Bridget Jones's Baby Review

It's been a very long time since we've seen our favourite & relatable klutz, Bridget Jones where we saw her get the happy ending she so badly wanted. Despite the 12 year hiatus since the 'poorly rated' The Edge Of Reason which I'd like to add, i enjoyed it just as much as the 1st one. And Renée Zellweger's acting comeback after taking 6 years out of the limelight. In my opinion Renée looked lovely as ever. 


Since I have seen the first film of Bridget Jones. Cute British humour, great acting: it is simply one of the best romantic comedies in my opinion with a lovable Colin Firth. I was a little disappointed that after The Edge Reason there didn't seem to be a new movie to follow on after the 2nd one. Me and my sister jumped for joy when we heard there was going to be a 3rd Bridget Jones's movie and our dreams came true. So a good few days after it's release, we decided to take a trip down the cinema and have a date with Mr Darcy.

For those who don't know of the film (shame on you), the Bridget Jones films follow Bridget, a clumsy middle-aged woman who lives in London and works. She seems forever single, she smokes, drinks and can not keep man at her side because of how awkward she is. The first two films are about her relationship with Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (played by Hugh Grant) Mark is a 'boring' but sweet human rights lawyer and Daniel is a 'sexy' player. Bridget seems lucky to have two good looking men after but to be honest no one needs a bunch of Daniel Cleavers, when you can replace them with a lovely man like Mark Darcy.

If you've seen the previous films, then I can guarantee that you like or even love this film. It is again the same kind of film with the same kind of humour and all the other actors come back. Renée Zellweger, I find is a really great actress, she still taps into Bridget so well. Her character is a lot of fun: she is clumsy, a little cocky, a little silly and occasionally naive. But also very sweet and strong, she stands up for her rights and try to keep her dignity intact somewhat. I don't think it's a Bridget Jones's movie without Mark Darcy.

After hearing positive reviews from women and not so positive from the men, we decided to give Bridget Jones's Baby a watch, especially after hearing Colin Firth was gonna reprise his role as Mark Darcy and Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones, and how similar it is to 1st one. I wasn't that bothered about Hugh Grant not making an appearance after having gotten tired of his character in The Edge Of Reason... 

The film opens with All By Myself playing and Bridget in her old flat with a little birthday cupcake. The lovably flawed Brit (as charming as ever) is now a 43-year-old TV news producer. She’s still single but this time she is matured. 
Daniel Cleaver seems to have kicked the bucket in form of a plane accident and while there was people in the cinema sad to see it's Daniel's funeral, my twin sister and i wasn't. What can we say, we adore Mark Darcy. 

Now on to the heroine of the story, Bridget Jones. Although she's not happy with being single again, she's comfortable with it. And you are wondering why it didn't work out for your favourite pair. I liked that she became independent, happy and comfortable with who she is and embracing all her awkwardness. You see her preparing for motherhood whether it's by herself or with Darcy or Jack. You want her to have her happily ever after with her knight in shining armour. She would have been okay by herself even if she didn't reunite with Mark Darcy or have a relationship with Jack Qwant 

I like that in this movie she was content with being by herself compared to the previous movies she was searching for her Mr Right. In this movie it's her friends that have what in the second movie that she wanted. they are married and have a family. And the happy ending she thought she'd have for some reason didn't happen which we find out why in a flashback as the why her and Darcy's relationship failed

When Mark Darcy appears, you immediately fall in love with him all over again. Colin looks good for 56. *multiple heart-eye emojis* Mark Darcy is pretty much a walking sex god, feminist, although he's awkward he's adorable. Even when i heard Patrick Dempsey was coming on board, i was always going to be #TeamDarcy. One thing i had noticed, Mark had allowed himself to be emotive, which we didn't see much of in the first two movies. 
I found myself watching the film feeling sorry for Darcy in some scenes where he was subtly pushed out and you notice to stop himself from getting even more hurt, he walks away from the situations at hand. There were some scenes in the movie where i cried at Mark Darcy (and Bridget) because you wanted him to have his happy ending too.

I loved seeing Mark Darcy being happy in certain scenes and they were mostly with Bridget, and that's when he's truly happy i found. He's immediately happy when he finds out he's to be a dad for the first time and you are so happy for him, longing it to be his child. Because Mark and Bridget are perfect together. Because when it's between Mark Darcy, a lovely human rights lawyer and some other guy, it's not exactly any kind of competition is there? It's meant to be Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy. It's no lie that Mark Darcy was my favourite thing about Bridget Jones's Baby.

Patrick Dempsey as Jack Qwant is a good replacement for Hugh Grant's Daniel Cleaver. When you meet Jack, you are mostly thinking he's sweet isn't he and then he gets a little annoying not quite like Daniel Cleaver annoying but just his own kind of annoying, it's either he's too perfect and in my opinion a bit forceful. Either way i liked seeing Patrick Dempsey involved with the franchise, one of my favourite film franchises to be exact. He was a lovely addition to the cast.

Bridget and Mark are two different people. And you think they wouldn't work, but they do. Mark is the guy every girl wants, someone that likes you just as you are. Although in the 3rd, they aren't together but you see that spark they still clearly have. I was absolutely team Mr. Darcy, Bridget belongs to him and Darcy with her. I think that the thought of them having a baby together, brings them closer. In the movie there are some beautiful scenes of the two of them together, including a little nostalgic flashback. Anyone who's a fan of the Bridget Jones franchise will root for Bridget and Mark to be happy with a kid. One scene in particular i like is while Bridget is in labour, Mark is by her side telling her what she needs to hear: that even if the baby isn't his, he loves it already and will love it just as much as he loves her. And again Mark Darcy proves he's the perfect guy even if he does struggle with emotions. 

Bridget Jones's Baby was just perfect for me, I left the cinema feeling happy. The ending is a beautiful and satisfying finish to the movie series. Also the soundtrack was so good, some of the songs particularly: Still Falling For You & Reignite screams Bridget and Mark. The film lived up to my expections (although i arrived trying not to expect too much), it came full circle. I just loved it so much and already have seen it twice, and probably will be seeing it for a 3rd. Plenty of laughs, cringes and swoons also i'd like to add how lovely Colin Firth looks in glasses. I just laughed, cried and smiled throughout

Bridget Jones is more relatable than ever. Having struggled with her weight, her appearance, relationships–with men and family–and now with motherhood, Bridget Jones’s Baby is a must see. Whether you’re a mother, a young singleton, or mature and married, you’ll find this movie to be hilarious. And it will honestly leave you feeling happy.

Well i hope you liked my review of Bridget Jones's Baby, i certainly liked raving about the film. Will you be taking a trip to the cinema to see Bridget Jones's Baby?

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