Soothing Gifs For When You're Feeling Anxious

Anxiety. Oh anxiety. You are a nightmare sometimes. All of us feel anxious at some point in our lives, some more than others. As i suffer from anxiety myself, i found looking at GIF's rather soothing and helps take me out of an anxious state. Of course, different things work for different people, but I thought I would put together a blog post which contains sixteen GIFs that will try to calm you.

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dog gif calm 2

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I hope these gifs serve a purpose of helping you stay calm. Take deep breaths and stay calm.

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8 Colin Firth Movies Worth Watching That I Enjoy

As i've been watching loads of films that have Colin Firth in i figured it would be a good idea for a post. Colin Firth is pretty much a national treasure, nearly every woman goes glazy eyed over him and why not? He's a true English gentleman. Colin Firth will always be, swoon-worthy: from Mark Darcy to Harry Hart and everything else inbetween. 

There are many reasons why we love Colin Firth and his natural charm shines right through his roles. He has a voice you instantly recognise. So i thought why not share the films in no particular order, that are worth watching repeatedly and are my favourites including ones that many people may have already seen.

The Bridget Jones Franchise: 
Image result for colin firth bridget jones gif
One word, He's Mark Darcy. Okay that may not be the only reason why but that's definitely one of the reasons why everyone loves him, there's something about Colin Firth in a romantic comedy playing a leading man, a love interest. He looks adorable in the first two and then in the third movie he just looks irresistible. SWOON

Love Actually: 

This is a must watch during the holiday season but even more of a reason to watch it is for Colin, he's a sweetheart also who wouldn't want to hear Colin declaring his love to someone he loves in Portuguese or just Colin speaking a different language 

Kingsman: The Secret Service: 
Image result for colin firth kingsman gif
Colin as a secret agent is just so damn hot probably even better than James Bond (Pierce Brosnan is my favourite Bond, okay) also this adds humour as well as Colin being a bad ass secret agent. Colin rocks the glasses and the dapper suits.

Mamma Mia: 
Image result for colin firth mamma mia gif
This movie is just the perfect singalong film. What is better than Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth in the same movie, both of them are older men eye candy, okay. So i may not be a huge fan of ABBA but i do love this film set in beautiful Greece

Nanny McPhee: 
Image result for colin firth nanny mcphee gif
Colin Firth with kids is too cute to watch, and everytime i see his face i smile and turn into a puddle of goo, that's the Mr Darcy affect (thats just not me, right?) He's just adorable in Nanny McPhee

A Single Man: 
Image result for colin firth single man glasses
Colin in A Single Man is beautiful yet heartbreaking to watch. The story itself is heartbreaking filled with lovely flashbacks of George with the love of his life, Jim and follows his grief. I found myself crying along with him too

Before I Go To Sleep: 
When you think of Colin Firth, what comes to your mind? Not someone who portrays a psycho but i find him quite attractive as a bad guy. The film itself keeps you on the edge of your seat and a good psychological thriller. I've never been a fan of thrillers or anything too scary but this was pretty clever. I'm not joking when i say i watched it while hugging a cushion haha

A Christmas Carol:

I know it's not really Colin in the flesh (althought i do think 'Fred' does look a bit like Colin himself) It's a kinda tradition in schools in the UK that you do a Christmas Carol and this is the version i enjoy watching and not just because you get to hear Colin's beautiful voice as Fred (Scrooge's Nephew) but because it's also Disney. I'd like to see Colin in a Disney film more often. 

Let me know what movie featuring Colin Firth is your favourite or a movie that features Colin Firth that you think i should watch?

Thoughts My Anxiety Causes On A Daily Basis

I have regularly talked about my anxiety maybe not a lot on the blog, how I have struggled with it, but also what I’ve done to allow myself to move forward and try to combat my mental illness, I do have a few coping mechanisms but you can’t control what thoughts you have on a daily basis, and sometimes they just get the better of you, and that is okay, but know what is true and what isn’t. So what are the things that go through my brain on a regular basis when i'm at home or in public!

Am I Good Enough? 
I am the type of person that has never felt good enough for anyone, and honestly that is something I’ve always battled, and to this day. So when it comes to online and being open, I still struggle, I think, am I doing enough? Am being a good friend, sister, daughter or grand daughter? Am I working hard enough at my blog? Am I working hard enough to be part of society? Even though I have lots of compliment about how supportive and what a good person I am, I just don't believe it most of the time. I am my own worst enemy because yet again I still feel I am not good enough. Or at least I'm getting there.

