Winter Essentials

Since it's now pretty much winter, darker nights, the cold air. I decided to share with you a few of my essentials for the magical season, a little updated version. Colder months call for essentials that make the days more bearable. I quite enjoy the colder months for this reason. Wrapping up in layers indulging in berry tones and treating myself to comfort food is what Winter (and Autumn) is all about. It's time to wrap up warm and get festive.

Jumpers galore
Oh, how I missed wearing my chunky knitted jumpers throughout the summer. There’s just something so comforting about wearing a huge jumper; it feels like it’s giving you a hug. All my cute comfy jumpers come out of hibernation matching a nice pair of comfy leggings

Fluffy Socks
Fluffy socks are an absolute must have in this, they are one of my favourite things about the colder months. You can never have too many fluffy socks

Christmas Playlists
 As long as it’s super festive and nostalgic you can guarantee I’ll be listening to it nonstop right up until the big day and maybe even for days after. I love Christmas songs so much, the classics and covers. You can check out my Christmas playlist on Spotify

Christmas Movies
I think you can tell from this post that Christmas is my favourite, I hope you can relate on how homely and winter’y’ watching Christmas films makes you feel

Lip balm / Dark Lipstick
I honestly can't get enough of the dark lip shades and of course to keep my lips hydrated during the colder weather i apply a little bit of lip balm before the lipstick

I LOVE boots in the winter! Whether flat, or heeled, I love boots in winter. Who doesn't love pairing some comfy boots with a winter jumper.

Hot Drinks
Tea, Chocolate or Coffee, anything to keep my soul warm, also winter is a good excuse to have as many hot drinks as possible

Colouring Book (any other book)
I like to use the winter time to catch up on some reading or do a bit of creative colouring. Anything that relaxes me is a bonus.

Hand Cream and Moisturiser
The bitter months can leave your body feeling rather rough due to the constant freezing temperatures in the UK so having multiple of creams (hand creams, eye cream, body lotion etc) everywhere I could possibly need them is an essential for me.

Lots and lots of blankets and cushions, layering them all up on  your bed or sofa doesn’t just look extremely cute, but is very comfy and adds to all the warmth you will be needing during the winter! Also perfect your Winter movie marathons.

What are your winter essentials? Let me know!

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