10 Of The Best Things About Pugs

For those who follow me on both Instagram & Twitter, you would have seen me post pictures/tweeting about my beloved pug Benson who sadly isn't with us anymore. It's been nearly 8 months from 1st March of this year without my little fur baby and i realised i hadn't done a post as to why Pugs are the best. 

I've always grown up with dogs as my nana & grandad had a 2 Boxers, not at the same time I'd like to add & we had a German Shepard. Both dogs in our life's at some point were very special to all of us and it's hard to imagine a house with out a dog. I'm not gonna say i don't feel lonely with my beautiful Pug, because i do. I miss him. 
Pugs are amazing companions. Their goals in life is pretty much simple: to make you happy and snuggle as much as possible. There is nothing better than snugging with a pug (or any breed of dog)

1) Always having a best friend - They are just incredibly loyal and loving. Benson and I were pretty much inseparable, we were always by each others side. Benson was my little sidekick for sure and helped me on my bad days

2) They always make you smile - Pugs are known to make you smile and that's what Benson did, he always made me smile one way or another like there were times where he'd get excited about the chicken being cut and the yogurt pots (two of his favourite things Chicken and Yogurt)

3) Hearing a pug snore is the cutest sound ever - i found Benson's little snores comforting whenever i struggled with falling asleep and you can't deny how sweet it was seeing him getting closer & closer when he was sleeping as to say i was safe. 

4) They give the best cuddles - doggie cuddles are the best and pug cuddles are just even better.

5) Their little butt wiggle when they walk - When we went out for walks Benson would get excited, and his little butt wiggle was cute to watch when we went out for walks.

6) When they love you, they love you wholeheartedly - Something about a dog's loyalty, they love you wholeheartedly. You are perfect in their eyes and you can't do no wrong.

7) Their head tilt is one of the cutest things you could witness - Benson's head tilt was the cutest thing, you just can not resist that face

8) When they give you the puppy dog eyes, you just cannot resist - Benson always did this when he was told off by my mum or sister he used to give me the puppy dog eyes like he did no wrong and i couldn't stay mad at him for long

9) They are freaking adorable - everything from the tops of their ears to the tip of their piggy tail, they are just adorable including the little fat rolls. Benson was adorable in every way

10) Pugs are the perfect body warmers - i think anyone who have pugs agree that pugs are honestly the perfect body warmers for the cold evenings.

Do you have a pug? Or do you love pugs like me? What are your favourite things about Pugs?

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