Feeling Anxious About Being Anxious. 
I always feel anxious about being anxious, what if I end up being anxious when I go out and have a panic attack, what if when I go out, I get so anxious that I don’t ever want to go out again? Although i do like going out i just worry that i won't be able to, if you get what i mean. What if I end up making the people around me anxious because they’re worried about me getting anxious and freaking out?

What If People Don’t Like Me? 
This isn't my greatest fear as such but i do get worked up about it, if people don’t like me, I know I shouldn’t be worried about what people think of me, but unfortunately it can be my biggest downfall. I don’t need to be liked by people, I want to be liked because I want to be able to support others on their journey through life or whatever journey they are facing. Not only that if people don’t like me, I feel like I am doing something wrong or I'm just too much! I know I can’t please everyone and I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I just like to have a good group of people around me I can talk to, is that so bad? I think  I'm getting better where i have 'I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME' days bit by bit

Not Being Able To Control The Future.
I always end up worrying about something, but not being able to control what might happen. Or some days i take in my stride, I know this is not only time consuming and actually stops me from living my life to the full, which honestly isn’t the great because I could be doing something great and productive, but instead I’m worrying about what could happen and how I can’t control it. And what i can do to gain control, I like to be in control.

What If I Offend Someone? 
I'm pretty out spoken ( i say what i feel and think) and this scares me sometimes, to the point where I have to usually over think everything I say and then worry if I've said something that's hurt someones feelings. If I say something and they don’t reply back or they're taking a while to reply to the message, I end up thinking, did I say something in the wrong way or was I trying so hard not to offend them that I actually offended them anyway? Do they not like me or do i annoy them?

Do you suffer with anxiety or are there certain things that make you anxious? What are some of the thoughts you struggle with on a daily basis?

Self Love Quotes To Get You Through The Day

Self love is something that people tend to struggle with every now and again. But it's something we should practise, because we deserve to view ourselves as strong, pretty and enough as those around us. In this day and age, I feel like I know of a lot of people that struggle with loving themselves. I know body image and social media usually plays a big part in this as well as people around them that criticize themselves. 

YOU are pretty, YOU are awesome, YOU can change yourself for the better and YOU should be your biggest fan! Kind of like that saying, Why hate, when you can appreciate?

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. – Dr. Seuss

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.
– Harvey Fierstein

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection
 – Buddha

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. – Judy Garland

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. – Dr. Seuss

Accept everything about yourself, I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end, no apologies, no regrets.
– Clark Moustakas

I am somebody. I am me. I like being me. And I need nobody to make me somebody.
– Louis L Amour

To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections.
– Sandra Bierig

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I hope these quotes help you through the day in any way, you will get through this bad day. I promise. Its okay not to be okay. You are a work in progress and that's okay.

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10 Of The Best Things About Pugs

For those who follow me on both Instagram & Twitter, you would have seen me post pictures/tweeting about my beloved pug Benson who sadly isn't with us anymore. It's been nearly 8 months from 1st March of this year without my little fur baby and i realised i hadn't done a post as to why Pugs are the best. 

I've always grown up with dogs as my nana & grandad had a 2 Boxers, not at the same time I'd like to add & we had a German Shepard. Both dogs in our life's at some point were very special to all of us and it's hard to imagine a house with out a dog. I'm not gonna say i don't feel lonely with my beautiful Pug, because i do. I miss him. 
Pugs are amazing companions. Their goals in life is pretty much simple: to make you happy and snuggle as much as possible. There is nothing better than snugging with a pug (or any breed of dog)

1) Always having a best friend - They are just incredibly loyal and loving. Benson and I were pretty much inseparable, we were always by each others side. Benson was my little sidekick for sure and helped me on my bad days

2) They always make you smile - Pugs are known to make you smile and that's what Benson did, he always made me smile one way or another like there were times where he'd get excited about the chicken being cut and the yogurt pots (two of his favourite things Chicken and Yogurt)

3) Hearing a pug snore is the cutest sound ever - i found Benson's little snores comforting whenever i struggled with falling asleep and you can't deny how sweet it was seeing him getting closer & closer when he was sleeping as to say i was safe. 

