life. With just over a week to go until New Years Eve, it's always good to be reflective of the year that has been and gone. I can't believe how quick 2016 has gone. So what has 2016 taught me?

Times Where Eyewitness' Philkas Gave Me All The Feels

I've probably said this already but I'll say it again. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP SLEEPING ON EYEWITNESS. Okay i feel better after getting that off my chest. I never thought I'd be so invested with another on screen pairing but Philkas are just too adorable not to watch discovering themselves and love. As the season 1 finale airs (Sunday 10pm USA Network) fans of Eyewitness (including me) are scared about future of the show’s one true pairing — OTP if you will. Philkas. That’s Phillip and Lukas. Two very different boys fall in love and its beautiful.

A Christmas Lesson Poem

i thought i would share this lovely poem my tutor gave to me at the end of class. 'A Christmas Lesson' - A Christmas poem teaching the true meaning of Christmas through the eyes of a young boy.
 I think Christmas is about love, family and celebrating time with the ones you love, i think we can all agree on that despite what your beliefs or religion may be.

20 Ways To Instantly Feel More Festive

I know not everyone loves the festive season, the lights, the yummy food, the music and the atmosphere like i do. Christmas has a way of making me feel so much better and somewhat relaxed. I want to embrace every aspect of the festive season and make the most of the build up to Christmas itself. There's no doubt that December can be a stressful month - with gift-buying, party-planning and whatever else you have going on - but Christmas only comes around once a year, so here a few little ways to get yourself feeling festive.

Although i'd really love it to snow this year in time for Christmas, thats just not gonna happen since British weather sucks and Mother Nature decided to give all the snow the most of the US.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Compare Yourself On Social Media

We all do it. We all browse through peoples tweets, instagram posts thinking they have the best life, all the nice things money can buy but that's not the full picture. When posting on social media its just the highlights of someone's life, your life, my life, we don't know what goes on behind the screen.

But that doesn't stop us from comparing ourselves to those 'picture perfect' lives. Many of us understand this stomach wrenching feeling of comparing ourselves to others, especially when it comes down to body image and materialism.

15 Films To Watch Over The Christmas Holidays

Hello, you lovely lot. Maybe i should come up with a little welcome catchphrase of some sort - do you guys have any suggestions? Anyway so now it's December and the most wonderful time of the year and I have some film suggestions to share with you if you're stuck with what to watch or just want something festive to watch. I love watch Christmassy films and some of my favourites are included in this list!

Things To Do This Christmas

I love Christmas time so so much, as soon as November rolls around, I’m practically dancing that Christmas is around the corner. I love how cosy this time of year is and all the festivities (and of course all the food!) I love the whole build up to Christmas, it makes everything so exciting even when it gets to the big day, its over in a flash.

The Christmas Tag 2016

I've decided that i wouldn't do Blogmas this year because i figured i would most likely to forget posting and coming up with fresh ideas. But i will be post Christmassy posts every other day, so you haven't gotten rid of me yet!

Christmas is my favourite time of the year so it was guaranteed that I was going to fit this tag into my blog schedule. I tag everyone who wants to do this.

Things We All Did At Christmas As Kids

Ah Christmas, it was a pretty magical as a child right? Even in my early twenties i still love Christmas, the lead up, the atmosphere, just everything christmassy. Heaven. Since i was a 90's baby, our christmas' were pretty fab with just close family (grandparents) , christmas songs on full blast and dancing around. Ahh i miss being a kid. So here is the list of things i did and i'm sure you did too at Christmas growing up.