Fifty Little Things To Be Happy About

So decided to do this post as a little pick me up after feeling down in the dumps recently, I've been making this list for some time, just adding little bits as I go whenever I've felt down in the dumps so I decided to turn it into a little blog post and spread the happiness. When times are hard, it’s good to remember that there are wonderful things in the world that can make us happy. No matter how big or small. Here are the 50 things that make me happy and even you too.

1) Animals
2) The sound of rain hitting the window
3) Chocolate
4) Being told you're loved (even if sometimes you feel like nobody could or does love you)
5) Disney films
6) Autumn and Winter
7) Inspirational quotes
8) The smell of winter.
9) The beautiful colours of autumn.
10) Cake
11) Movie marathons
12) Good makeup days
13) Cosy sweaters
14) Christmas
15) Lie ins
16) The smell of perfume
17) Blogging
18) Morning coffee
19) Cuddles with pets
20) Fresh flowers
21) Chick flicks/ Rom coms
22) A nice hot bubble bath
23) Petting dogs
24) Feeling beautiful
25) Relatable songs and movies
26) Looking through old photo albums
27) Fluffy socks
28) Preparing for Christmas
29) Bourbon biscuits
30) Cats sleeping
31) Nice hot cup of tea
32) Being able to inspire yourself
33) Binge blog reading
34) When blog inspiration hits
35) When your favourite artist's song plays on the radio
36) A cute fan video of your TV or movie OTP
37) Binge watching your favourite TV series i.e Catfish, Tattoo Fixers, Friends, A Place To Call Home, Miranda.
38) Feeling proud of yourself
39) Singing/dancing to your favourite song
40) Your iTunes or Spotify shuffling to the perfect song 
41) Smiles and Compliments
42) Lazy days in Pyjamas
43) Being proud of your blog content
44) Waking up to your pet’s face in the morning
45) Being comfortable in your own skin
46) Having your favourite takeaway
47) When someone leaves you a lovely comment on your blog.
48) New lipstick
49) Fairy lights
50) Just being you (because it is pretty amazing)

What always makes you smile? What are the little things that make you happy?

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