4) They give the best cuddles - doggie cuddles are the best and pug cuddles are just even better.

5) Their little butt wiggle when they walk - When we went out for walks Benson would get excited, and his little butt wiggle was cute to watch when we went out for walks.

6) When they love you, they love you wholeheartedly - Something about a dog's loyalty, they love you wholeheartedly. You are perfect in their eyes and you can't do no wrong.

7) Their head tilt is one of the cutest things you could witness - Benson's head tilt was the cutest thing, you just can not resist that face

8) When they give you the puppy dog eyes, you just cannot resist - Benson always did this when he was told off by my mum or sister he used to give me the puppy dog eyes like he did no wrong and i couldn't stay mad at him for long

9) They are freaking adorable - everything from the tops of their ears to the tip of their piggy tail, they are just adorable including the little fat rolls. Benson was adorable in every way

10) Pugs are the perfect body warmers - i think anyone who have pugs agree that pugs are honestly the perfect body warmers for the cold evenings.

Do you have a pug? Or do you love pugs like me? What are your favourite things about Pugs?

Things I Try To Keep In Mind When Blogging

Me and my lovely friend Jem from Jems Journal were having a little convo about blogging and the things we should remind ourselves when we blog. I love to blog. It is my little piece of the world where i can talk about…what i want to talk about, my blog is just a little piece of me. I never expected to love it as much as i do and talking to other bloggers makes it even better. 

When it comes to blogging, i do tend to worry about what people happen to think of my blog, do they like my content etc when in reality i should remember that my blog is for me, it's mine and it shouldn't be someone else's. Everyone in the blogging community should always cheer each other, not belittle other bloggers because every single one of us are different and therefore blog about different things.

1) Your blog is your blog, you have this space to write what you want, to write your thoughts.

2) Share what you're truly passionate about, you don't need to have a set niche when it comes to blogging.
3) Nobody knows what they're doing 90% of the time - at one point or another, we've all had to fake it 'til we make it

4) There's enough room for all of us to succeed and thrive

5) You have a voice, don't be afraid to share it.

6) Blogging can serve many of the same roles as a personal journal so blog for yourself and use your blog as some place to let out your thoughts.

7) Don't feel restricted by what you feel would get read and what you want to read, write for yourself; not others

8) Pen and paper will be your best friend, carry a notebook around with you in case of a little blogging brain wave.
9) You don't need to fit into a 'cliche' to be seen as a blogger, you do you and be yourself.

10) Be proud of what you put out there, it takes time and dedication to create a blog. Always be your own cheerleader in blogging as well as life.

What advice would you give to some other bloggers? Don't forget to check out Jem's wonderful blog!

Things I Wish People Knew About Hearing Loss (And Hearing Aids)

I am hearing impaired. I wear hearing aids in both my right and left ear & they help me hearing more clearly (or if not, better) I am what you call partially deaf which basically just means I may hear some sounds and may hear words. And for those who are wondering i was born with around about 80% of my hearing and my speech for a someone with hearing impairment is very good as i when i was young i picked up lip reading (although i'm not sure how). I am also a twin but my twin sister isn't hearing impaired.

I can get frustrated with myself when i don't understand people in big crowds or large spaces especially if there is lots of noise in the background. And i know people do to. My hearing impairment is part of my identity and i'm okay with that because it's just happens to be part of my life and i'm not ashamed of my hearing impairment, why should i be?

1) Not everyone who is hearing impaired/hard of hearing has the same amount of hearing loss. So don't just assume. Ask.

2) Some lip read (like i do) and some sign, it all depends how one prefers to communicate.

3) It is hurtful when you tell me i'm not listening. I'm trying.

4) My hearing aids tend to be uncomfortable when i wear them for long periods of time. It's my choice if i choose not to wear them, not yours.

5) Saying i speak well for a deaf or hard of hearing person is actually offensive.

6) Talking slowly doesn't mean i can hear you, please don't patronis me. It's offensive even if you don't mean to be.

7) Don't brush me aside if i miss hear you or ask you to repeat what you just said. I sometimes i get the words wrong but that doesn't mean i wasn't listening. And say 'oh doesn't matter, it's not important'

8) A few simple things that would go a long way, like facing me when you speak and not mumble (speak clearly), most importantly keep your lips visible. I'm trying my best to hear you.

