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I thought i would put together a post as to why Philip and Lukas' relationship in Eyewitness is a new LGBTQ game changer. Eyewitness is an American crime thriller. And I for one was drawn to the fact that a sweet gay love story is the 'main' plot and as I'm a big baby when watching anything thriller esque. So i was surprised i was drawn to a show like Eyewitness, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, screaming at the computer...

The show centres around the relationship between two teenage boys, Philip Shea played by Tyler Young and Lukas Waldenbeck played by James Paxton, after they witness a triple homicide. The relationship is at at the forefront of it. That, in and of itself, i think can show LGBTQ youth that their stories can be a part of mainstream entertainment. They don’t have to be this sub-genre. Which i think is about time, same sex relationships aren't pushed aside and just embrace a beautiful relationship.

Lets talk about Philip and Lukas (Philkas). James Paxton is believable in his role as Lukas gets to grips with his feelings for Philip and Tyler Young delivers an outstanding performance as Philip and the pair have great chemistry together. you get to see more of the vulnerable side of each character

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LGBTQ Representation - Although this is a crime thriller, the relationship is at the centre of the show. With both characters dealing with their own demons etc, there is a good representation of LGBTQ with both characters. Lukas and Philip are so. unbearably. cute. You might cry. I would be lying if I said I haven’t shed a few tears over their relationship.

The majority of people believe we need more positive and somewhat realistic LGBT+ representation in the media without tossing them aside. Watching Philip learning to adapt to a small town after moving from Queens, New York to live with his foster parents while Lukas slowly warms to the idea of falling in love with the new boy next door is as entertaining as it is impactful. You are rooting for Lukas and Philip to be happy together without things getting in their way.

Internalised Homophobia - The amazing thing about this series is that they show the progression of an LGBT+ teenager who doesn’t know his true self. Lukas has lived in a small country town his whole life. Facts show that small towns tend to be more conservative and not open to the LGBT+ community or even something different which is why Lukas has never been able to figure out his true self.  But Lukas see’s this beautiful new boy,  a city boy Philip comes town and starts hanging out with him and slowly realises that maybe it’s okay to like the same gender.


Tackles Hard Issues - In the first five episodes alone, Eyewitness dishes out drama cover the nation’s child foster system, police corruption, paedophilia, LGBTQ harassment, and the intersectionality of race, poverty, and gang violence. Though it’s first and foremost an hour of twisty and engrossing entertainment, it still doesn’t shy away from showcasing real-world issues facing small-town America today. Countless twists and turns. There are characters that suffer from mental health issues and trauma which makes it relatable in some cases such as life in foster care, being surrounded by addiction, trauma and domestic abuse (Lukas and his father) There is no sugar coating the reality of the issues and that's what makes it different, the fact they are showing it in a crime thriller.

Breaks down Stereotypes - It not only crushes stereotypes but also has a realistic portrayal of hard ships. Although sexuality isn't determined through stereotypes, it's just what people assume, which isn't right. It also shows the hardships when figuring out your sexuality, who you want to be and the fear of coming out. As stated above Lukas has this closeted internalised homophobia due to thinking of what others will think of him being gay, being in love with Philip. The show is raw and real about the issues they show without adding the stereotypical labels. It doesn't give a stereotype of drug addicted parents being abusive or selfish to their children and Mama Shea really cares about Philip and interested and intrigued into his life, she wants to be better for her son and during that she isn't shown as broken, she shows she's that she's strong and capable of beating her addiction

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Philip & Lukas' Love Story - Their relationship is the vocal point of the show as I've mentioned above with it not taking the back seat in the series. So we don't see how they first meet but James and Tyler came up with their own little scenario. It's pretty much a first love story (maybe even a true love) Lukas tries his best to keep up appearances in the town of Tivoli, to be the guy his dad wants him to be etc which leaded to the internalised homophobia, he tried denying how he feels, who he is where as Philip embraced it (which is probably because he's a city boy)
You see Lukas dealing with choosing between his motor cross scholarship and Philip, the one person he opens himself up too but that doesn't go without a few tribulations. Lukas and Philip's story is well developed, beautifully acted; James and Tyler's chemistry is clear in their scenes together, their romantic, lovey dovey scenes look natural...

Although Lukas and Philip are so different but relate on the many issues they've faced.
Philip is sweet, loving and calm etc when internally he is sad because he thinks everyone would betray him, he's totally likable as well as cute. Lukas is the total opposite, always on edge, afraid to let himself be open but deep down he's actually rather sweet, the perfect boyfriend once he opens up and is less guarded and Philip helps with that, shows him that he can be who he is, who he wants to be and be happy. They both help each other, so pretty much the perfect couple who clearly love each other. Lukas's only escape is being with Philip and knowing that he's there... Because his biggest fear isn't being outed or ridiculed or even his father, it's losing Philip.

You want them both to be happy. You root for them to be happy together. Because it's #Philkasforever or not at all. You can see how James and Tyler both portray their characters love for each other in subtle and sometimes big ways (eyes, body language, words etc) without uttering the words 'i love you'. And i think that's down to a good casting of James and Tyler who clearly love their characters, and them as a couple as well as being close friends off screen. I'm kinda obsessed them okay, it makes me smile how much James and Tyler love Philkas 💜

There's loads of interesting character development, so if you don't want to watch the show for the thriller genre then watch it for Philip and Lukas' love story. Philip Shea is a precious little angel and Lukas Waldenbeck needs happiness and protection at all costs. Who knows maybe i will do a blog post post all about Philkas soon, I would love to see Eyewitness season 2 happen and more sweet moments between Philip and Lukas.

Will you be giving Eyewitness a watch? If you live in the US you can watch the show here and you can support the show by tweeting #Eyewitness and #Philkas

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