My Christmas Playlist

I can't believe it; It's finally Christmas! And before anybody say's "it's only November" hear me out; The city's Christmas lights have been switched on, Christmas songs are on the radio and the John Lewis advert is on the telly, how can it not be Christmas? Now's the time to get excited after a rubbish year.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the music. There's just so many Christmas songs to choose from isn't there? The old classics, the 2000 hits and then the cover versions.
How can you not love a good Christmas playlist and since I recently put a playlist together filled with Christmas songs I thought i could share with you to help you get in the festive spirit or just for something to listen to in the holidays. Some old, some new and a few covers!

So what are your favourite Christmas songs? Have i missed out any good ones?

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