9) Treat me the same as everyone else, i'd like to be involved in your conversations and so i fully understand you I lip read. My hearing loss makes things harder for you. And if I’m being honest, it makes things harder for me too.

10) Just because i have a hearing difficulty, it doesn't mean i'm invisible and how you treat me affects me and how you talk to me affects me.

I think some people forget that someone who is hard of hearing or deaf are human too. So when you meet a hard of hearing person involve them in your group of friends, learn more about them and just get to know them because having a hearing loss can be isolating without the world making it worse. 

When i was younger and got my first hearing aids at 7 years old, i thought i was pretty special because there was no one i knew that wore hearing aids or hard of hearing. It felt good to be different and it still is good to be different.
I'm not gonna sugarcoat it and say that my hearing loss doesn't hold me back because in all honesty it sometimes does. It does affect my confidence but i'm not ashamed of my hearing impairment because it's who i am.

If you have questions about my hearing impairment, i'd gladly try and answer some of them for you. 

18 Ways We Can Relate To Bridget Jones

The Bridget Jones series of films are utterly hilarious, at times cringe-worthy but most certainly relatable. Whether you’re a teenage girl, a middle aged married woman or just about anyone in between, there is sure to be a Bridget Jones moment you can relate to.  It’s one of those classic films that will never fail to make me smile and cry with laughter.

Let's be honest with ourselves. We are all Bridget Jones one way or another. I think we all have elements of Bridget and that's not a bad thing. We can relate to her in different ways, she makes it okay to be imperfect, she is awkward like the rest of us. I think Bridget is someone you'd like to be best friends with (i know i do) I found that in the 3rd movie you still related to her as much as the previous movies, whether you're a young adult, single mother, middle aged woman.

1)  Your life is just one long cycle of attempted self-improvement.

2) Big knickers are basically the best and comfiest things ever invented.

3) You begin the year with boundless optimism, determined to be a better person & sort your priorities out. (there is a 30% chance of this happening)

4) We all sit in our pyjamas and belt out lyrics when we are by ourselves (did you see what i did there? hint: All By Myself)

5) Vocalising your thoughts comes perhaps too naturally to you, we all have verbal diarrhoea in most cases.

6) You know your flaws. Above all, you value yourself.

7) You are never entirely sure how to handle professional or social situations and turn into a fumbling, blabbing… idiot.

8) She doesn’t care what people think of her. Even when she turns up to a party with a face full of blusher (we've all had a little makeup blunder)

9) Completely hiding away from the world in your blanket/duvet with a tub of Ben & Jerry's (we've all done that)

10) Bridget always stays poised, but takes no crap from people. She speaks her mind even if people don't like it.

11) There will always be someone out there who likes you, just the way you are. (Thanks for setting the bar high Mark Darcy.)

12) We all say stupid crap we mean but don't mean.

13) She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. Bridget made us feel OK about the fact that we have no idea what we’re doing with our lives just like everyone else

14) She always has the best intentions. No matter what life throws at her, Bridget picks herself up, dusts herself off and vows to do better the next time. Just like the rest of us.

15) She tries her best not to hide her insecurities but they always show somehow, she ends up making a fool of herself and just rolls with it.

16) She doesn't put up with anyone's rubbish, she's open minded and tells people how it is.

17) Although she's always wanted her happily ever after, she doesn't need a man to make her happy. Sisters doin' it for themselves and all that.

18) We love ourselves just the way we are, even if we'll always be a little bit fat.

If I were to be compared to any fictional character, I’m pretty sure Bridget would be somewhere at the top. There is so many ways we can all relate! Especially being single for most of my young life (and waiting for my own lovely Mr Darcy) ... I hope you enjoyed this post and definitely be sure to watch the new film, it’s so worth it and so funny. I'm so envious of her flat in the 3rd movie, probably something i would go with and also the fact she lives in London. 

Anyhoo, do you relate to the lovable klutz that is Bridget Jones? 


8 Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself

Why are we always so hard on ourselves? And why do we feel the need to compare ourselves to others constantly? Mostly we compare ourselves to people who are in a very different situation than we are and generally live a different life, with a completely different background. 
Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle. But it's human of us to do so, I'm comparing myself one way or another whether it's blog wise or personally. I'm no expert when it comes to things like this, this is what I've learnt (and still learning) something i wanted to share with you, maybe for you to use as a guide on the days you need a little pep talk

Remind yourself again and again of your achievements
We forget moments of happiness perhaps too quickly, however, we still remember all the bad stuff. This is exactly what we should work on. Turning this habit upside down and remember all the positive stuff that happened. It is so important to keep in mind what we have already achieved and how many small and big successes you have already mastered.Everyone's journey in life and in success is different. Success is not a straight road upwards, but a long hard road with many ups and downs. Believe in yourself and stay strong.

