8 Colin Firth Movies Worth Watching That I Enjoy

As i've been watching loads of films that have Colin Firth in i figured it would be a good idea for a post. Colin Firth is pretty much a national treasure, nearly every woman goes glazy eyed over him and why not? He's a true English gentleman. Colin Firth will always be, swoon-worthy: from Mark Darcy to Harry Hart and everything else inbetween. 

There are many reasons why we love Colin Firth and his natural charm shines right through his roles. He has a voice you instantly recognise. So i thought why not share the films in no particular order, that are worth watching repeatedly and are my favourites including ones that many people may have already seen.

The Bridget Jones Franchise: 
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One word, He's Mark Darcy. Okay that may not be the only reason why but that's definitely one of the reasons why everyone loves him, there's something about Colin Firth in a romantic comedy playing a leading man, a love interest. He looks adorable in the first two and then in the third movie he just looks irresistible. SWOON

Love Actually: 

This is a must watch during the holiday season but even more of a reason to watch it is for Colin, he's a sweetheart also who wouldn't want to hear Colin declaring his love to someone he loves in Portuguese or just Colin speaking a different language 

Kingsman: The Secret Service: 
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Colin as a secret agent is just so damn hot probably even better than James Bond (Pierce Brosnan is my favourite Bond, okay) also this adds humour as well as Colin being a bad ass secret agent. Colin rocks the glasses and the dapper suits.

Mamma Mia: 
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This movie is just the perfect singalong film. What is better than Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth in the same movie, both of them are older men eye candy, okay. So i may not be a huge fan of ABBA but i do love this film set in beautiful Greece

Nanny McPhee: 
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Colin Firth with kids is too cute to watch, and everytime i see his face i smile and turn into a puddle of goo, that's the Mr Darcy affect (thats just not me, right?) He's just adorable in Nanny McPhee

A Single Man: 
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Colin in A Single Man is beautiful yet heartbreaking to watch. The story itself is heartbreaking filled with lovely flashbacks of George with the love of his life, Jim and follows his grief. I found myself crying along with him too

Before I Go To Sleep: 
When you think of Colin Firth, what comes to your mind? Not someone who portrays a psycho but i find him quite attractive as a bad guy. The film itself keeps you on the edge of your seat and a good psychological thriller. I've never been a fan of thrillers or anything too scary but this was pretty clever. I'm not joking when i say i watched it while hugging a cushion haha

A Christmas Carol:

I know it's not really Colin in the flesh (althought i do think 'Fred' does look a bit like Colin himself) It's a kinda tradition in schools in the UK that you do a Christmas Carol and this is the version i enjoy watching and not just because you get to hear Colin's beautiful voice as Fred (Scrooge's Nephew) but because it's also Disney. I'd like to see Colin in a Disney film more often. 

Let me know what movie featuring Colin Firth is your favourite or a movie that features Colin Firth that you think i should watch?

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