Thoughts My Anxiety Causes On A Daily Basis

I have regularly talked about my anxiety maybe not a lot on the blog, how I have struggled with it, but also what I’ve done to allow myself to move forward and try to combat my mental illness, I do have a few coping mechanisms but you can’t control what thoughts you have on a daily basis, and sometimes they just get the better of you, and that is okay, but know what is true and what isn’t. So what are the things that go through my brain on a regular basis when i'm at home or in public!

Am I Good Enough? 
I am the type of person that has never felt good enough for anyone, and honestly that is something I’ve always battled, and to this day. So when it comes to online and being open, I still struggle, I think, am I doing enough? Am being a good friend, sister, daughter or grand daughter? Am I working hard enough at my blog? Am I working hard enough to be part of society? Even though I have lots of compliment about how supportive and what a good person I am, I just don't believe it most of the time. I am my own worst enemy because yet again I still feel I am not good enough. Or at least I'm getting there.

Feeling Anxious About Being Anxious. 
I always feel anxious about being anxious, what if I end up being anxious when I go out and have a panic attack, what if when I go out, I get so anxious that I don’t ever want to go out again? Although i do like going out i just worry that i won't be able to, if you get what i mean. What if I end up making the people around me anxious because they’re worried about me getting anxious and freaking out?

What If People Don’t Like Me? 
This isn't my greatest fear as such but i do get worked up about it, if people don’t like me, I know I shouldn’t be worried about what people think of me, but unfortunately it can be my biggest downfall. I don’t need to be liked by people, I want to be liked because I want to be able to support others on their journey through life or whatever journey they are facing. Not only that if people don’t like me, I feel like I am doing something wrong or I'm just too much! I know I can’t please everyone and I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I just like to have a good group of people around me I can talk to, is that so bad? I think  I'm getting better where i have 'I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME' days bit by bit

Not Being Able To Control The Future.
I always end up worrying about something, but not being able to control what might happen. Or some days i take in my stride, I know this is not only time consuming and actually stops me from living my life to the full, which honestly isn’t the great because I could be doing something great and productive, but instead I’m worrying about what could happen and how I can’t control it. And what i can do to gain control, I like to be in control.

What If I Offend Someone? 
I'm pretty out spoken ( i say what i feel and think) and this scares me sometimes, to the point where I have to usually over think everything I say and then worry if I've said something that's hurt someones feelings. If I say something and they don’t reply back or they're taking a while to reply to the message, I end up thinking, did I say something in the wrong way or was I trying so hard not to offend them that I actually offended them anyway? Do they not like me or do i annoy them?

Do you suffer with anxiety or are there certain things that make you anxious? What are some of the thoughts you struggle with on a daily basis?

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