Find inspiration without comparison
The line between inspiration and comparison is very thin. Be inspired by others, but don’t compare yourself to them. Inspiration is something positive, something that should help us succeed. I'm learning to not compare my bad qualities to other people's success because it doesn't bring joy in any shape or form. Learn from the success of others and find a person, who ever that may be, that is an inspiration or role model in a great and positive way.

Be aware of your strengths
We tend to rather know our weaknesses as our strengths. Accept your weaknesses and get over them (or just embrace them). There will always be things in which we are not as good as someone else. This is human. Get yourself together and focus on your strength. Try to see them, use them and be proud of them. Focusing on your strength does not mean that you ignore your weaknesses. It just means you are choosing to find things and areas where you can rise and grow.

Use social media in a positive way
Social media has a big impact on our lives and thoughts. Always remember: people on social media (including myself) only share a very little part of their lives on Instagram or Twitter. It’s not the full story, it’s just a little picture-perfect moment with a lot of filters and retouch. Don’t take social media to seriously, most people you're following on social media are probably dealing with some of the same things as you - everyone behind the screen is human. Treat yourself and others with kindness. 

Accept yourself
Self-acceptance is a topic that gets far too little attention. We are rather upset of our weaknesses instead of accepting them and working on them. We're not gonna be like the girl on instagram with the 'perfect hair or perfect makeup'. We have flaws and imperfections like everyone else and we choose to embrace them or not. Only if you accept yourself, with all the edges that you have, only then you can start to change things on which you have the power to change.

Realise that you are unique
There is only one you on this planet. You are unique, your experiences are unique and your thoughts are unique. There will always be someone who is better, richer and (or) more successful than you. Do not try to be someone else and start to realise that you are a special person, a unique person. You are awesome just as you are! 

Be Confident
If you constantly compare yourself with others, it will have an impact on your self-confidence. You feel small, vulnerable, not smart enough, or perhaps not attractive enough.  Free yourself from those negative thoughts and believe in you and your unique path. Be confident and think positive. This is one I'm slowly but surely, learning.

Strive for progress, not for perfection
Nothing is perfect, even if it sometimes seems like that from the outside. Everyone's story and journey is different. There is no perfect life, no perfect family, no perfect career. You should focus on the process, not on perfection. Learn from your mistakes and use them. Every one of us has flaws and imperfections, that's what makes us human and unique. Be ok with not being perfect and realise that imperfection is what makes you who you are. Growing is so much more fun than being perfect all the time. In fact life is about growing and learning as we go - If you want to compare, then compare yourself with the previous you. Look at the process and try to see everything with a positive (and different) perspective.

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When you start comparing yourself, just think about how far you've come and that there is only one you. Because you are unique and know that you are good enough & strong enough to combat whatever it is that's bringing you down.

World Mental Health Day

It’s #worldmentalhealthday and i wanted to do a post talking about the effects of mental health and my mental health journey. The more we talk the less stigma attached to it,  it’s not so much a taboo if we are all just being open about it. And I've noticed the more I've talked about it, the less of the burden. Lets use today as a day to talk about our mental health and encourage those around us to be open about their journey and their mental health. I'm still fighting my mental health and i will continue to do so with no shame, i will embrace my mental health journey.

Since I've started 'The BeautifulxImperfections Journal, I've been open about my mental health - the triumphs and the lows. If you had told me that at 16 years old i would be diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety, i would probably would have reacted the same way i did when i did get diagnosed: thinking it was the end of the world. I’ve spoken about the issues I have faced with regards to my mental health several times on my blog. One of the biggest things I’ve found is that while I’m not ashamed about my mental illness, some people just don't know how to react when you say, you have a mental illness.

Having a mental illness is hard, everyday is a battle. When you’re in a state of mind where you can’t think straight, you have dark thoughts overshadowing those happy thoughts. People around you telling you 'go outside and get some fresh air, you'll feel better' 
Lately I've been feeling empty and i don't really know why. You are not weak because you have a mental illness, nor are you totally mad, crazy or bonkers. It scares me that still today, there are people out there who believe the M word is simply another term for 'lunatic'. 

