Spreading Self Love and Being Confident

So basically, what I have been thinking about these past few months or so is how society (and people around us) views confidence. If you are unconfident and have no self-esteem then you are told over and over again to have more confidence and told all the reasons you should be more confident in yourself, told you're pretty, you're smart, you're funny, but then when someone is confident in themselves, they know they are pretty, or they hold themselves tall then they are ripped to shreds, told they are up themselves.

If I am happy with how I look and I post a lot of selfies online I am full of myself, but if I hate how I look and call myself ugly it's so sad and I should feel confident. It's like no one can win, it takes a lot of guts to walk out the house with confidence, why do people feel the need to rain on other peoples parade?

Some people aren't even as confident as they let everyone believe, faking it till you make it. Some people pretend they think they are attractive, they force themselves to not look at the ground when they walk. These people are still belittled because they appear to have confidence. So if you tell them "oh you're so full of yourself, you're not even that good looking" or whatever, then what are you doing to their confidence? They already feel low and are pretending they don't, so your comments just add to what they already believe. 

I personally believe everyone should have confidence and know their worth and not care what anyone may say about them. You're pretty, flaunt it, you're funny, tell loads of jokes and laugh as loud as you can at your own jokes, you're smart? Good, do what you want with your life, you have curves or you love your small waist? Flaunt it and wear what makes you happy. Everyone should feel happy and confident in themselves because we are all individuals with different, interesting and unique qualities. 

Stop caring about what people think of you. I may not love how I look, I have insecurities because I am human, but people try to bring me down, people I don't know and people I am close to and I have just stopped caring. How i view myself is more important, thats the one person i should be more focused on. I wear what makes me confident, i do my makeup however i want, It's me that's wearing it not you. So you think i should lose a few pounds, and guess what this is my body and my skin, not yours. 

 Just be a nice person and focus on loving yourself and helping others love themselves. We are all unique, we all have flaws. Lets embrace it.

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