18 Ways We Can Relate To Bridget Jones

The Bridget Jones series of films are utterly hilarious, at times cringe-worthy but most certainly relatable. Whether you’re a teenage girl, a middle aged married woman or just about anyone in between, there is sure to be a Bridget Jones moment you can relate to.  It’s one of those classic films that will never fail to make me smile and cry with laughter.

Let's be honest with ourselves. We are all Bridget Jones one way or another. I think we all have elements of Bridget and that's not a bad thing. We can relate to her in different ways, she makes it okay to be imperfect, she is awkward like the rest of us. I think Bridget is someone you'd like to be best friends with (i know i do) I found that in the 3rd movie you still related to her as much as the previous movies, whether you're a young adult, single mother, middle aged woman.

1)  Your life is just one long cycle of attempted self-improvement.

2) Big knickers are basically the best and comfiest things ever invented.

3) You begin the year with boundless optimism, determined to be a better person & sort your priorities out. (there is a 30% chance of this happening)

4) We all sit in our pyjamas and belt out lyrics when we are by ourselves (did you see what i did there? hint: All By Myself)

5) Vocalising your thoughts comes perhaps too naturally to you, we all have verbal diarrhoea in most cases.

6) You know your flaws. Above all, you value yourself.

7) You are never entirely sure how to handle professional or social situations and turn into a fumbling, blabbing… idiot.

8) She doesn’t care what people think of her. Even when she turns up to a party with a face full of blusher (we've all had a little makeup blunder)

9) Completely hiding away from the world in your blanket/duvet with a tub of Ben & Jerry's (we've all done that)

10) Bridget always stays poised, but takes no crap from people. She speaks her mind even if people don't like it.

11) There will always be someone out there who likes you, just the way you are. (Thanks for setting the bar high Mark Darcy.)

12) We all say stupid crap we mean but don't mean.

13) She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. Bridget made us feel OK about the fact that we have no idea what we’re doing with our lives just like everyone else

14) She always has the best intentions. No matter what life throws at her, Bridget picks herself up, dusts herself off and vows to do better the next time. Just like the rest of us.

15) She tries her best not to hide her insecurities but they always show somehow, she ends up making a fool of herself and just rolls with it.

16) She doesn't put up with anyone's rubbish, she's open minded and tells people how it is.

17) Although she's always wanted her happily ever after, she doesn't need a man to make her happy. Sisters doin' it for themselves and all that.

18) We love ourselves just the way we are, even if we'll always be a little bit fat.

If I were to be compared to any fictional character, I’m pretty sure Bridget would be somewhere at the top. There is so many ways we can all relate! Especially being single for most of my young life (and waiting for my own lovely Mr Darcy) ... I hope you enjoyed this post and definitely be sure to watch the new film, it’s so worth it and so funny. I'm so envious of her flat in the 3rd movie, probably something i would go with and also the fact she lives in London. 

Anyhoo, do you relate to the lovable klutz that is Bridget Jones? 


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