When I began talking about my issues, or struggles, as I prefer to call them, I was scared. I was petrified that I would lose friends & family or that people would look at me differently. I was worried it would put me in a box that I would never escape from. The 'Oh, she's such an attention seeker!' or 'You don't have anxiety or depression, you're just nervous and miserable.' 

I'm not ashamed of my mental illness, yes i feel like a burden from time to time, and yes i feel like shutting myself away from the world. That's mental health for you it over clouds your thoughts, where you just don't feel like you can function in society. If anything my mental health has somewhat made me stronger, my struggles have made me stronger. Not only does it affect me but also my twin sister and mum - everyone is affected by mental health one way or another.

i wish i had the motivation to get dressed and go for a walk, i wish i had the motivation to go out and socialise but instead I'm hating myself for feeling low. Since i was 16 I've been suffering from anxiety and depression, and I'm still on medication for it to this day. And on & off I've received therapy

Mental illness is a real, physical thing. Even if you can't see it. It affects one of the most important organs in the body and takes hold of a person completely. It can't be walked off. It can't be slept off. It can't be forgotten. The bruises are permanently there, and believe us when we say that they sting. 

But I am not ashamed of my struggles. I write about them because I believe that we can both learn from what I have been through and because they have made me become who I am. My mental illness is part of who i am but it's not something I'm gonna let define the person I've fought to become. Mental health issues are horrible. Mental and emotional abuse can be damaging or more so than physical abuse in some (maybe even most) circumstances - not taking away from any form of abuse in anyway whatsoever.

I suffer from mental health issues and currently take medication for anxiety and depression. I've been struggling with both of these for around 5 years and didn't know until my final year of high school after many years of bullying because of my hearing impairment or at least that was one of the factors. I think this is down to the lack of education with both mental health and hearing loss also the current ignorance surrounding mental health and disabilities all of wish are invisible.

Who knows what normal is? We are all normal in our own way and there is nothing wrong with that. We are all different, all fighting our individual battles. Just because it looks like someone has their life together doesn't mean everything is all sunshine and roses. It can be hard to remain positive all the time. Of course, we are only human, and it's natural to experience a broad range of emotions. Some good and some bad. There's no right or wrongs when it comes to emotions. It's how we react to them that makes us who we are. We are who we are.

When you struggle with your mental health, dealing with your emotions and trying to remain as positive as you can, can be a bit of a challenge.

In the words of Keith Scott (One Tree Hill) It gets better.That pain in your stomach, that pain in your heart, it goes away. That voice in your head that's saying there's no way out, it's wrong. It gets better.  
Stop hurting yourself. You are human. Love & take care of yourself. You are worthy and you are loved. 

"Today you are you; that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you'er than you."

Don't be ashamed of your mental illness, don't feel ashamed for talking about it. Keep fighting, you are strong, worthy & loved. Be open and talk. You can overcome this! 
it's okay not to be okay. You are important & you are enough. Your mental illness doesn't define you. Progress is progress 

Thoughts I Had While Watching Bridget Jones's Baby

The Bridget Jones movie series is one of my favourite rom-coms/chick flick to binge watch, no matter how many times I've seen it. Bridget is relatable whether you are a singleton, a mother etc. she is relatable, she speaks to you on many levels whether it's during the first, second or third film.

When i first saw the film, i had so many thoughts going on as the film went on and I thought maybe doing a post of all my crazy thoughts i had when i was watching BJB the first (and second) time, And maybe you could all relate. I walked out of the cinema after laughing, smiling and crying. So here are the many thoughts i had rushing through my brain during the 3rd movie. For my fellow Bridget Jones addicts- I hope you enjoy haha and I hope some of you had the same thoughts too. 

1) I'm so happy Bridget is back!

2) Bridget at home with a bottle of wine, dancing in her pj's is all of us. i love her. Can we be friends!?

3) Pam with facetime is probably my nan although i'd like to think she'd better with technology if only a little bit.

4) RenĂ©e Zellweger's British accent is so cute and better than mine. And I'm British...

5) Okay, so Cleaver is dead ... oh well (i mean RIP)

6) N'awwwww Mark Darcy is here and he's so damn cute & awkward.

