8 Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself

Why are we always so hard on ourselves? And why do we feel the need to compare ourselves to others constantly? Mostly we compare ourselves to people who are in a very different situation than we are and generally live a different life, with a completely different background. 
Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle. But it's human of us to do so, I'm comparing myself one way or another whether it's blog wise or personally. I'm no expert when it comes to things like this, this is what I've learnt (and still learning) something i wanted to share with you, maybe for you to use as a guide on the days you need a little pep talk

Remind yourself again and again of your achievements
We forget moments of happiness perhaps too quickly, however, we still remember all the bad stuff. This is exactly what we should work on. Turning this habit upside down and remember all the positive stuff that happened. It is so important to keep in mind what we have already achieved and how many small and big successes you have already mastered.Everyone's journey in life and in success is different. Success is not a straight road upwards, but a long hard road with many ups and downs. Believe in yourself and stay strong.

Find inspiration without comparison
The line between inspiration and comparison is very thin. Be inspired by others, but don’t compare yourself to them. Inspiration is something positive, something that should help us succeed. I'm learning to not compare my bad qualities to other people's success because it doesn't bring joy in any shape or form. Learn from the success of others and find a person, who ever that may be, that is an inspiration or role model in a great and positive way.

Be aware of your strengths
We tend to rather know our weaknesses as our strengths. Accept your weaknesses and get over them (or just embrace them). There will always be things in which we are not as good as someone else. This is human. Get yourself together and focus on your strength. Try to see them, use them and be proud of them. Focusing on your strength does not mean that you ignore your weaknesses. It just means you are choosing to find things and areas where you can rise and grow.

Use social media in a positive way
Social media has a big impact on our lives and thoughts. Always remember: people on social media (including myself) only share a very little part of their lives on Instagram or Twitter. It’s not the full story, it’s just a little picture-perfect moment with a lot of filters and retouch. Don’t take social media to seriously, most people you're following on social media are probably dealing with some of the same things as you - everyone behind the screen is human. Treat yourself and others with kindness. 

Accept yourself
Self-acceptance is a topic that gets far too little attention. We are rather upset of our weaknesses instead of accepting them and working on them. We're not gonna be like the girl on instagram with the 'perfect hair or perfect makeup'. We have flaws and imperfections like everyone else and we choose to embrace them or not. Only if you accept yourself, with all the edges that you have, only then you can start to change things on which you have the power to change.

Realise that you are unique
There is only one you on this planet. You are unique, your experiences are unique and your thoughts are unique. There will always be someone who is better, richer and (or) more successful than you. Do not try to be someone else and start to realise that you are a special person, a unique person. You are awesome just as you are! 

Be Confident
If you constantly compare yourself with others, it will have an impact on your self-confidence. You feel small, vulnerable, not smart enough, or perhaps not attractive enough.  Free yourself from those negative thoughts and believe in you and your unique path. Be confident and think positive. This is one I'm slowly but surely, learning.

Strive for progress, not for perfection
Nothing is perfect, even if it sometimes seems like that from the outside. Everyone's story and journey is different. There is no perfect life, no perfect family, no perfect career. You should focus on the process, not on perfection. Learn from your mistakes and use them. Every one of us has flaws and imperfections, that's what makes us human and unique. Be ok with not being perfect and realise that imperfection is what makes you who you are. Growing is so much more fun than being perfect all the time. In fact life is about growing and learning as we go - If you want to compare, then compare yourself with the previous you. Look at the process and try to see everything with a positive (and different) perspective.

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When you start comparing yourself, just think about how far you've come and that there is only one you. Because you are unique and know that you are good enough & strong enough to combat whatever it is that's bringing you down.

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