7) I love Miranda already...

8) That Ed Sheeran cameo is perf

9) Bridget thinking Ed Sheeran is the guy from Starbucks made me laugh out loud

Image result for ed sheeran bridget jones

10) Jack is better than Daniel Cleaver, I'll give him that.

11) #TeamDarcy though

12) Bridget is adorable

13) Bridget is dancing to Gangnam Style and Mark doesn't know what's happening. This is too cute.

14) Mark not knowing Gangnam Style is just adorable. i can't

15) The way Mark looks at Bridget. His smile. Bless him

16) OMG how handsome is Colin Firth

17) okay Mark Darcy is just perfect

18) Oh My God, Reignite is just perfect for Mark and Bridget

19) Bridget and Mark are endgame, I don't care who says otherwise.

20) So Bridget Jones is with child!! DUN DUN DUN

21) Emma Thompson is just the best. Can she always appear in Bridget Jones movies please

22) Jack is lovely but sorry you're not Mark Darcy.

23) Ooh finally we get to see Mark Darcy in his lawyer attire and he looks very handsome

24) Mark's reaction. I've fallen even more in love with him.

25) Aww Mark Darcy just gets even sweeter, he's so happy.

26) Mark's reaction to finding out the possible baby daddy news. Can i hug him? Please.

27) Jack, you are annoying me. Also who gives a pregnant woman a super juice?

28) Bridget talking to her bump is just too cute. She's gonna be the cutest mummy ever

29) Mark Darcy wearing glasses is a turn on. I like it.

30) Who ever thought of this soundtrack is genius, i love it

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31) I love how Bridget has matured into a a strong, confident woman. Goals

32) Jack is an idiot, can you stop being so mean to Mark. Can i throw something at him, please

33) Your not as bad as douche bag Cleaver but i like you to a point...

34) What Bridget says to Jack  about how a relationship/ falling in love doesn't happen on paper is so true

35) "Sometimes you love a person because of all the reasons they're not like you. Sometimes you love a person just because they feel like home" MY FEELS RIGHT NOW

36) Bridget's face when she sees mark with his wife *cries* Why are you doing this to me!?

37) Let's face it I'm always gonna be Team Darcy.


39) These flashbacks are giving me so many feels

 40) Mark loves Bridget so much!!

41) Mark Darcy, you are too precious

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42) "i can always find the time to save the world. But you're my world" *cries*

43) Mark Darcy punching the door window, that was attractive...

44) Everyone needs a knight in shining amour like Mark Darcy

45) If Mark looked at me like that i'd kiss him in a heartbeat.

46) How cute is Mark throwing his phone out the window, in attempt to show how much he loves Bridget. Aww bless

47) How can you watch Bridget Jones and not root for Mark & Bridget

48) I fall in love with Mark Darcy all over again. Every time

49) How can Mark carry Bridget all that way and Jack can only manage a few steps. 

50) The revolving door scene is just hilarious

51) Jack is annoying me again *rolling eyes*

52) hahaha Jack got punched. i shouldn't have laughed but that was just too good

53) She held Mark's hand. OMG

54) “Just as I love you the way you were, the way you are, the way you always will be.” IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL

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55) Even when he's being bitten he's still a sweetheart

 56) Mark loves Bridget. He'll love her baby just as much. I'm okay. I'm good

57) Thanks for apologising Jack, i like you again

58) Bridget Jones is a mummy!

 59) Please let the daddy be Mark. PLEASE

60) Aww Mark, Bridget and the baby

61) OOH Bridget is getting married...

62) WHAT!? To Jack Qwant.. ABORT ABORT



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65) Bridget and Mark = Soulmates

66) Mark Fitzwilliam Darcy... Lovely Pride and Prejudice homage.


 68) Colin Firth and babies are just the cutest thing ever

69) William Jones Darcy. What a little cutie.

70) Mark and Bridget are Husband & Wife OMG I LOVE IT

71) Bridget, thank you for showing us it's okay to be imperfect!

 72) Still Falling For You again is literally Bridget and Mark

73) Wait Daniel Cleaver is still alive!? Okay a little disappointed but who cares




77) Bridget got her wish! She's Mrs Darcy 

78) I want to see it again and again and again

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79) I need a 4th one like now. 


So that concludes the post. I hope you liked this rambles of thoughts post. What were your thoughts during Bridget Jones's Baby?